Classroom of the Elite

Will Kushida expelled?

Will Sudou win Suzunes Hearth?

Will MC-Kiyo sleep with Kei every Night?

Can Kei "issekai" MC-Kiyo with Sex?

>Will Kushida expelled?
>Will Sudou win Suzunes Hearth?
>Will MC-Kiyo sleep with Kei every Night?
>Can Kei "issekai" MC-Kiyo with Sex?
Most likely

Ayanokouji's future wife Karuizawa is the cutest.

Honami is best Girl.

>Will Kushida expelled?

>Will Sudou win Suzunes Hearth?
Who knows.

>Will MC-Kiyo sleep with Kei every Night?
Highly possible.

>Can Kei "issekai" MC-Kiyo with Sex?

Still best girl. It's too bad best girl won't win yet again.

But she will win you, Sudo.

Realist here.
>Will Kushida expelled?
>Will Sudou win Suzunes Hearth?
>Will MC-Kiyo sleep with Kei every Night?
>Can Kei "issekai" MC-Kiyo with Sex?


The first and the last two are realistically probable to happen.

All shipping and baiting aside, this is most true. Kushida won't be expelled because she's a main heroine, Sudo won't win because he's a minor character, and we won't see sex in this LN.

At least they won't have sex inside the school
Kiyo would never risk expelling himself or Kei

Kushida is irredeemable and nobody cares about her. She's doomed.

Karuizawa, Ichinose and Sakayanagi are objectively the top 3 most interesting, most likable and most beautiful girls.

That's like just your opinion man

If Ayanokouji wants to expel her, she will be inevitably expelled. That's the reality.

Why is it that Ichinose was placed in class B? Something about her missing time in middle school?

I mean the last part of her SS really shows there is something wrong with her.

The answer to all your questions:

Not retarded enough for class D
More socially adept for class C
Not smart enough for class A

>Not smart enough for class A
>Highest entrance exam scores

I agree with this good user.

She's smart enough for class A. Her uncanny knack for helping people as well as frequent absence put her in B

She rapes little boys

Where's Hiyori user? she deserved a place between best girls too.

Will Ichinose get a "It bothers me" moment?

Not relevant enough

Hiyori and Satou complete the top 5.

If Arisu is her Othinus, then yes.

For now, she will probably be relevant in a future arc.

Ibuki is best


This is definitively her weakness. She cannot help but help, this can be used against her. No matter how skilled she may be, that glaring flaw could shatter her. She's like a diamond, she's super tough but hit that sweet spot and it all comes crumbling down.

lol Ibuki is the only one that will be relevant. If Hiyori really was to be relevant, she would have won a chapter in this volume

Did Sudo sell the heating in his dorm room he needs someone else's hearth?

I agree.

But if I had to make a top of my favorite girls:

1 - Kei
2- Ichinose
10-Chihiro/Tachibana(for some reason they annoys me sometimes)

best girl

Horikita, Sakayanagi, and Ichinose are top 3 for me.

Switch Satou and Sakura and I agree

Kei, Sakura and Hasebe are Kiyopons favorite girls

partner, pet and bro

Kei and Honami are Kiyopon's favorite type of girls.

Honami isn't close to him though and will be an enemy coming up

don't forget Kushida

Winning is not likely, but I still hold on to a bit of hope.

abandon all hope

You have your manga spin-off for that

I respect your ship and admire that hope of yours, bro.

>her SS really shows there is something wrong with her.
She's like a little girl playing with a dangerous object.

As a Keifag, I admire your loyalty to your ship user.

Honesty I have never cared for them and I probably won't start now.

I finished the anime not that long ago. Can someone spoil me why is everyone loving Kei?

Just Because

Good, because they ruined Ayanokouji

Because she's pure love.

Was a mob character that rose to the position of 'trur' heroine, had good character development, is loyal to Ayanokoji even after seeing how he really is, is the girl with the best chances of ending up with him and their chemistry is literally off the charts(they can communicate just by eye contact)

The closest girl to the mc. Best interactions with the mc. The miracle. His partner. The most loyal girl in the show. Fell in love in the mc even thought she know his flaws (meaning dark side). Tauwa. Last line last volume is from Ayankoji where he says he can see them go beyond friendship after everything is said and done. Best girl. The only girl where mc constantly condtradicts himself and so on...

True* damn cellphone.

Karuizawa bubble

Well color me surprised. I'll have to check the LN then. I'm interested

Word spread fast on Sup Forums because episode 7 was the director making a big mess adapting from volume 4.5 and stole scenes from people to give to Horikita.

The LN is pretty good. Nothing like the anime. I like how the side characters get fleshed out and develop as well. It makes the setting much more lively. Kei is the prime example of a minor character that becomes the main love interest through sheer development and situational relevance.

In what way for curiosity's sake?

He is nothing like what he is the ln.

He has a different personality in the main manga, spinoff manga, LN and anime.

I really don't know what's going on.

>Will Sudou win Suzunes Hearth?
I will fucking go berserk if that happens

Part of the keikaku

All the different writers want their own fanfic, like the Horikita director.

whatever non-kei route requires Kiyotaka to have a different personality

those boobs cardigan look so wrong
that is not how clothes work

now that I realize. Ibuki and Ichinose should have the same height

Its really a shame when they do the boob pocket thing.

How many scenes and what effect did it have on the plot?

It went beyond that. The then most popular girl Ichinose and Kei (who was third by then) didn't just get scenes replaced, Horikita literally stole their scenes. The camera scene was Ichinose, the girl he meets in episode 7 was supposed to be Kei

Not really. She didn't get a volume cover for nothing. And illustrations in 2 consecutive volumes. Both Ibuki and Hiyori are being teased for the role of the next C class leader if you haven't noticed. And Ayanokouji will continue having talks with her

Enough changes for LN readers to consider episode 7 as anime original.

Switch Satou and Hasebe and you're right on track

Is he still a schemer and a hidden nadass genius at least?

Yes, and best of all: He becomes someone worth cheering for.


This is manga Ayanokoji

Since I can't read japanese, but have seen few raws. I think they are not that far in the story so can't say for sure. But his constant blushing and faces his making are nothing like Ayanokoji. It is mostly centerd how he helps Horikta get on good terms with her brother.

Both mangas make him completly different than he is the ln. The faces and the blushing just trigger me knowing the real him.

Class B teacher is a slut
I see Ichinose is learning from the best

LNfags said that anime version isn't like how he is in the LN either. He isn't a robot. He has stuttered and blushed in the LN too. There's a middle ground here

Hiyori, Kei, Ichinose and Hasebe are top 4 for me.

In the ln they literally told that he never changes his expression so I don't know what are you talking about.
Quote from 4.5: "It's because he's like a doll. He never changes his expressions".

He also had the same unintrested face in the double date chapter when Kei was complimenting him and Satou. But he showed no reaction.

Kushida scene when she came onto him, for example. The illustration for it showed a similar expression to .

It seems so. He has a multifacet personality, not a robot or a beta MC.

>And Ayanokouji will continue having talks with her
desilusion of a Hiyorifag

That is the only time actually I think. But honestly his faces and blushes happen to often in the manga.

>and we won't see sex in this LN
Kinugasa is a an eroge author. Sex is very possible.

>we won't see sex in this LN.
You don't want sex in this LN. Please dont generalize

Ikki and Stella had sex in Rakudai, I don't see why Kinugasa can't make it happen in Youkoso.


Will happen. It's part of Kiyotaka's development as a person

He has silly and non-serious momoments joking in his inner mind and giving thumbs up and stuff to his bro Hirata. That is early Ayanokouji though who is pretty different than Ayanokouji in later volumes who is generally closer to anime Ayanokouji.

I still can't believe that Ichinose believes that Horikita was responsible for Class D victories, and she even think that Kushida helped her. Only Ryuen knows that Horikita was just a cover and for Arisu, she doesn't care.

He has lots of emotions inside. His face muscles haven't been used so he is just bad at making expressions. His eyes show them and that's how Horikita and Kei can read him. He is so used to that fact that he himself doesn't know if he is making an expression or not.

Ichinose is disappointing me. I don't expect her to get beaten out of this battle royal, but I think she's going to have something very situational to win