Darling in the Franxx

Why does everyone want this show to be a romance?

It's setting itself up as a romance.

In b4 floweranon

Hiro and 02 scenes are the best part of this show.

>Pretty girls
>Cute boys
>Loads of innuendo

>Why do people want a show that is setting itself up to be a romance want it to be a romance?

It already is.



So what about the other main characters

It'll be more about the romance than the mechs by the end of the series.

I thought we just want it to be good?

It is.

Because it is you fucking retard? Robots and shit are just a fucking backdrop for relationships and character to character interaction, the robots fighting monsters are just the icing on the cake

This is bait right? half of those are barely similar, while the shoe one and the face are not even similar at all. and the other half is things that eva already had ripped off other mech shows

>doggy-style piloting system
>sexual innuendos
>it's a used good
>had multiple partners before the MC
>MC wasn't his first pilot
>MC isnt's the first man to pilot his ass
>multiple male partners had already piloted his ass before the MC, including Mitsuru in episode 3.
>It acts as a 'sexually experienced' (slutty) girl.

please dont compare Darling to that garbage


>Why does everyone want this romance show to be a romance?

What did he mean by that?

Also cute couples

Because it's been too long since toradora.

Why is she wearing Misato's hat?

>not similar to eva
The rest don't have to be similar, it's to contrast how terrible FranXX's mecha are with that of well-done designs.

It's true.

He's right though

Can't get enough.

the cockpit isn't any more similar to eva than to any given random mecha cockpit design, but of course evafags wouldn't know that if they even think eva invented military hats like these

Sound like a bitter cuck to me.

>first episode screams eva
>this is just a coincidence
Ok, then.

proof just how screams eva then
not even close
>fortified city
standard mecha trope and not even similar
>council of shady guys who are in charge
same as above
>cockpit design
same as above
>mech with beast mode
same as above
>enemy monsters have to be killed by destroying a core
same as above
>mc seeing heroine naked
standard shonen trope

>But... I love Ichigo
Wonder how much Oniggers will shit up these threads if that kind of bullshit happens

He isn't though, 02 has never experienced a full sync rate with someone before. There's a reason she gives Hiro such a sultry look at the breakfast the day after.

Not to mention, if we're talking about romantic couples Hiro explicitly lays out she's always been alone. We also shouldn't confuse the fact that at the end of the day a metaphor is a metaphor is a metaphor.

>proof just how
I'm not going to argue with an ESL who can't even capitalize, sorry. And you have even less proof, you're just spouting. But in regards to your original point of originality: if Eva isn't original, then that makes FranXX even less original. FranXX is then shit when it's rehashing already rehashed imagery and elements from 2 decades ago. Not even worst watching going by your own argument.

Can't wait for that. Wonder how it would happen though because he shows zero interest

B-But I love this show

>Accuses me of being ESL because of a miss conjugation but types shit like this
>Not even worst watching going by your own argument.
Also no, the fact that what it rehashes it's older doesn't make it worse. Eva already rehashed things that were already rehashed before too. Also, i was never arguing about DitF being original or not, i'm just sick stupid evafags who haven't even watched iconic mecha from before 90's but are the first one to cry "ripoff".

Why's she so perfect, Ichibros?

>tfw your boy crush has perkier nipples than you do

Being Cuckona truly is suffering.


What do I do if I love her and 002

>how terrible FranXX's mecha are with that of well-done designs.
They have more or less the same amount of detail put into them. The Eva's design is just more intrincate. It's different, not better.

because this show appeals to faggots and faggots want it to be even more gay

Because it is a romance

>Heterosexual romance is gay
At least put some effort into your bait. Sup Forums used to have standards.

There can be only one

>on Sup Forums
>doesn't know the difference between being a gay faggot and a homosexual

really makes you think

She's cute

I haven't seen any gay shit so far besides these threads.


Hiro will die halfway through.

Why is she undressing herself

better question

who is going to win
dare i say
darling bowl?

The one that already has won.

The issue with this show is that Sup Forums was expecting some huge trainwreck and everyone is nit picking every detail but the show is actually just bland nothingness.

Franxx is really turning out to be a surprise. The storytelling and animation's filled with a lot of subtlety that's pretty surprising for anime recently, especially a mecha show from Trigger. Hopefully it keeps its momentum and degree of expertise for the whole course.

Yeah I'm really enjoying the symbolism so far.

You mean zero two

men arent supposed to have boobs

>i get aroused when my boinipples get sucked by a girl on top of me

I'm fucked up

Because I'm tired of shitty harem shows?

Nah, you are just a man of the culture.

Thanks man, really appreciate the kind words.

>meets girl, falls into cockpit, goes through shit, defies his superiors and confesses his love to the girl who agrees to always be with him

It's already qualified as subgenre: romance, shit most normal mecha anime needs at least 16 episodes to reach this point.

The real question is what happens next. Do they have the guts to progress beyond kissu? And when will the grimdark suffering set in again?

>hiro's locker number is number 4.
>implying hiro is the protag
>hiro is killed by APE or one of the p26 fuccbois about midway through
>002 wants to go all out berserk and throw her life away in revenge
>but can't because she's pregnant with Hiro's child
>Ichigo has to become the replacement leader and protagonist as 002 is super depressed
>We'll get to see a lot more lion form Strelizia, humanoid form only used in desperate situations piloted by one of the other boys at heavy cost to them

Or not. I sure hope not.

>Getting excited from his nipples
Pick one and only one.

Cocona will win.

So what's the theme behind all the innuendo and sexual metaphors?

t. brainlet

flowers are awesome

I know. I expected it to be about some bland Stu, but it's about a team of siblings, each heroic and distinctive in their own way. The writers really respect the world they've built, they don't just use it as a vehicle for wish fulfilment.
Also, teen DRAMA and complicated group dynamics, which I am always on board for.

There are no metaphors, there's just sex. Hiro and Zero Two explicitly would like some making fuck.

She will

Get in the fuckin Franxx, Darling.

She's gonna turn crazy and Hiro has to fight her with Ichigo right.

>Anime called Darling in the FanXX
>Darling dies halfway through the series
Yeah, no, it's not gonna happen.

How fucking new
Because the anime is about marriage. Think about the Jiān (鶼) bird monologues from episode 1 for example. A pair of such birds is dependent on each other and inseparable, and their way of living is a metaphor for the relationship between husband and wife.
And the main mecha, Strelitzia, is named after a genus of flowering plants that symbolise faithfulness in romantic relationships, love, and thoughtfulness, besides the 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple, freedom and the ability to travel (due to the flower’s resemblance to birds-of-paradise in flight), magnificence, excellence and success, joy through challenges and successes alike, and optimism towards the future.
Then there is the fact that the pilot suits resemble traditional Japanese wedding clothes. Speaking of which, there is official art with 002 wearing a white piugsuit just like the other girls. My theory is that she has a red one now because she hasn't been able to find a partner so far and will be granted a white one when Hiro becomes her official partner (i.e. they get "married").


I was lured in when people said this show is the new Valverave or the new Guilty Crown but so far it's not

>he fell for "It's like..." meme
You have only yourself to blame.

Jealous cunts and niggers.

Besides hungry hungry hippo and his partner, megane (male) and megane (female), the rest of them suck.

The main theme of this serie are relationships and what they can bring.
That theme is evoked through symbolism with the jian's bird and flowers.

What have you been smoking?

because it gives my heart an erection

‘morning darlings

If you want a more developped answer or examples that proves my point, there is a level 5 autist on youtube that makes 50 min long analysis of each episode where he spoonfeed the meaning of everything.

Further fuel for hot oni doujins


This show is proving once again how pink haired girls are best girls.

You wanna start some shit?

Ichigo please

24 hours left

Darling in the Franxx #06:
Script: Naotaka Hayashi
Storyboard: Akira Amemiya
Action SB: Hiroyuki Imaishi
Episode Director: Yoshihiro Miyajima Animation Director: Mai Yoneyama, Michelle Sugimoto
KA: Kazuki Ito, Shiori Miyazaki, Yusuke Yoshigaki, Youko Tanabe, Midori Nakamura Yuuto Kaneko, Asami Shimizu, Takafumi Hori, Kengo Saito, Aya Takafuji Kenta Yokoya, Hiroki Arai, Reio Itayama (?), Kawakami Yusuke Sachiko Yajima, Mayumi Nakamura, Masanobu Ishiyama, Kai Ikarashi, Tingmu Yang (Candybox)

Trigger episode (with better production value).

>with better production value

He's dead. Literally.

>lured in
>the new Guilty Crown
Are you a funny internet jokey troll-man?

What's the channel exactly?

What about this weeks episode?

Did he make a new video for the last episode?

because the mecha is meh and the interaction between Hiro and 02 has been the best part of every episode and the way she says darling makes my heart melt

It does have some subtle stuff if go and rewatch the episodes. Most of it is upfront and straightforward though.