Fate/Extra Last Encore

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Curious to see what Hakuno is going to do the the police girls next episode. Is there an example of another master in Fate who does much in the way of fighting? Rin I guess?

Nero a cute. It's going to be interesting to see how her relationship with Hakuno develops in Last Encore.

Fuck praising, I'm barely containing my hate for her. Mostly because Hakuno has mostly ignored her so far and isn't sucking up to her annoying personality.

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Yeah. I do wonder if they're going to follow the games in establishing a romantic relationship. He's been so cold so far.

I hope it doesn't. It's fine as it is.

Romance is NOT allowed!

Her mannerisms make me hard. She just has this flair to everything she does

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For how he did show some kindness towards Nero, but it seems like he sees her more as a tool rather than a person. She seems rather disgruntled too. There are two options here, I think:
1. The whole thing is bait-and-switch, there's real Hakuno and he will appear when this Hakuno loses all of Nero's respect. Thus, current Hakuno will become the enemy.
2. He does actually have human emotions beyond HIKUI and indifference, and her passion will help them come out eventually. Then, the opposite of Extra will happen - Nero will make Hakuno fall in love with her, not the other way around.


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Knowing how anime usually play out, the second guess looks like most most solid one to me

How can an elderly gray man be so cool?

Well I'm interested to see how it goes. It could be a good use of Nero's personality story wise to have her use it to slowly win Hakuno over. Though then there would be the question of what she sees in him.

Regardless, it's going to be interesting to see how things play out. Hakuno needs his servant's help in order to take down the Moon Cell. Pure hatred can only go so far. As for Nero, she's trying her best to at least understand her master. He's not making things easy for her though.
I wouldn't go as far to say that he thinks of her as a tool. Hakuno was of sound enough mind to apologize when his hate got the better of him for a second. His comments to Drake and Shinji also show that he thinks highly of his servant.

Looks like they're really in some kind of timeloop or something like that, maybe she remembers at least subconsciously about all the time she spent with hakuno/hakunon in all these cycles, but who knows what the fuck is going on


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Yeah I could see that. And he does still lack his memory in this.

I get the feeling that the current Hakuno is fake. Even though the original Hakuno was a blank, they still had their own quirks built up. Current Hakuno lacks those quirks. Plus the command seal being messed up makes me think it's someone related to Hakuno, but not really Hakuno, considering how related people tend to have similar seals.

Really, user? Rin is nothing compared to Shirou and Kuzuki.
Strange Fake has the Dead Apostle Jester Karture who also fights a lot (since he can't control his Servant anyway).

>His comments to Drake and Shinji also show that he thinks highly of his servant.
That's where I disagree. He doesn't sell Nero out but his reasoning is that he won't give up his only chance at victory for survival. His reason for keeping her is purely utilitarian, he's kinda like a younger Kiritsugu. We'll see how it plays out.
The biggest giveaway is his name, it's written in a completely different way. Extra Hakuno is 岸波 白野, this Hakuno is 岸浪 ハクノ.

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Hello fatefriends, I know nothing about Fate but Nero is cute. Can I watch Extra Last Encore and understand enough to appreciate cute Nero?

>2. He does actually have human emotions beyond HIKUI and indifference, and her passion will help them come out eventually. Then, the opposite of Extra will happen - Nero will make Hakuno fall in love with her, not the other way around.
Don't think so from what I've seen from the anime Nerowank is really down compared to FGO and Extella, so it won't be just Hakuno falling in love with Nero. The closest I can see happening is that they will start to fall in love with each other for qualities the other one lacks. And at the same time bettering certain quirks they have like Hakuno's extreme stoicism and Nero's narcissism.

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I'd actually would say he is closer to a younger Kirei than Kiritsugu.

Yes, it's completely original anime it's based from fate/extra but they're changing stuff, it's kind hard to understand at first but they're doing a good job explaining it.


UmU singlehandedly turned my opinion of the Fate franchise.I want to see her smile

It helps knowing the basics of the Fate series but yeah, Extra for the most part is self contained.

>Can I watch Extra Last Encore and understand enough to appreciate cute Nero?
Yes. It will be very confusing, but it's currently confusing for everyone, including series vets. Nero provides the exposition for the basic setup at the start of episode 2 while nude.


Despite the way he wrote it, I think that's what OP was actually trying to say.

so the grail war is just one big VR game now?
is this actually just fate/art online?


That's the innuendo.

Actually, that makes me more suspicious of this Hakuno. I mean, I'm sure that game Hakuno would do that to survive.

It's Fate/Moon since it takes place inside a supercomputer on the moon

I'm here just for Tamamo.

Game isn't the right word exactly. Holy Grail Tournament I guess. This isn't like SAO where the simulation was made by some company looking to make money from people's leisure time. The Grail War has always been kind of artificial and governed by rules, in Extra those rules are governed by a magical computer rather the just magic. The ultimate goal is still to choose and empower a single victor. So not all that different.

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Why are the main Extra servants such sluts? And yes that includes Archer too.

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So how many episodes till Dan and Robin anyway. I'm curious if Hakuno can just NIKUI away Robin's poison.

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Nero is canonically a pure maiden.
Nero and Redman, the Servants who mainly prefer women, are pure.
Gaygamesh and Foxslut, the male preferring faggots, are the sluts.

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Tamamo has always been Worst Girl of Extra, just like Sakura is Worst Girl of F/SN.

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Most fate characters are sluts, I don't know how people forget Artoria had a threesome with 2 dumb teenagers and knew how to please man for some reason




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>Most fate characters are sluts,
The only three canonical sluts in Fate are Sakura, Caren and Medb. And maybe Shuten, I'm not sure. Everyone else is either average or pure.


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Depends how high is your bar for purity some people think just having sex are not pure anymore, but I agree with you

Hakuno is pretty pure. I'm not even sure if they've ever been able to actually score.

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>Hakuno is pretty pure

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There are three levels of purity:
1. Pure - never had sex in her life (eroge protag doesn't count), mostly inexperienced when it comes to love in general. Examples: Nero, Tohsaka, Mashu.
2. Average - a normal situation. Maybe fucked a guy or two but nothing extraordinary. Examples: Medea, Artoria (she did fuck her wife and Morgana), most other women. Sakura too, disregarding all the wormslut memes.
3. Slut - when lube is a mere suggestion. Fucked so much and so hard that she should've been classified as the first-ever sentient STD a long time ago. Examples: Kiara, Medb, Caren.

Nero salivates every time she sees pretty girl and people still think that she prefers cock.

I imagine Nero is the type to be a size queen

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but I am guessing its the opposite in the fate verse?

She does. Nero has no interest in girls and has only ever shown interest in men.

No, Fate got that part right. Nero prefers men and wants nothing to do with other women.

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She only see girls as a fun thing, she can't even hold hands with hakuno without blushing


>when it was recorded by Turkish Recordian along with a Georgian one

That's just how it is. CCC goes even further by exploring the idea of romance and how it relates to basically everything. While some of the servant might not be pure, their affection for their master is about as true as it gets.

That's because she loves Hakuno. No one else would get that reaction out of her, regardless of gender.

>Nero is canonically a pure maiden

>he doesn't know