Who actually likes this decision?

Who actually likes this decision?

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Me, because it seems to annoy a lot of whiny DBS fags.

Nozawa is a nice lady.

The fact she can still do hot blooded at her age is incredible.

Japanese nostalgiafags.

I've actually grown to like her as Goku better than Sean Schemmel

I prefer subs and respect the lady, but I'll be honest, it was a stupid af decision. It's not like she wan't going to have a ton of other roles with Goku's kids after all.

I wonder who they'll get to replace her when she dies.

They will find another old lady to voice goku

Well Gohan wasn’t born in the later parts of the OG Dragon Ball series and Goten is pretty much just a satillite character.


I don't even care about Dragonball but I love it because it make normalfags mad.

Schemmel is better
Faulconer's music is better too

Why can't you underage spics stay in your containment general?

The last part you are objectively wrong.

People without autism don't even think about it.

People without autism don't watch DB to begin with.

Fuck off retard. Every character has a badass theme because of Falcon. Supreme Kai theme and Buu theme alone BTFO anything from the original jap shit.


>The last part you are objectively wrong
Outside of the OPs, Dragon Ball's Japanese soundtrack is pretty damn forgettable or ill-suited for the high-intensity scenes in question. The guitar is overused in the more dramatic scenes, I agree, but when you're hearing the SAME horns in the BUILD-UP to a battle DURING a battle, DURING triumphant AND tense/edge of your seat moments you got a problem.

Her Goku Black performance was seriously fucking good.

Me and Toriyama.

She can't though. That's the problem. She lost it some ways into GT.

Watching DB for the first time right now, she's pretty fun to listen to desu

This was a problem before she was even a granny though. A female voice actor can pull off a young boy but it's a huge stretch to voice a full grown man without there being a serious disconnected between voice and character.

Sean Schemmels yelling can't be surpassed.
Fite me.

Morgan Freeman

If I'm watching through the entire series for the very first time, having no nostalgia for it whatsoever, which of the two will provide the best experience lads?

The way she expresses Goku's unintentional sass and blunt speech is pretty hilarious at times.

It doesn't really matter. The thing that made the biggest difference was the BGM, and I don't think there are even modern releases that have the Faulconer stuff.

First time I hard the Jap voices was jarring as fuck. Never really got used to it.

this desu, I like her deadpan way of delivering certain lines, plus she fits goku's initial innocence very well

Okay so...It's complicated. If you have a problem with piracy, then don't watch Japanese Dragon Ball, Z, GT, and Kai. For the former three it's practically unwatchable due to most of the DVD releases being utter shite. And Kai was not as well acted or performed due to almost all of the cast being old as shit. So I would actually recommend English for Kai. HOWEVER, if you have no problem with downloading torrents of the original Japanese broadcast audio for Z then please do so! It's awesome just to hear swarmy as fuck young Horikawa as Vegeta. (Not much exists currently for the original Dragon Ball unfortunately, so I would still highly recommend the manga for that.)

I got used to everyone but Goku's over a decade ago. I even prefer a lot of them (Piccolo in particular). But I never got used to Goku. Even after watching all of DBS to date with subs It's still weird to me. It's like some weird gag and the joke is not acknowledging it no matter what.

Schemmels is a pretty good eng Goku in fact.

She does okay during comedic scenes and just talking, but her scream will never not sound like an older woman to me.

I'd advice you to just get everything subbed.

Me just to spite normalfags

I don't really like Amurica Broku either.

Normalfags, assuming they even care about DB anymore have probably never even heard the Japanese voices.

I hate his laugh. He makes Goku sound like a weird clown.

>Normalfags, assuming they even care about DB anymore have probably never even heard the Japanese voices.
Are you kidding? They always love to jerk off to their localized Righteous Superman Goku and cry that Super has the grandma goku because their dub is behind.

Nozawa is amazing, but she lost her luster around GT. Normalfags and Americans just have shit taste

Read Dragon Ball Manga (it should be Marked as Dragon Ball, not Dragon Ball Z)
Watch dubbed Dragon Ball Z Kai and Kai Final Chapters.
Watch Battle of Gods film.
Watch Resurrection 'F' film.
SKIP the first two Dragon Ball Super sagas, they're just shitty shitty retellings of those two films.
Watch Super from episode 28.

That's the most "newbie friendly" way to go about it.

>If you have a problem with piracy
What the fuck am I reading?

His female VA does just fine. But he's androgynous and they are around 15, so....

I've gotten used to it.

I like Schemmels voice, I think he's a good fit for Goku personality wise.
Ex: youtu.be/gsglakl9ei8

But the faulconer music in Z was god awful and edgy as fuck.

Some of us like having real boxes and official products that support the shows we watch.

Though, honestly, watching Japanese dubbed Dragon Ball isn't likely to cross anyone's moral boundaries due to how obscure it is.

I think part of her problem is she doesn't understand Goku as a character anymore so it's hard to give a convincing delivery.
And you know what, I don't blame her. Goku in Super feels more oblivious than even DB Goku during the worst gags.

Me too. Schemmel sounds weird to me now

You'd be surprised by the amount of new-fags and redditors that do. For me personally I say fuck Toei Animation and Funimation for depriving us from quality releases for years.

God, Chichi looks ugly now.

I do

Why couldn't she just be a cute china waifu (see: end of DB) instead of turning into a hag shortly after Gohan popped out?

Me. I'm unironically watching Super just because Nozawa voices Goku.

That's a good point. She's 80+ year old and the Super writers are atrocious. No wonder Goku feels like a strange screeching facsimile.

ITT. Sub fanboy.

>I like Schemmels voice, I think he's a good fit for Goku personality wise.
Schemmel's clearly been watching the Japanese dubs, his Super Goku is WAY more like Japanese Goku than his original Funi dub voice.
The change started around the time of his Kai rerecording though, and his insistence that he got to say "Son Goku" when he transformed into a Super Saiyan the first time.

Bulma is a hottie still, so I don't understand.

Thanks user, though I've decided to go the painful route, watching everything subbed from the original series.

The country that matters

You'll be fine man, enjoy it.

Nozawa gives an excellent, emotional performance that doesn't fit the character at all.

Schemmel has a voice that fits the character but gives hollow, unnatural performances.

There's no winning.

It's 90% the hair.

They have improved Goku though, I think they realised that they fucked up Goku too much.
Blame that on trying to reach a younger audience with Super.

Maybe after the films they might aim back at a slightly older audience again. The ToP is conspicuously lacking in jolly slapstick and pratfalls, after all.

That's fine too, if you know what you're getting in to! Enjoy, it's a hell of a ride.

>implying goku isn't emotional and full of life
What the fuck?

The Japanese audio track for DB is terrible quality. Toei let the masters rot. Even the video quality has aged like shit.

how can people go through life with such horrible opinions

Fun fact, Funimation has better quality audio of the Japanese dub that they offered to give to Toei but Toei weren't interested.

This shit boils my blood still to this day. FUCK

All Sean Schemmel does is post anti-Trump shit on Twitter all day long.

Fuck him.

yes, and?

You came to the wrong board.

The worst thing you can do is look at any "celebrity's" twitter account. I don't care very much for politics anymore either way, but that shit does get annoying quick.

wow I love ameridub now

My opinions are such a mish-mash of ideas that every celebrity will piss me off in some way. Better just to ignore it.

When are we going to make an Sup Forums sings "YAATATATATATATAYAYAYATATATATAA"???

EVERY voice actor does that. I had to unfollow a childhood icon, Steve Blum, because of his Trump Derangement Syndrome.
See You Space Cowboy, indeed.

Kill yourself. The music is way fucking better than the Jap music which was hokey and generic as fuck.

It's decent music on it's own, (I like a lot of the old-school synth sounds) but it doesn't really fit the series, mate.


You're misunderstanding me. Obviously Goku should be emotional and upbeat, just not in the way that Nozawa does him. He sounds like a country bumpkin in Japanese. (Which is probably why they made him a farmer in Super, come to think of it.)

But...He is supposed to be a country bumpkin.

>that moment when nozawa yells
holy shit she sounded much better than she does now, but it's to be exptected

I've been saying this since Super started, but no one believed me :((((

At least her performance as Black was absolutely awesome.

Same, and her performance as Kid Goku is amazing for the character he is. Adult Goku in DBZ might be a different story, but I can't imagine another voice for the kid version.

Forget it user. Some people are just stone cold retarded.

The actual fans I suppose? I mean I haven't even seen a single normalfag shitting on Nozawa's Goku in my country.


She does understand Goku very well. It's the writers for Super who don't get the character and dumb him down to a manchild while elevating Vegeta as an unironic hero.

I think user means that Goku is supposed the more like Boomhauer, and less like Hank.

Didn't it have something to do with Toriyama being a big one piece fan. He pretty much tried to turn Goku into Luffy making him more lean and less muscular. Except Luffy actually cared about his friends and has picked his friends over fighting often.

>It's 90% the hair.

she looks like skub-cancer eureka

He means that Chi Chi looks better with natural hair and bangs that cover her forehead.

DBZ Kai has the best soundtrack, incontrovertibly

Dragonball is 100 better with no music playing in the background.

Most non burgers.

Nozawa is really good.
She's really old and still gives her best in all the episodes. Black Goku is an example of her amazing voice work.

Spic dub > nip dub > burger dub

Back to wall building, Pablo.

gohan having the same voice actor makes it super awkward since she can only do 1 voice