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>cutting salad with scissors
What the fuck?

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They're called kitchen shears dipshit

Wow, how pathetic. Of all the things you try to piggyback

But why? Kitchen shears only exist for opening bags and clipping the ends off of peas.

Ever heard of knives?

Won't someone stop her?

lol japanese

This anime upsets me

Wrong they're called Banned in Britain.

You need a cutting board to cut with knife.


So bring it?

Is someone going to explain why its not okay to cut a leaf with scissors instead of a knife?


I bet you break your spaghetti in half too, am I right?

You could have just said "Salad, the Fuck?"


Man this show is great for revealing all the anons who have both never camped and never cooked in their lives

>this kills the pizza


It reminds me that Mexican who set the place in fire while camping several days ago

*Blocks your path*

While at home,use a knife and a chopping board
While in outside,why not just use your hands?Scissors are stupid and they make you look like a retard

>cutting salad with scissors
Of course. I'm pretty skilled at cooking and i use scissors every days in my kitchen. Scissors are very useful in cooking.

ITT: we trigger the italians

Holy fuck people weren't kidding when they said millenials don't know how to cook.

I cut my spaghetti with kitchen shears.

Why is there wet dog food on a pizza?

Hey, if these are scissors then what is this used for?

Kitchen shears are more efficient knives require a cutting board which takes up a lot of space.

bottle opener

Nut cracker.

>what's "making food with tools"?

It's sausage. Delicious on a pizza.

Will there ever be a prequel show about her sister in the driving club?

Unless you are 40 you are a millennial too.

You gotta put your weiner in there

Cut my food into pieces
To save room for dessert

I've never seen anyone use scissors on salad either.

We use it for the shells of seafoods and to bone the chicken also.

The deli at the grocery store I go to uses the exact same black shears with the red dot hinge for quartering roast chickens into chicken breast/leg dinners. Pretty good deal actually, comes with fries, bbq sauce and coleslaw.

No idea what the metal teeth between the handles is for, they never used it as I watched.

Why bring a cutting board and a knife when you can bring perfectly good kitchen shears?

Why do you guys keep calling it salad?

opening bottles and jars

>bone the chicken
That sounds kind of lewd.

Cabbage. Salad. It's all the same thing.

No, its not.

Why choose when you can use both?

So this thread, basically, OP never use/know about kitchen shears.
>Millenia generation

woah... genius

Scissors is an essential in a decent kitchen.

Those pots and pans need lids.

Fuck, where can I buy one of these? It's so tiny and compact

get the fuck out of Sup Forums if you cant even make food properly you fucking casual Sup Forums scum.

Kitchen scissors are a must have in any household.
But I've got to admit I've never seen anyone using them to cut vegetables. Doesn't look practical.

I don't think Rin is for sale.


Unnecessary mats, overly complicated rolling pin, an expensive stand mixer you'll never use, and a .. rice bucket. Yeah, no.

And where's the kitchen scale? Are you gonna measure dry ingredients in a measuring cup like some kind of barbarian? No baking sheet or cooling rack either?

>Doesn't look practical.
To cut the romaine lettuce or Chinese cabbages it's perfect.

I own this

>Fuck, where can I buy one of these? It's so tiny and compact
That exact model was apparently sold out in Japan after that episode aired.


Looks like one of these but smaller.

That's a shame. Though I hope there's something quite similar

For chopping, it doesn't make sense.
But for something that needs to be arranged and uniformly cut in a tidy way, i.e: nabe hotpot, it is much better, since scissors are more accurate and faster.


I'm considering

May be more accurate whit this one.

Kitchen Shears are a retarded invention, fuck you. I'm gonna use a KNIFE like a person.

>No idea what the metal teeth between the handles is for, they never used it as I watched.
I use it to extract reluctant corks. I don't think they're for any single specific task, it's just grips.

>That's a shame. Though I hope there's something quite similar
I went and checked again, and apparently it was the anime-promition version that was sold out. You can still buy the basic model.


I have never managed to order stuff from Japan online. Last time I tried, they rejected my purchase without them understanding why themselves.

Use a proxy service


Any new transparent Rin's?

t. ameriburger


>It's so tiny and compact

Everytime i watch this anime i got hit with the



So tiny and compact

It's not that expensive though.

Rin is so tiny and compact. I could just pick her up and bring her anywhere.

everything is expensive if you dont have ajob

but im commited i will go camping this year and post it here


It's been said before, but Naobou's voice in this is so fucking good. I wouldn't mind if she sounded like this in every role.

Will you start a forest fire as well?

Where are the stitches?

Rin has great taste.

Thread theme

Seems like this is about right yes?

amazon.com/OUTON-Portable-Lightweight-Stainless-Backpacking/dp/B07336P2ZJ/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1518144375&sr=8-20&keywords=camping stove

They do work surprisingly well, albeit a folding knife that has a nice flat grind will be more useful outside of food in addition to cutting food too.

Not really. You can draw the knife across the food as you hold it up and it'll slice off.

Rin is portable

A 3-4 inch folding takes up less space than shears, and it doesn't need a board.



I'm just shocked they were metal. I've only seen plastic knives and shit in Japanese kitchens.

How i can find pic like this???

What is that part in the middle for? Walnuts? There are actual nutcrackers for that.