One Piece

Tfw your character gets changed just so the MC can win


Katafags about to be BTFO

>Completely, utterly exhausted his haki over the longest fight in the entire series
>Critically injured

>Lol no GEAR 4th ASSPULL

This fight is the biggest pile of bullshit we've ever seen. This is even worse than Doflamingo and Ace's death combined.
It was already bad with Luffy somehow surviving a 12 hours long curbstomp but now we're going all the way to the bottom of Oda's asshole.

t. Daifuku

Why is Katakuri just letting Luffy go gear 4th when he didn't before?
Why is he yelling at him to get back up, like he's cheering for him to win?
What was the question Luffy was going to ask and what was Katakuri's answer?

t. retarded roastie/soyboy

I love katakuri but can you even excuse this bs? Luffy getting hit a hundred times, with powerful haki-coated blows, and just being fine with no injuries; not only that but having PLENTY of haki in store, when we're supposed to believe haki is a finite resource that runs out. But it also blooms during battle. Whatever, Luffy's just going to win the fight with only 4 proper hits anyway.

Doflamingo was clearly superior to Katakuri

Real non-shitposting thread.

n a k a m a

Current Luffy wouldn't even need G4 to beat Doflamingo

cancer kid

Fuck off with bait threads then.

this is exactly why generals are getting purged, because of faggots like you
is this bait? luffy literally hasn't grown at all since dressrosa, his observation haki is only slightly better now

>Luffy still fighting Katakuri
>BigMom still chasing the cake
>The rest still being chased by on the sea

we still have one hour until everybody reaches cacao island, brownie bro

Is this the new shitpost picture? If so I'm saving it.

Sanji is about to beat a yonko commander tier enemy, having already attacked Big Mom

Meanwhile Roronoa "peepeepants" Zoro did not dare go with Luffy on this trip

But who else are you expecting Luffy to fight from here on out?
Kaido's strongest Calamity? BB? Akainu? Luffy can't stay a weakling, user. We have to end the series

Wow there's a lot more women posting on Sup Forums then I had previously thought.

I suspect Oda is reading Sup Forums

>luffy literally hasn't grown at all since dressrosa
Are you bait?
Luffy fighting Fujitora was already stronger than the Luffy that fought Doflamingo. That's how it has always been.

Can we get to the NIGERO chapters already? This fight lasted a long time.

>snack is revealed
>former 4th

go away dude

>That's how it has always been.
Not really. You just assume his bounty = power level.

So Luffy gets to defeat two Yonko's commanders while Sanji bakes a cake and the others run away?

Just went back in the manga to check how long Carrot was asleep. She fell asleep late 9 o clock, and woke up before 10:50.

She was only asleep for an hour.

Even after Katakuri nerfed himself, Luffy still has been unable to dodge 99% of Katakuri's attacks.

Oda is just a shit writer.

Are you an idiot? They literally spelled it out for you during this arc that they all grow stronger after each fight.
Shit, Zoro fucking said it like 10 years ago.

>PLENTY of haki in store
According to who? It's pretty obvious that he'll pass out like he did in Dressrosa after this showdown, no matter who wins.

He's been trashed so hard it's unbelievable. Luffy's got in like, three proper punches the whole fight? The Katakuri stabs himself and suddenly both are equaly spent.

which is FAIR, because if not for flambe's interference, luffy would have much more stamina left, and they would still be equal

Isn't she sleeping only 2 hours a night? Don't remember exactly but it's her thing. That's why she will be such a good lookout.

Oda you fucking hack.

>He thinks Luffy is winning this

So did Luffy get his form from this? Is Oda throwing a bone to us LuNa shippers?

Hitting stuff gets you tired as well

>and suddenly both are equaly spent.
They aren't. Katakuri is still kicking his ass.

how's it an asspull? Luffy has shown to have massive amounts of stamina in virtually every big fight he's been in


First bait thread din't work. So he made a 2nd.

katafags can't handle their loss next chapter

THIS. Every panel, Luffy is being crashed into buildings as well.

That's how hard Katakuri has been kicking and punching Luffy, while Luffy can't even force Katakuri away from his spot.

Oda is such a hack that Luffy's eye which was swollen a few pages ago, isn't even swollen anymore.

This chapter basically confirmed Katakuri is winning... Now that Katakuri is in love with Luffy, losing doesn't mean death anymore.

Place your bets!
Will Katakurifags be more insufferable than Doffyfags if he loses?
Or will they contain themselves by posting cute brotherly pictures?

>Oda is such a hack that Luffy's eye which was swollen a few pages ago, isn't even swollen anymore.

Isn't this good? He's removing the Ippo powerup.

Katakurifags will be far worse than Doffyfags

they don't explicitly say how little she has to sleep, but she's a rulers aid which means she's on guard during both the day and night, so she's nocturnal to a degree. she basically just sleeps whenever it's convenient, meaning she can be awake whenever she needs to be. she was completely physically exhausted after the fight, and STILL managed to wake herself up with only 1 hour of sleep, and she looks completely rejuvenated. hell, she needs even less sleep than I previously thought

>implying most people aren't mad of an asspull win


Is Carrot just one consistent energizer-bunny pun?

look at this fucking shit: the one piece general discussion is currently being divided in FOUR threads. fuck dog, at this point i don't even mind using the bait one but can we please avoid this kind of stuff in the future

This usually happens when people love the main villain and the fight's coming to an end. It's not going to stop now and it probably won't stop until like 2 pr 3 weeks after the fight. Pretty sure about that.

Oda claims Katakuri is gonna act serious.

Serious Katakuri is using his Trident in combination with his mochi attacks.

So this contradicts Katakuri's own statement or Oda is that bad of a writer.


>longest fight in the entire series
He was fighting Cracker for like 10 hours just before that.

So sad Oda ruined his character just like he did with Big Mom

>Will Katakurifags be more insufferable than Doffyfags if he loses?
It's hard to say really, I imagine it will ultimately be something very similar in nature, particularly in the short term. However, much of this does still depend on what actually ends up happening in the coming chapters, we don't fully know how Oda is going to handle the conclusion of the fight.

That all being said, I think there's more influential variables to consider meaningful in the Luffy vs Katakuri fight, enough that will likely mean that the discussion, particularly the insufferable kind, will have considerable fuel to go on for a while. I can't say I look forward to that, but it could work both positively and negative.

For example, there's lots of things that happened to Katakuri during the exchange that could account for him not being in top form, such as the stress of the Tottoland situation as a whole, Brulee's capture, his merienda being delayed and ultimately not completed and numerous other things that 'nerfed' him as such. Enough negative events for Luffy to get an understandable win, aided by MC luck and negative happenstance for Katakuri. That's one of the outcomes that could see Katakuri fans the least annoyed if he loses, particularly if the story itself comments on that.

However, the alternative is that Katakuri fans get caught up on the more questionable variables, such as stamina, endurance and all those other factors that go into a fight that don't work as they would in real life, given One Piece is a fictional manga. That's where I could see the complaints lying for a good long time as the only real response is 'well it's a manga and those things work differently there'. Whilst it's a true statement, given the fact that fights in One Piece can go on for a crazy long duration or alternately high-intensity quick bouts, it isn't a very satisfying answer when one party clearly gets to benefit from it much more than the other.

i just don't like bouncing between three or four threads dog, like two is acceptable (basically two teams cheering for their squad) but four? nah, at that point it's more annoying that anything

Just pick one and stay there. Close all the other tabs. It's that simple. If someone wants to shitpost or make a point they think is worth it, they'll post it in every thread. This way you can avoid about 3 times the shit flinging as well.

Yeah, because fighting for roughly 9 hours won't drain your stamina

just stay where everyone is which is here?

Moral of the story: he's fucking rubber. He bounces back. He literally just did that in the chapter.

Deal with it.

Guys, losing a fight because your fists hurt too much from punching a skull is still a loss. Luffy just realized that blocking all of Katakuri's punches with a haki enforced face was the best strategy.

yeah but... ah whatever

If Luffy remembers the basics and keeps oxygen in his muscles, hermano de serpiente could be a powerful form.

>B...But he has so cool and mysterious
>why does he have to lose to the MC
>this is bullshit
Are you Flambe level of retardation?

Not as much as getting kicked in the face for roughly 9 hours, no.

Based coach.

>Everyone will inevitably lose interest in Katakuri slowly when the next cool villain shows up and starts fighting
Oh no, we really are like Flambe.

>Deal with it.
Reddit is that way my man

Funny how no one complained about your post. Just reconforming anti-shipping fags are luna shippers

Can't wait until all the posers start jerking off to Larry "The Flood", Kaido strongest calamity

Don't be a retard people obviously created another thread because they were disagreeing with the bait OP. Nobody wants to enable retards by posting in their threads.

One of Luffy's biggest traits is ungodly dogged persistence. And he's been getting loads of endurance training lately (Doffy vs. Luffy, Cracker vs. Luffy, Angry Army vs. Luffy) so I'm not surprised he's become this durable. After this fight its scary to think about just how durable Luffy will be.

How is that related to "King"?

Also people tend to forget Ivanov Miracle treatment which lasted what 15 hours or so and Luffy'own whole ordeal during marineford

>criticism is bait now
What a baby

You know, the famous king. Larry.

That's probably the shtick of Shanks whole crew; just a bunch of guys with terrifying physical strength, skill and ungodly stamina

Sorry not american

the first calamity is gonna have his own talk show in the manga where he interviews various new world personalities who came to fight kaido

dudes 50, come on

A big word for a baby argument everyone and their mother invalidated a number of times since last week. Kill yourself.

It was a joke, user.

You did no such thing

Because each fights where he actually got stronger made it clear when he was coming up with new moves.

He got stronger after the CP9 arc but barely changed after the moriah arc.
He barely changed since Fishman island but he will get stronger right after this fight.

Up until his fight with Katakuri Luffy was only using the resources he acquired during his two years timeskip.

I'm telling you the reason I din't get the joke. I din't remember the guy existed.


Lucci stomped him for a few minutes and he was already dying on the ground only to get back up one last climatic time.
He's been doing that again this time except for 3 hours straight now. Starting to feel a little far fetched.

No, no, Larry is just a plain old name. There is no famous king called Larry. That user just came up with a name like "Bob" or whatever.

That fight lasted for an incredibly long time, Luffy was fighting Lucci after invading Enies Lobby alone for most of the arc.

I need Rayleigh face shopped there

>Luffy was fighting Lucci after invading Enies Lobby alone for most of the arc.
You need to read it again.

dicksuckers will overlook it. he has infinite MC stamina and will keep standing up. might as well just fight BM after Katakuri since he'll keep standing up anyways.

I'm 100% sure the dick suckers here are from reddit


thanfully the gearth 4 Oxigenman form will help him in this pinch.

We see all these Big Mom kids, I wanna know where all the non family member crew are. Where is Tamago?