Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka?

Just finished the series as it was amazing I found out it was another Novel advertisment. So many intresting things were not explained. Does anyone here read the novel and could spoil me in short what happend after anime or even how the whole story ends?

One of the better novels out there, you should really read it, it's only 5 books.

Are their novels same as our books? I once tried to read Light Novel and it was horrible expirience. Like reading cheap poor watered down version of a book.

No, it's not Dostoevsky you dork, it's literally translated into "something that's easy to read"

You can read one in 2 or so hours.
I find this one passable.

Maybe I will give it a try. Still dosent convince me I couldnt get into any LN before because of how poorly in detailes they are written. It was almost like manga without pictures.

If you're looking for autistic level of details I got some few that would make the Wheel of Time and Ar Tonelico series reel back.

For this particular one, there's a decent level of explanation of the in world terminology.

I dropped it when the MC said some shit about how using force is NEVER EVER justified.

Can you refresh my memory when this occured?

Agreed, most everything about how the world works generally is explained. Creation of the beasts, who the red haired girl is, who the Braves were and what they did. Wraps everything up for the girls in the warehouse pretty happily as well.

Is this Series completed?

Main series is, the sequel which doesn't have focus on Kuutori and Willem is ongoing.


It's not like I am really looking for it. Just when I read story in form of a book and see it in this weird form of LN it's hard for me to get into the world. Still my lust for information about it will probably push me to read it. Can I easly find it online ?
I am not sure his said ever but in their case character he was saying it too was stunned as she knew he was right in this particiular matter. But well if something like this made you drop this you are probably really picky to MC and wouldnt watch it later anyway.

What didn't you like about it?

It happend when Dog girl wanted MC to help her father with the guys that wanted to kill him. He said he can't help because
>>MC said some shit about how using force is NEVER EVER justified
But I am not certain he said never ever.

It's a normalfag word. True Sup Forumsnon should say "epic" or "winrar".

If you can navigate the "regular" you can find it easily.

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I found it quite fast on google.
What do you mean by regular ?Google?

He didn't want to get involved in a internal political struggle. He was a part of the army to defend against outside enemies like the beasts. He stated
>Being right doesn't make the use of force ok.
Meaning that there are times to use force but using righteousness as an excuse doesn't make it right.

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regular websites used by Sup Forums for this stuff.