Why is there such a big difference in production values between UBW and Fate/Zero? The artstyle in UBW looks subpar (rhinoface) and even the directing was bad.

Hopefully HF is better than UBW

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This shitpost is way too sophisticated for Fatefags.

>Hopefully HF is better than UBW
HF have been the best in Fate so far. God bless ufo

When will the BDs come out

May 9th

it's a pretty common joke for fatefags

>Implying HF is any better where she looks like Kirei with a wig
Why the fuck do they keep fucking up Rin's design, she's not exactly the most complex design...
Just copy the literal perfection of the vn sprite you fucking retards

The Fate/zero design was already good

Fate/zero is actually well written and has compelling protagonists. Shirou and Rin suck in comparison.

>Saber in Victorian clothing
Is this a design from Fate/Grand Order? I'd be depressed too if I were stuck in that game.

Rhinoface was great

>actually well written
Yeah, everyone knows that Urobuchi is a talented author with many great works behind him!
read a book

HF looks really fucking good and the animation blows both UBW and Zero out of the water. Watching it on the cinema was a blast, well worth the 1 hour drive.


>Fatefanboys are so deep in denial they see this as trolling
It's just fucking slap-in-the-face obvious. UBW was a dull, unmemorable anime, precisely because they strove to mimic the VNs as much as possible. Shirou's character development, while complex and thoughtful, ultimately simply isn't all that interesting. Kiritsugu is Shirou done right, without the shounen asspulls and pandering. "Mentally disfunctional" is very hard to pull off as a lead character, and Nasu simply didn't do it well with Shirou. UBW anime should have retooled the story to make it better. The highschool should have been blown up and done away with in episode 5.

Rhino was dogshit user, she doesn't deserves the good art which is reserved for Sakura.


Fate/zero only existed as the LN, so they had to go all out for it's first appearance to the majority of people.
UBW has the VN, which is a more casual friendly form of reading than LN, and it has a movie as well. There wasn't as much pressure to make it perfect.


Say what you want about Rin's UBW design, but UBW undeniably has better production values. The animation is much better than Zero's.

>"Mentally dysfunctional" is very hard to pull off as a lead character
maybe if you're a hack like nasu

>UBW undeniably has better production values. The animation is much better than Zero's.
What are you smoking?

I never got this. Can someone give me an example?

>Hasnt watch HF yet

You're not allowed to have an opinion

It's an edit from Violet Evergarden.

>read a book
which one

It's a meme made by wormfags


Someone fix this image and give her a proper ahoge, this is such an old image and no one bothered to fix it, it triggers me to no end.

I don't know. It doesn't really bother me.

Those noses. Damn.

I seriously considered dropping it at episode 1.

There was a artstyle change between UBW and F/Z

That's a picture from Violet Evergarden.

I realize that. But OP also mentioned UBW and noses.

I don't see the difference. Is it that one's curved and one's not? They both look terribly simplistic.

I think the complaint is that the chin isn't as curved in UBW as in Zero. But the people who do it must be extremely picky, yet, they probably watch Extra and Apocrypha.

cani too have some weed

Violet-chan is the most beautiful saberface in recent times.

t.guy who never read a book
t.guy part of the retarded hivemind of this board
t.guy who has no idea what good writing is

Does Saya count



F/Z has half the amount of uploads on Sakugabooru compared to UBW, and the latter has more highly-rate cuts too. Ufotable had the same main animators for the action scenes during both shows, but the team did more worked and pushed themselves harder for UBW.

What's wrong with Extra?


UBW is the shittist fate

>using the number of uploads as a metric for quality

Since when did quantity = quality?

Probably nothing for most people. For me it feels incomplete in the style department. It's not my kind of style but at least Extra anime is entertaining enough, even though it has the same feel as bakemonogatari in animation.
I know it is Shaft making extra.

Maybe the episodes had different art directors. Kyoani made Fumoffu yet it doesn't even remotely look like K-on. Tengen Toppa also had different art directors and you could easily tell when it happened, like going from episode 3 to episode 4 where they introduced Kittan and his sisters.

>Hopefully HF is better than UBW
far better, you won't be disappointed

That's why I mentioned the rating as well.

But isn't rating quantitized as well? I'd rather want comparisons to look at, not on quantitized ratings.

>Dumb secondary thinking he gets to have an opinion
Kill yourself promptly

Honestly, having the same team of good animators do more work should already count for being a better production unless they're spread so thin which wasn't the case for UBW. That aside, have some comparisons of the main animators' best works from both shows then.


Nozomu Abe's usual dense effects animation style has remained similar for both shows, but he animated more scenes in UBW so that's an improvement.

The real change comes from Ufo's in-house animators.


Masayuki Kunihiro really stepped up his game in UBW, adopting a more exaggerated and loose style of drawings which made his action look more exciting.


We don't have as many confirmed scenes for Mitsuru Obunai in either show, but the ones in UBW are pretty good and he animated part of the final battle for both.

Yeah I have to agree. I prefered F/Z's approach to faces. The UBW rhinofaces don't bother me THAT much, but I do notice it from time to time.

>50 hour long VN is more casual friendly than a light novel
>light novel

Because it has a different character designer and a different director

This is the most retarded dodge I've seen all day. That's not what "quantity vs quality" means you pedantic shit. Go tell a teacher or a prof that you should pass with a failing grade because quantity isn't quality, and see how far that gets you.

Then that's an issue of character design preference, not production values.

But that's what is really wrong with the education system. People are judged by quantitized ratings.

But there are things like bad preference and good preference. Someone might prefer a literal kids drawing but that doesn't mean it's not bad.

Another dumb-as-shit deflection. No, the problem with the education system is that it produces retards like you. "Quantity" in the sense of "quantity vs quality" is not the same as "quantity" in the absolute mathematical sense and you'd know that if you had more than two neurons to rub together.

And 50 hours is only if you're trying to blast through it. To get 100% completion, it should take at least 80 hours.

At least rhino rin still has top tier ZRs

>To get 100% completion, it should take at least 80 hours.
If you're too dumb to use the skip function, maybe.

isn't that Violet Evergarden?

No. It's seiba

>it's a sakurafag thread

Sup Forums is Sakurafag territory, after all.

Because Miura is a fucking hack that ruined knk6




That's not canon, though.


>Thats not canon

Sakurafags everyone

Sakurafags, the patricians of Type Moon fans, yes. As of 2007, Sakura officially became a virgin who drinks blood for mana.


t. rhinocuck

9gag better than UBW? This must be FGO's fault!!!

Not him, but I'm about to start reading Book IV of the Red Rising series. Can't recommend the first three enough.

Not exactly "high" literature, but damn entertaining nonetheless.

>he doesn't know
poor kek

Zero had less budget.