Love Lab

WEW. Is this what peak Doga Kobo looks like?

Their last good show before they went to shit.

Nozaki was great though.

I thought gabdrop and nozaki were pretty good.

Nozaki maybe, Gabriel had too many mediocre episodes.

>Their last good show before they went to shit.
>Love Lab (2013)
>Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (2014)
I'm sorry, what?

Nozaki was good due to the source material. Production wise, it wasn't anything remarkable.

So what the hell happened to Batoto? Is Royal kill?

gabdrop was pretty shit aside from (and raph)

Vigne was good too. Pretty much everyone who wasn't Gabriel was enjoyable

Didn't realize New Game was so disliked on Sup Forums

Dogakobo peak with Mikakunin and their last good show was Nozaki-kun.

Mild > Wild

Yes, that's exactly what it looks like.

Nozaki-kun was their last truly good show. No idea what happened to them after it.

First season was good.

As far as comedy goes, it is only a shadow compared to their past works.

I liked both seasons about the same. Nothing amazing but an enjoyable Dogakobo SoL/CGDCT/comedy

Do we know what the next project is after sword boys II?

Some original highschool romance, dogakobo is declining.

I only watched the first season when it aired, and it was boring. No plot or comedy when you could easily have both. It was mostly high school stuff in a different setting. Even if it doesn't pick up, the second is in my backlog.

Fuck, an original? God not another fucking Plastic Memories.

Please do CGDCT again Dogakobo.

You are very much in the wrong thread if you are expecting plot in CGDCT shows.

That's just wrong, morally speaking.
You can't do that to tomboys!

More like slut lab, amirite?

What does that mean? CGDCT can be anything. And an office setting has a lot of potential. But it was hardly about anything and then snuck a finale in the end anyway as if we saw the characters actually working towards that, instead of only being on the surface.

What is the plot of Kiniro Mosaic for you, user?

How do you get that from my post? I'm not using any examples.

But it just improved with each episode!

Oh, okay, maybe you should give an example.

So, user, what is a CGDCT show that you watched for the plot?

Fuck you guys, Sansha Sanyou was great.

Idol shows for one thing, but it's not like I watch them FOR the plot. And I still want to refer to New Game. It wasn't heavy on plot, so the last episodes being about their game's release and the afterparty was unwarranted. Especially since most of what you see of it is the opening animation.

It was entirely warranted because the entire fucking season was about Aoi's job and the creation of Faeries Story 3.

It had its moments but was generally subpar.

Even if the source material is good, the studio can still fuck it up. The fact they didn't and it shined shows they are at least competent. So basically, the issue for Dogakobo really is that they don't have the quality writers for original anime and they need a good source material to shine.

while your opinion is valid, your existence is not.


Too bad we'll never see his face animated.

He is so pure(probably with a lot of money)

If he had money then Jew would have made the contract so he had to give her money. Clearly he's just a poor useless boy.

It's been 5 (five), FIVE years since Love Lab?
Well, shit.

Please don't remember me.

Where the fuck are the manga translations? Shit is finally happening between Yan and Maki.


No fucking way. Stop lying.

Royal gibe new chap pls

>20+ page manga are scanlated weekly
>We're lucky to get 8 pages of 4koma Love Lab every other month if we're lucky

ROYAL WHAT THE FUCK. I mean it's better than no one scanlating but SHIT.

Why barely anyone mentioned mikakunin? I liked it!

I would have liked it if literally 60% of the anime wasn't this dumb bitch repeating the same fucking joke over and over. I was so mad I actually went back through the anime and checked, and Benio had not ONE scene where she wasn't going "WOW MY SISTER IS SO CUTE WOW". Fucking unbearable.

I liked that series for the most part, but yes Benio was unbearable.

Sad because smoll dog, the MC, and her love interest were all cute and nice characters. Benio however just had way too much screentime.

New chapter when?
Isn't fair.

Mikakunin too ahhhhhhhh

Benio could have been a good character. A desperate perverted gag character can be fun sometimes, but that can't be all they have to them. Benio was a one note character, and that note was played poorly.

I hated the drama and the fact that Riko didn't confess until the last episode. I was also mad at Yan for being unable to clear up a simple misunderstanding and making it worse every time he met Maki.

Nozaki was 4 years ago? Jesus christ i need to do something with my life.

Yan continues making it worse for Maki in the sense that soon her face is gonna start fusing atoms into heavier elements

When I found out people here weren't joking and this is 100% het non-yuri I was the most disappointed I have ever been in my life.

Is she giving Yan choco?

Why? It got so much better after Yan and Nagi became more prominent.


trolled hard
trolled hard

I'm glad to hear you dropped it on episode 1, now leave forever.

trolled hard

I forgot what Love Live was called and watched this by accident, glad I made that mistake


>new game got a second season but this didn't

Why so many people like it. I was dissapointed. Another comedy/romace when guy is blind and story leading nowhere. At least this time it was fully from girl perspective.



Nozaki is not a romance user, unless you're talking about the side characters.

I kinda get that but why make MC chase guy if it's not romance and they don't want romantic end.

Because comedy is centered around the misfortune of others. It's why School Rumble is such a good comedy (the first two seasons anyway) since everyone is chasing after someone who is chasing after another, etc. The comedy is through how Chiyo makes all these attempts to get close to Nozaki but he just sees her as a useful tool to further his shoujo manga.

Close second.
THIS is what peak dogaboko actually looks like.

Volume 10 Chapter 11 when?

I guess this type of comedy is not for me. For some time it's fun but then it's frustrating to watch.

When Kirei-Cake's sick mother bux from his other series dries out and he poaches this one.

So I'm not able to read any Love Lab chapters on batoto. Anyone know why?

God fucking damn it. Bastards even teased with Nozaki's brother

God damn it