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Let's have a manga thread. What have you been reading, Sup Forums? Have you dropped anything?

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>Manga software developer Taizan unveiled his PaintsChainer automatic coloring software early last year and Twitter users and ANN's own artists in the forums had fun testing out the artificial intelligence software's capabilities. Since then, PaintsChainer has made some improvements, in fact the quality has improved so much that publisher Hakusensha is using it to create color versions of its manga.

>let's run our manga through a shitty coloring software and sell it

Just finished Crying Freeman. I found it disappointing; the protagonist was perfect, unbeatable and irresistible (and not in a good way). Given how abrupt the ending was, I'm not surprised if it got axed. The art was excellent.
Reading right now: something that I picked randomly from the latest AB freelech: Black Angels. Up to volume five and I'm really liking it so far. 80's as fuck.

>Black Angels

I think I ripped that from Manga Reborn years ago, only read the first couple chapters.

I am desperate to finish reading Hatsukoi Zombie but the English translations have stopped.

Is Shikabane Hime scanlated / translated somehow? I only find the first two volumes.

>Yen Press (13 Volumes - Ongoing; Digital)

Thanks. Do you think it will get translated on its entirety or will it be dropped soon?

Re-reading Mononoke Soushi.


currently reading Video Girl

Most of the series I'm reading right now are monthly and some of them were on hiatus either this month or last month. Just the other day I started reading Kobato and am a couple volumes into that. I've liked pretty much everything I've read by Clamp. Would be nice to get more original stuff by them if possible rather than more CCS and related stuff even though I definitely like those too. But they really should finish some stuff they have on hiatus or that they dropped.

I wish Witch Hat Atelier scans would catch up so I could read it monthly too. Even better if Kodansha would give it the simultaneous English release treatment like some of their other manga (like Ajin, which I'm also reading).

>Even better if Kodansha would give it the simultaneous English release treatment

The tradeoff is that you have to read Kodansha scripts, though. I never follow ongoing manga, backlog's big enough as it is without having to wait for more chapters.

Shinonome Yuuko and Shino-chan wa Jibun no Namae ga Ienai

Turns out a lot of the time if I find something I want to read that's finished it either doesn't have English scans or they're still way behind even though the manga is finished.

Such is life. Better get started on that moon.

I want to star reading this. Seems very nostalgic.

>muffled citypop in the distance


Apparently Kamui Den is finally being worked on, so I'll scan the next volume of that and maybe a GaoGaiGar anthology over the weekend.

this is great so far
hopefully they dont go too deep into misunderstandings

>mangadex's front page is nothing but old releases because they don't have Batoto's "mark as archive" function yet

Feels weird having to actually check for new releases after so many years.

> Kamui Den
Always wanted to read this. The art reminds me a bit of Lone Wolf & Cub.

I'm buying some anthologies next week by pic related as well.

Just picked up a twincest manga with a blatant trap fanservice that's been giving me confusing feelings. Only 10 chapters, so I'll see where it goes.

Just caught up on Innocent Rouge.

I think I read a chapter or two of this. The anatomy is fucked

That's fair, but I've been able to overlook it because of the prospect of incest.

are you literally my flatmate?

yes and I'd like you to quit jacking off so loudly and vocally on a weeknight. innocent is also real good but we can discuss that in the kitchen.

I can't remember the last time I actually updated my Mangaupdates list.

Hengoku no Schwester ended at 6 volumes, shame that there's not even one chapter translated.

Just read Jagaaaaaan.
What the fuck was that chapter 25 translation, who the fuck thought that was funny and why is every release after that fucking garbage translated by ESLs? I couldn't understand anything that went on.
Apart from that it's pretty neat.

I'm rereading Mahoromatic and it's not as good as I remember. I think the anime aged better despite the Gainax ending.

Listen with city pop

>Hengoku no Schwester
This looks great.

>see a new manga being posted everywhere on Sup Forums
>look it up on MU
>Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shounen

Welcome to your average reader. Mostly teenagers.

You think that's bad?
>see a new manga being posted everywhere on Sup Forums
>Genre: Isekai

>based on a light novel
>scanlated by LHT

Picked up Gakkou Gurashi last night and burned through it all, its a fun ride.

I read Toshiue no Hito. As usual with Amazume Ryuuta, it had great-looking girls and terrible writing: poorly plotted, desperate NTR bait,...
Very poor manga.

TBF if you tweak a bit you drop ~50% shittiness. Though it was quite shit to begin with.

there's nothing to read

Read Kyougaku Koukou no Genjitsu

Having the urge to re-read World Trigger again. Any one have viz volumes 16-18 saved? Please do share.

Should be in the archives, search "world trigger pastebin. If not then it's all on megukami.

Finally got around to reading Aku no Hana yesterday, I finished the whole thing in one night and it fucked my shit right up

Found volumes 16 and 17 but they're both already dead. Also, the ones in sekrit club are just mag versions.

It started off well, but unfortunately it's not kept up the early quality. It's pretty cliche and flat now, I hope the mangaka gets his head out his ass and salvages it.


Isn't it about time we get Dungeon Meshi update? Or is it another month ;_;

>tfw only read romance manga
I run out of shit to read so quickly.

It's My Life's crowdfunded anime adaptation reached its goal!