What a hunk xx

What a hunk xx

>official art has his hips wider
>studio decides to draw him less feminine

>the one FGO chapter he appears in is widely considered one of the worst

You don't use "hunk" to describe a female.

And it was the right thing to do. Guys don't have wide hips, and Astolfo is a clear manly man with manly qualities, not some gay feminine trapshit.

Litterally this.

Post some

hey, good taste on Sup Forums. it's not every day you see that


>rider of black
so that's what they meant by this

God I wish I could be friends with Astolfo

After all the trap meme'ing, I was surprised to find out that Astolfo is actually the best bro you could ever hope for.

THIS is the trap everyone has been drawing like a feminine loli?
Fucking Shinji was more feminine.

This. I expected him to be a bad character but he turned out to be the best character in the entire show. I genuinely like Astolfo but my god the cancerous trapfags nearly ruined him. I hope you all faggots in denial will burn in hell

I don't see why you should get so mad about a fuckable bro?


what anime is this semen demon from

She's just pretending

>all that chicken scratch
that nip should comit sodoku

I dont watch fate shit but I watch Astolfo videos on youtube

Is the show worth it? I tried watching the very first fate shit but I got bored with it.

you might like it

so he have crooked teeth need to do a reality check

who is he based of the heroic spirit in what mythology or hero... and he was a trap. so the screaming what you macallit did in the bath room was over seeing a penis.

More like gay taste

Is that a fang or a lip deformity?


His legend is literally being bro stopping your bro going rampage by dressing as girl.