Cicadas appreciation thread

cicadas appreciation thread

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truly the most under-appreciated cast member of any slice of life anime

Love those little guys

every time I hear one in real life I feel 100% more comfy, without fault
it's so relaxing, I don't understand how some people don't like the sound

All bow down to the superior Hercules beetle

>A-user-kun.... I l-LOVE YOU!
>Eh? What was that?
>Oh... It was nothing

beetles are so cute! a common household pet.

What is the coolest bug?

I'm a big fan of flower mantis

>liking an eldritch bug

why don't we have a /bug/ board like 2chan?
And then, Shion appears behind you.

Not enough cicadas in yuro/burger


/an/ is good enough and what said
spiders get mentioned more than other bugs on all boards though


That's it, I'm starting a Cicada folder


this got saved from the foolz wipe

Which sounds better: American or Japanese cicadas?

scree screeeeeee




The fact that this thread received any replies whatsoever is testament to Sup Forums's lack of appreciation for irony.

We just like cicadas, that's all.

That's a cute bug

Screw these little bastards. One was on the ground last summer and I didn't see it as I was walking past. It literally jump up off the ground in front of me and buzzed louder than two bumble bees combined. Nearly tripped trying to back up.

PuT tHAt SHIT AWay user



They're also pretty tasty.