NaruHina is the most popular pairing

>NaruHina is the most popular pairing
>NaruSaku is the most popular hentai pairing
Has this happened with any other series?

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Why do all Sakura doujins give her cow tits?


>NaruHina is the most popular pairing
I think SasuSaku is the most popular, unfortunately.

Not all of them do. But if I had to guess, it's because she's Tsunade's student. And Tsunade was known to be flat as a board until she started going through puberty.

>Implying Tsunade didn't use her medical mumbo jumbo to make 'em bigger.
Her boobs are false just like her appearance.

Sasunaru/Narusasu is the most popular by a wide margin. Never underestimate fujoshits.

Why are crack pairings so much fun?

>not accepting the bast pairing in the whole franchise
I almost feel bad for you NaruHinacucks

How did this catch on anyway? Some crack pairings I get and even like, but have these two even talked to each other? Naruto fans are a strange bunch.

I think they did interact in the anime and movie

What in the fuck?

This. I don't really care for other pairings, those are just the OTP because it's between best boy and best girl alongside non-fat-Anko and Mei

>NaruHina is the most popular pairing
Since when?

Naruto had an affair

Isn't Naruto and Sasuke's relationship supposed to be based on kishimoto and his brother?

Like said the most popular is NaruSasu/SasuNaru.

Also, reminder that Naruto is the seme and thinking otherwise is sacrilege.

Did you know that Kishimoto almost made NaruSasu canon? I wish he did, just to witness the broken hearts of NaruSasu and NaruHinatards everywhere.

I call bullshit.

Abe-sama made a call a last minute to inform Bad Vlad wants NaruHina to be canon

Gotta make her worthwhile somehow.
They just follow Kishi's example by giving her yet another Hinata trait.

Bullest of shits. Everyone who worked him constantly went "Give Hinata the main role."


to quote Todd Howard
"It just works"

Yes but fushojis don't let things like incest or stop there pairing. Ever heard of Mob x Ritsu?

Naruto was never a yaoi manga, so that's impose. You guys are reaching.

It's mostly just the same 2 guys doing NaruSaku doujins though.

Naruhina at this point has better quality doujinshi, which personally I'll take over a million nasty looking Wataru ones filled with broken anatomy, weird expressions, and cow tits.

That's true. There are a lot of good quality ones that make it seem almost in canon for their characters and Hinata's boobs aren't tripple sized in.

Let's settle this once and for all.

Sasunaru >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SasuSaku >>> NaruHina.

>SasuAnything but painful demise
>Better than anything

Chuu2 ShinkaXdogs

We're talking popularity and we all now that Sasuke X Naruto is by far the most popular ship, even now that they're fucking married and with children.

Exactly, they also have the added bonus of giving you a heart boner on top of an actual boner. I mean, I guess for people who enjoy Naruto/Sakura and Naruto/Sarada that they'll take what they can get, I'll just never understand the appeal from a visual standpoint.

Fujoshits are super active, yes, but don't mistake that for popularity with the average reader.

Stupid sexy 0ni

People keep saying this is NaruSaku child but it could be BoruSara child (pink is recessive).

Which pairings?

Which Karakishi doujin has this note with that version of the watermark in it?

Can we ship Anko and the Akimichi clan secret jutsu that converts calories into chakra? I want my waifu back.

Naruhina a SHIT.

RanmaRyoga is the hentai pairing

>Implying that's not happening
There's a reason why she hangs out with Chou Chou.

NaruHina a best

I wanna hatefuck Sakura


Naruhina a boring, but still better than narusaku.

Best pairing in the series is undoubtedly Shikamaru x Temari. Only one that was actually properly developed and also not one sided/retarded for 99% of the series.

NaruSaku is a shit pairing but people forget that Naruto is just a work of fiction. The doujins are just as real as the manga. In that they're both fiction. So if you wanna see your headcanon ship as reality via doujin, you can and its not any less real than the endgame in manga.

>Draws a perfect Sakura for a non porn parody
>Uses the same shit design and expressions in everything else

Top tier pairings would be:

Naruto X Tsunade

Sakura X Rock Lee

Sasuke X forever alone

Choji X Ino


They're equally fictional but not equally valid. You could see things that way but it amounts to willful self-delusion.

SasuSaku is the most popular by a landslide. Fujoshit doesn't count because it's all delusions that never had a chance.

NaruHina didn't even get its influx of anything until it became canon. Everyone who was in the fandom long enough knew that even Neji/Hinata was more popular.

That being said, Sasuke/Sakura has always been the most popualr het pair.

Sasuke/Naruto is probably the most popular overall.

>NaruHina is the most popular pairing
In the west? I'm sure you can make a strong case for either that one or Sasusaku. In Japan? The most vocal and dedicated shippers are fujos, and they tend to gravitate towards the Yaoi pairings. In any case, you never truly know because to my knowledge at least, this has never been proprerly studied.

>NaruSaku is the most popular hentai pairing
This one is objectively not the case. I just checked a site that compiles doujinshi (as in all published doujinshi aggregated to the site as opposed to only scanned or translated ones), and there's both more Naruhina and s
Sasusaku doujins. The site allows you organize by date of release, and it turns out that since the manga's end, Narusaku is dead both in canon and porn, with only the arits in OP's pic releasing published doujins of that pairing over the last year.

To put it into perspective, a couple of minutes worth of inspection over the content in the site I mentioned revealed that out of the 495 Hinata doujinshi published, only a little over a hundred are not Naruhina doujins (or at least contain the pairing), while out of the close to 560 Sakura doujins, roughly 70% are Sasusaku ones, which logically rules out Narusaku being even close o a majority. I'm surprised at me finding so few of thse doujins arousing or interesting, though I'm mostly going by covers. Must be the shitty art quality in most.

One artist and only one consistently making NaruSaku hentai every Comiket doesn't make NaruSaku the most popular Naruto hentai pairing at all.
The canon pairings get far more hentai doujins than a two Wataru doujins a year.

>Only one that was actually properly developed
Is this a joke? A few panels of teasing isn't remotely the same as being developed.

NaruSaku is cute.

It's really not. Even their color schemes clash.

Fuck off back to tumblr, Narutards

I do wonder if blonde hair would work on her.

>be 2000+14
>shipping nardo and pink for almost a decade out of old teen autism
>reding 700
>sauce and orochimaru got a happy ending as well

>Sasuke/Naruto is probably the most popular overall.
In the West, in Japan the most popular has always been Kakashi x Iruka

Holy shit
I miss the times where Shippuden didn't exist so much holy fucking shit

Why? How?, Iruka almost never showed up and Kakashi while being there had a better dynamic with Gai

hina is too ugly to fap to

How dare you

That's a huge stretch. Now Perona on the other hand, it's obvious who the parents are.

Sasuke and Sakura are both hot and their color scheme is good, I guess that's another reason they are so popular.

I suppose they wanted a more pretty boy to pairing Kakashi with, and they just found Iruka, and as Kakashi is very, very popular, the pairing got very popular too.

I've only seen that disgusting faggot who draws all his female characters as fucking cows pumping out unfappable doujinshi. He really needs to be shot in the head.

autism/jimmies status: still rustled

Now that they're married off it's even more obvious they repressed homosexual tendencies. Both of them longed for family and now that they have it they are spending more time on other things, or completely absent in Sasuke's case.

Maybe Naruto is bisexual but Sasuke is 100% asexual with an obsession for brother figures.

Sasuke loves Naruto more than he "loves" Sakura. Sakura also ranks below Sarada and Itachi.

It's truly bizarre. I'm guessing it's because Iruka was just a convenient place holder for someone to ship Kakashi with.

Ironically when NaruHina happened there was an influx of NaruSaku doujins, i guess it was their way of coping with a dead ship. I don't know why people even liked it to begin with.

Sakura is butt ugly both inside and out.

All this talk about NaruHina and I'm still depressed that Neji & Tenten never ended up together, he died for literally no reason and she did fuck all but it still would have been nice.

>take Hinata
>give her Sakucucks color scheme
I know Sakura is unappealing but this is just pathetic.

we also got quite a few vanilla NH doujinshi, most relevant case are those from Nanashi who mostly draws gore and other kind of fucked up stuff and yet published 2 of the most vanilla NH stories ever.

their autistic fidgeting is such a turn off though

The circus surrounding the ending of the series made all the autism and cancer seem worth it.

Kek, I like that guy. I love how he makes the girls into busty, curvy statues.

That doujin was some good stuff.

Ironically (to me) this is the best doujin of all his worf from the guy in terms of how triggered he is knowing his naruto waifu still wants Sasukes dick.

It's halarious, I truly didn't know if he was bashing sasusaku, sasuke or sakura in a meta way.

Naruto Uzumaki pairings are self insert seen cancer, and are all cringy.

see A vocal minority with a fetish doesn't represent popular opinion.

Sasuke x Mei is hotter than Naruto x Tsunade.

Sarada has been defiled by Narutard perverts, I'll never respect her/take her seriously as sasukes true daughter than to autist porn with her and naruto.

I remember this one, this was a funny doujin. Kinda turned me on seeing suckura get reversed fucked by Sasuke.

No it doesnt.

Salad is just a sexual being in general.

Sasusaku hentai is on the same level as Narusasu. It's a female catered pairing that is only for zero male media. Narusaku, NaruHina, and NaruTsu caters to the male part of hentai fandom and women. So Sasusaku still loses to it in quality porn to sell to both demographics

You have shit mob mentality tase.

It's always a blast when a long-running series ends and all the retards that supported one of the pairings that would never ever happen because there's a painfully obvious one set up go into autistic rage mode

Disgusting. She's a small female Sasuke appearance wise dude.

Sasuke didn't have those hips.