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Requesting Kaho Mizuki (left) barefoot and in this pose looking at this angle.

why didn't you pick some actual art from the last thread for the OP?

wait this isn't art?

it's not from the most recent thread, I'll tell you that.

that was a repost, ya blew it

The OP does not have to be art from the last thread. It can be any delivery that has not been in the OP.

I like emo-tan/Vita's art but that's not really new

Requesting Kogami (left) and Bane (right)

Kogami goes "That's a pretty nice coat."

Bane is then like "For You"

Requesting this image of my DBZ OC colored correctly please? I posted the links down below to both images for color reference.

Requesting fusion between Erza and Dragonball Multiverse Bra

This. You niggers need to chill with your complaining.

Requesting a happy, cute Nana being comfy in a scarf or a blanket.

Requesting Annie, turned into a black girl (please don't ask why) and craving for Okuma's BJC

Requesting the "ultimate waifu" with Rachnera's spider lower body, Akeno's upper body and wings, Witchblade Masane's arms, and Asagi's demon form head and skintone

Anchors if artist is continuing

At least its not a feet drawing.

you're a feet drawing.

Requesting Yoshida dressed up as your favorite Disney princess

What you wouldve pick?

Requesting Dorthy Wayneright teaching Dorthy Haze to be a proper maid. Or Dorthy Haze teaching Dorthy Wayneright to be a proper hooker.

Requesting Anna and Sophia as Valentine's themed succubi (Red and black lingerie colors preferred) sandwiching Tanukichi between their lewd buxom bodies similarly to this image i.imgur.com/UalZodC.jpg . Creepy licking lips, uncomfortable caressing of the poor betamax's hair, or other rapey content is good too.

Requesting Nena Trinity doing naked dogeza.

Requesting Nagatoro dressed as T-elos

I would like to request Tessou happy holding a (Calorie Mate style like) ammo box of .600 nitro express and with the other hand offering a peeled cartridge showing that they are made of chocolate.

Who's the girl on the right? She's cute.

drawfriend here again
I fixed a few things

I think I'm done for real this time

Requesting Elf-san being overjoyed at finding fries at the bottom of a fastfood bag.


Requesting Rukia doing something cute/cool with any pokemon in the spreadsheet below
Pokemon: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y6I0a_8jXF4isxPYXyMeRgWtqThR7fS5-v33GuFIkV8/edit?usp=sharing
Rukia refs: imgur.com/a/qItQA

gib rooki™

You're really persistent in making it look good. I applaud you, because it is good.

OR here, thanks so much.

it's really nice.

Not a fan of feet, but that is really nice. Good job!

Requesting kaede cuckolding me with another man while making fun of my small dick. Bonus points if you have her make a pun out of the situation.

Requesting Sylvie making chocolate for me or handing me a chocolate heart.

Requesting Naraku in a Golisopod mascot costume

I would've picked mine, duh.

Requesting Otome as an angry/abusive drunk

isn't this for Sup Forums or /h/ ?

Requesting Brass as a stereotypical Mega Level Digimon

Requesting this cap of Kare Kano redrawn with Shinji and Kaworu

Requesting Alicetaria February presenting her butt. Bonus points for a flustered expression

What was it?

Who is excited to draw valentines waifus this weekend?

Requesting Tamotsu and Mayo from Akiba's Trip celebrating Valentine's day together.

please leave the WWD meta die with the last thread

Requesting this honey badger meme but with Hitomi from Killing Bites

Requesting Satania with short tomboyish hair and Raphiel with a bob haircut.

Since this weekend is the olympics should we instead having Winter Olympic waifus instead?

Ya'll niggas never deliver but here goes - a deadly japanese truck with "menacing" in the foreground, doing a Jojo pose, where only the head is that of a truck, the rest is humanoid body made of metal, in some jojo clothes.

Drawthread told me I can request here. I already had some Sylvie request done before too. Besides, I think visual novels should be allowed here.

Requesting Hanayo Koizumi enjoying herself eating a burger.

Requesting the elephant girl using the red top.

Requesting Fumino Serizawa wearing a catgirl outfit. Can be lewd or cute, as long as she is happy and safe.

Requesting Nao Kamiya wearing nothing but an apron like pic related holding a tray of Steamed Hams

Sounds hilarious I’d love to see that

Requesting this dated meme (Mega Milk) with Annie (End of series black top and blue booty shorts preferred)


Requesting Soft and Wet in a cool pose. Preferably something that would make a good phone background, feel free to play with the color scheme.

Requesting feet related stuff (submerging, implied ashikoki, wriggling toes, etc.) with Rin.

Requesting Rin and Nui feet fiving one another.

Yeah, feet doesn't go with NTR at all

Requesting Abe Nana (left) in a shy pose showing her feet/soles (pose examples in the right)

>Waifu only allows you to be pleasured with her feet, but lets another man impregnate her and use all her holes
I can kind of imagine it

Requesting more Gran+Djeeta art

>males only

Requesting these cute android lesbian dorks: Nanakorobi Nene as the female MC from Fate/GO and Clarion as Katou Danzou
Refs imgur.com/a/dx4iK

Or just Nene and Clarion in Riyo's art style

Give me cute doodles to girl.

requesting Chie Sasaki (left) with the bunny girl outfit in the right

refs for the bunny outfit

and refs for Chie

Sleeping Jeanne Alter Lily please. Or just wearing cute pajamas.

Requesting Senketsu going ahegao on Satsuki's perfect blood. Bonus points if Ryuuko reacts to it.

Also requesting Tamamo pole dancing

your wife as an actual thunder oni

Draw a cute Sena!


megumin with a gunlance
maybe shooting it

Doodle this busty teacher.

Draw lissana, handling a love letter to the viewer


Hey that’s pretty good.

requesting Takumi making the same face as the Bulma example

Requesting Oboro and Asagi in normal clothes having a catfight over a popular orc plush toy

>getting off at feet
I'm fine with the other stuff though.

Requesting a dizzy Ruby (Jewelpet) with spiral eyes.

Not really used to the old style, and I suck at drawing feet.
hope you like the sketch, footfag

Requesting an image like this one but with Hiro and Strelizia

Not OR, but you're much better at it than you think. Very nicely done.

Your line work is great!

Nigger you already got a delivery.

sorry waifu and feets Drawthread, i dont know where to post this

I am not sure how to feel with these feet requests with 3D pictures being done. I guess it's not so bad. Good drawing nonetheless.
Someone drew her with TTGL eyes, I don't think that's what OR wanted.
Good job Friendo! Chiyo looks positively cute.

cute stuff friendo, maybe things will be back to normal tomorrow

>wake up
>last thread: 200 unread posts, archived
>Sup Forums
I miss slow, comfy threads.
I'd prefer if OPs were deliveries from the previous thread, but I guess it doesn't really matter; it's just that Wiz image's moment came and went threads ago, and I didn't want to comb the booru to link it when I could just repost it. And I should only be getting OP if there was absolutely nothing in the previous thread which is rare if not imposssible; there's much better deliveries than my shit.
We don't use that name here, go away.
Cute Paras would crit

Requesting Lady J (Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Island) wearing the outfit on the right. Whoever draws this is welcome to change the image on her shirt to whatever you want.

Yeah, that guy who fills entire threads with whining about them needs to go.

Sorry, force of habit about that name

If i'm not too late.



Is that a giant teddy bear?

badass or cute?