Draw thread

Give me something to do a quick sketch of. Maybe if I like it I'll come back and color it.

There's a whole board for deviantart shit. Fuck off there.

Just thought you guys could throw out some ideas...

is this good?

What is it?

Requesting Moja Moja doing some tricks

>trash our
cant you fags stay in your containment thread

Do you got a place where we can see your stuff?

Not really. I just send my stuff to friends and such. I haven't set up a deviant art yet

Oh i see. If you're taking requests still, can i have something cute with this daughteru?

It'd be really rad if you could draw 002 in a bikini, thanks!

It'd be cool if you could draw the girl in red doing something ping pong-y, or in general.

her name is Dog

What kind of bikini and what kind of pose?
Her name is Dog? I looked up the series, can't find a girl named dog.

Let's say a red triangle one like what Mordred is wearing here, and maybe the same pose? If you want me to post more reference pictures of 002's front I can find some

*same kind of pose, like hands on hip facing viewer would be pretty nice

Ah. Funny, I waz considering putting her in that striped saber bikini I keep seeing everywhere. Pic related (not mine obviously)

Helps if I post the damn pic lol

yeah Nero's bikini is good too! It's really a situation where you can't go wrong, in my opinion

Working on it. This show must be pretty popular. I posted a draw thread on the Mecha board as well (that's usually my hangout spot) and got a request for the robot.

Yeah it's pretty popular, generally an enjoyable show in my opinion. Not surprising that it'd be popping up in the mecha board, since I think it's the only mecha show this season.

Pose down

Nice! Looks really good!

Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru's Sakura Hibiki in an eating competition with Kengan Asura's Tokita Ohma along with Japanese speed-eating champion Takeru Kobayashi with the teen girl handily winning

Mikasa on the toilet please.

*sees her in heels*
*heavy breathing*
I love drawing heels ^_^. Still working on it. I messed something up but it's still coming along

Take your time! The pose looked really good, so I'm certain it'll be a really great work! You should add heels if you'd like that, it'd even fit considering 002 wears heels!

That said, I kinda wonder if heels (like pictured) without the actual heel part are even possible, or reasonable...

Yes, but all the weight is going to the front of the foot. So it's like walking on tip toes.
I'm mostly done. I gotta do cleanup. Did a quick color and shade on her. Also, by heels I meant sabers heels.

I figured as much, I just was posting something out of fear the thread would die lol

Finishing up. Decided to do a simple as hell background as well. Still could use some more cleanup but it will do the job. Don't get too excited, haha. I wouldn't go as far as call her fap-worthy ^_^

Well, fapping wasn't the aim for me, and I'll be excited nonetheless.

"Finished" Not satisfied, but what do you think?

I like it! You did a really good job with the hands, which is what I notice a lot of people struggle with. I like the lollipop in the sand as a touch, it's a cool little detail. The only thing I'd point out is the left buttcheek might need a little retouch, but it's a really good drawing and I like it a lot

Well thanks. Yeah I messed with that cheek quite a bit. I'll probably go clean her up again eventually.

Hopefully I'll get to see the updated version if you release it. Do you have a site you post things on?

I have a deviant art set up under MisterSouji. There's nothing on there yet, bit there will be in the next 24 hours. Instagram crops too much shit.