Nanami is literally the main character of utena, she has 9 episodes devoted to her, utena has only 9...

nanami is literally the main character of utena, she has 9 episodes devoted to her, utena has only 9, but she's barely even in any of the other ones

nanami is the only character in the series to treat another selflessly (her egg) until the very end

I love... Nanami.

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>nanami is the only character in the series to treat another selflessly (her egg) until the very end
What about Utena and Anthy?

I recently finished Utena and I've been waiting for an opportunity to discuss it.
What do you guys think the end of the series meant for the characters that are not Utena and Anthy?
I don't think Wakaba would ever forget Utena.

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That whole being molested weekly deal must have affected her, somehow.

Honestly, I feel that all of the symbolism in the show just flew straight over my head. Though I only finished it a week ago and haven't seen Adolescence.

>This is what nanami shitters actually believes

She's still a cat murderer though. Shit girl.

Nanami is a CUTE

Nanami is my fave, but she definitely has flaws. I think it's really interesting tho how at her introduction, very briefly, Nanami is treated like a real threat - I hated her almost instantly due to her initial archetype. In a more standard shoujo school romance, the lead popular girl bully is a credible and immense antagonizing force. However over the course of the series, as the truly adult nature of the situation evolves & a far more developed, malicious and adult villain emerges, we can see by comparison how positively naive and petty something like a schoolgirl bully is by comparison. Really, Nanami comes out as one of the most innocent and in-over-her-head by the show's finale, and I think it's an interesting contrast between the ultimately meaningless and temporary stages of pubescent bickering and bullying, compared to the insidious and controlling manipulations of an adult on undeveloped children.

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>one of the most innocent and in-over-her-head by the show's finale

When they were all sitting around making BBQ and Nanami is bunched up in a ball because she can't take the suspense, then gets upset when Juri tells her story...I don't care how much of a Nanami hater you are, that moment had to make you synthesize with her.

Nanami episodes were really funny too, for the most part.
Also I can't believe Chu Chu fucking died in the egg episode.

He did? I don't remember that

Actual intelligent commentary on Sup Forums? 2018 is looking up.

It is implied that the original Chu Chu went somewhere off to die and his offspring hatched from the egg.
Anthy's face when he "returns", after having been away for a while is heartbreaking.

this is some pretty insightful analysis. it really makes me want to watch the show again. I remember the little side characters getting their turn in the Black Rose Saga, but Nanami's development was a lot more subtle, wasn't it? She also served as a cautionary tale of just how powerless the kids are at controlling their own fate. Like you said, in over her head.

where did you watch this? I didn't know it was streaming anywhere

At least Nanami was smart enough to figure out that Anthy and Akio were fucking. Way better than Utena.

I watched it on youtube back at the tail end of 2015, not hd or anything but "official." Nozome's just released the blu-rays in english, tho I haven't grabbed em yet, probably won't for a while. You can probably find it in varying quality on sites like Kissanime, but if you're concerned with legality just watch it subbed on youtube.

Utena's my favorite anime, but I'm always hesitant to recommend it because of how abbrasive it can be. I love how it plays with tropes, embraces surrealism both as a mode of analysis and also for pure humor, (honestly, the frequent gags and oddities help to keep it from being insufferably dense) but it's definitely a hard-sell to people who aren't looking for a kind of out-there anime experience. But since you've watched it before I'd definitely suggest giving it another go! I should rewatch it sometime soon desu, only ever been through once.

Huh, I completely missed that. I really should rewatch Utena.

I don't think I really "got" this show. I enjoyed much of it, parts of it very much, many of the characters were good, but I don't find it to be as revolutionary as people make it out to be.

Could someone throw me a bone?

It's about being yourself, and being yourself to the fullest, this is the only way you'll be able to change the world for the better.
Don't let images from your past, old memories and titles clog your path, go forward, letting go of everything that's holding you back, and being true to yourself at the same time.
I don't know why it's labeled as revolutionary but it's pretty good and has a strong message. I'd say you should watch it again and see what you take from it, as what I wrote is my own personal interpretation.
>inb4 someone calls me a retard that didn't get it

But that's a pretty common message isn't it? What did this show do different?

I don't know, it drived the point home better than most imo.
It's not like Utena simply stands from a chair on the last episode and loudly reads my last post for the audience, it's actually well made in the sense that it actually makes you think about what happened, how you feel about that and how that reflects on your own life experience, making the delivery much stronger.
I have no idea if it had some meaningful impact on the industry or something like that, with the whole gender thing it covered.

Nanami poster here. I need some sleep but just a quick thought - I think it's pretty interesting how Utena has some very strong feminist and critical (as in critical theory) elements to it, by tearing into and manipulating various structures - both genre/narrative structures common of the shoujo genre, and most abstract real world "structures" such as adulthood, femininity, gender, school, centralized authority, etc - but at the same time is far from deterministic, and doesn't make the characters pure victims. It's unwilling to portray one side as fully victim or fully villain, though the broader scales are definitely tipped. (Akio and all he represents are clearly something that need to be thrown off of Anthy and all she represents)

I think the end of the film especially is trying to communicate something about the need for brave/radical critique and escape from the narrow lens we're often presented to view the world. After Utena and Anthy have fully escaped the academy and Akio, we're presented with a vast unknowable wasteland of twisted branches and endless horizon. There is more out there than can possibly be known from whatever position or perspective you're currently bogged down in - who knows what's out there, it might not even be remotely comfortable, but true freedom lies in breaking out of your current shell of complacency and finding out - but not alone.

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Good post.
Tear down the barrier you built around yourself, then break away from the barrier society built around you, and you'll be able to attain freedom, the power to bring revolution to the world.

I am always amused at how Nanami in just one night realizes Anthy and her brother are a pair of disgusting degenerates, when Utena in many, and even while Nanami tries to tell her without actually being able to say it, takes forever to notice

Takes one to know one.