Dragon Ball Super

So how do you think 17 and Vegeta will bite the dust?


Reminder, you will be the shota sex slave of two sexy female saiyans.

3 - 0
Reminder this gokufags

>Blue kawaii vegeta exists to make vegeta equal to kaioken blue goku
>Blue vegeta defeated GoD Toppo
>Kefla as a SS1 is comparable to the spirit bomb
>The spirit bomb was goku's trump card and gave jiren more trouble than KKX20
SS2 Kefla > > spirit bomb > Goku Blue kaioken = Kawaii vegeta > GoD Toppo

Super is fucking horse shit might
as well not bring db back for this rushed up nonsense.

tfw only 6 weeks of dragon ball meme threads left

>implying toei's power scaling makes sense
wait for the manga paco del armadilho

Get out contrarian kun
Millions of people like it
You don't matter

Stop being such a faggot. Because GT is officially dead and non existent.

we have the manga. anime is just for memes and isnt canon

Thank god.

He knew them for less than 2 days.


kefla is not canon

>2 days
More than enough time for him to break up their dyke relationship with his SS cock.

No idea. I genuinely cannot see how Vegeta will just get knocked out after all the build up. I really thought he'd at least stay around to help Goku in the end.

Gohan ate Videls pussy in less than 2 days. Based Alpha Cabba can easily "tattoo" a pair of saiyan sisters.

>the narratives vegeta up to get his wish
>gets btfo and its goku saves the day again
OH NO NO NO hahahaha

Nice headcanon.

No one is saving the day for u7 here. They are doomed.

zamasu arc was the best thing from super

Just you wait till he gets completely humiliated by Vegeta

Thank god the manga is the polished and canon product that is directly supervised by Toriyama. Not to mention it actually follows Toriyama's outline unlike the anime who rather asspulls characters into spotlight or make antagonists way too strong only for them to fall in the most retarded ways.

based CHADren, please save us from the goku menace



Who gets humiliated by Vegeta? Vegeta?

user...Vegeta is getting ringed out.

Stay blessed fellow Toyochad.

It just hit me...
WHERE IS FIT BUU? They introduced a good Super Buu and we'll never see him again, holy hell

Nobody cares about your shitty fanfiction, Toyopedro.

Toei's idea making Trunks the hero of his own arc was brilliant. Fuck you

He will Bow to the Prince. It's has been foreshadowed for a while. Everyone bows eventually.

>finishing blow

>tfw Gokufag
Feels good


You know anime is trash when even Seth doesn't defend it anymore and makes a featuring with swagkage who is a fellow Toyochad.

>Watching Goku vs Oob
Why doesn’t Goku use Ultra Instinct?

Yeah no.

is this even english

he absorbed ultra instinct into his base.


Stay based user. Look at the Vegetamutt delusion in this thread, I can't believe retarded non-Gokufags are acting up like this when I told them from the start it would be Goku vs Jiren in the end.

Fuck off lizardcuck.

paco spotted

What's the consensus on this arc?

The fact that he's stalling Jiren is massive blow for Jiren's ego and a big mental triumph for Vegeta. He's come a long way.

t. Jewgeta

sadly this scene confirmed that UI goku is gonna mop the floor with jiren.


Where still here! R-r-right ch-ch-chadbros??


you're a retarded newfag that takes shitposting to heart.

No, kill yourself.

Jiren and Brianne kiss when?

>the arc that killed super
>kawaii vegeta
>le u7 vs everyone
>infinite stamina for u7
>jiren cuck who cant ring out anyone for shit
>dissapointing frieza the arc
>re-used animation the arc
>le virgin gohan tien piccolo krillin

You were a fucking retard to expect anything from Vegeta in the first place. I can't wait to shit on you third-world fucks next week. And the week after that. 2 weeks to shit on Muttgeta.

I remember when people thought that everyone here was going to be important

Shut the FUCK up

Did ToP kill super? I feel like it did.

Im Ok with that.

You're the guy I called out for being a newshit earlier, aren't you Vegetamutt?

Not even the super dragon balls could fix super at this point

I feel really bad for you Vegeta fans. This is the final fight of the series finale, and you honestly think Vegeta will get the final blow?

The absolute best case scenario for Vegeta fans is that he teams up with Goku to beat Mr. Alien, and even that seems unlikely after the amount of Vegeta service in the Toppo fight.

pretty meh
while it has some moments.. it became surprisingly boring at times

also. too much everyone vs U7


Toyofags who believe Tracertaro will do any better will be dissapointed

It did for me and I spent the last 2 years defending this shit saying it would get better.
A fucking die-hard fan like me couln't put up with this and I stopped watching after Hit got ringed out and they tried to push the Kefla meme.

Gokekfags and lizardcucks are fucking cancer for liking such awful characters.

Cute erasa

Keep crying Veggiecuck

In the end Kamen rider truly won the battle of the time slots...

>The fact that he's stalling Jiren is massive blow for Jiren's ego and a big mental triumph for Vegeta.

Cry more Toppo chode.

And I skipped many episodes before Goku vs Jiren.
The fatal flaw of this arc, let me tell you. They framed most of the damn arc in such a way it felt like filler, I'm only interested in Jiren episodes since the fucking opening and marketing and the damn characters basically confirmed since the beginning that Jiren was the only real threat, since no one took Toppo seriously and he was the 2nd strongest so fuck it all.
I can't really enjoy watching an arc that just feels like wasting time until they meet a quota of 10 episodes and Jiren moves again.

I agree the characterfag wars weren't this bad during black arc. Once ToP started it all went downhill from there and these threads became unbearable like they are now.

>nobody there seems to care about Kale transforming
>she could have taken out 90 percent of the competitors by herself

Are you retarded?

So why does Toriyama hate fusions so much? Is it because he hates how popular they are and regrest making them a thing?

>loses every fight to Buu
>loses to Beerus
>loses to copy Vegeta

>technically """loses""" to Buuhan although I'd argue that since he wanted to get absorbed on purpose its not a complete loss since he did blow him the fuck out the entire time
>arguably loses against Zamasu as he couldn't finish him in the new short retconned time limit. Didn't outright lose, but didn't secure the win either.

>shown to be in-fucking-sanely powerful but gets btfo in one of the most spectacular ways in all of DB and gets 0 eliminations.

In terms of canon, a fusion has literally never won even though they are always stupid strong. Is it just like a running gag/theme that fusions are destined to lose? In non-canon, Gogeta does absolutely win against Janemba, but """loses""" in simliar fashion as Vegito Blue in which he isn't able to finish it even though he was arguably stronger.

At least /myguy/ hasn't every been out right BTFO like Kefla. Holy fuck Kefla's elimination was embarassing.

Literally no one likes Toppo, retard. Keep crying Vegetacuck.

>actually thinking this suffering will end

I don't know if it died but it was never the same after 66

Is Cabba a meme to everyone but me?

It sure does friend

you mean 63. once zamasu became merged zamasu everything went into fanfiction territory

be grateful

Toriyama didn't make Kefla, shes a toei shoe horned character to sell toys.


Goku and Vegeta are both dogshit. Gohan is the best.

>You were supposed to get killed by Goku

Nice headcanon
Nobody buys kefla toys I hope

What's the deal with the U6 saiyans and their noodle arms?

Faggots were sucking his dick 3 weeks ago.

Does anybody remember, why did Cell and Trunks both go back to the main timeline? Cell's original timeline wasn't even the original because he got Trunks' information from when he fought Freeza on Earth. And given that Trunks went back in time in Cell's timeline, how did everybody die?

Toriyama can't draw for shit anymore.

It's a writing thing. Fusions are CANONICALLY OVERPOWERED. Yeah, it's an in-series thing that they are massively powerful and should win. So, it would be "boring" if they actually won since that's expected.
Just like Ultimate Gohan losing or SSJ2 Gohan getting fucked over, Dragon ball usually avoids the "Power up = instant win" meme that plagues many shonen like Bleach or Naruto.

Because they were about to die in 40 hours, user. People near death tend to be skinny.

No, but the main source of revenue for DB comes from gacha games, and Kefla's banner pushed Japanese Dokkan Battle to the most profitable app in the Play Store for a couple of days.
Pretty good card too.

What did he do 3 weeks ago?