Evangelion is not an intelligent anime

Evangelion is not an intelligent anime.

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Just to be clear, I’m not a professional ‘quote maker’. I’m just an atheist teenager who greatly values his intelligence and scientific fact over any silly fiction book written 3,500 years ago. This being said, I am open to any and all criticism.

‘In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.’

Lain is much worse at being pseudo-intellectual than Eva.

Sorry dumb newfag, the IP count went up went up.

hmm, compelling argument, OP.

Lain follows through on its themes. only brainlets who got bored halfway through the first episode think it's 2 deep 4 u.

The fact that you interpreted that as an argument is a pretty accurate reflection of your stupidity. I was just stating a fact.

“Intelligent” anime is just a synonym for being boring. EVA was fun while having depth, that’s why it’s always talked about.

>“Intelligent” anime is just a synonym for being boring
t. retard

>Shinsekai York

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Shinsekai Yori is fascist garbage, no idea what people see in it


Hey Shinji this what it looks like when a REAL man pilots a robot

Just becuase something may or may not be intelligent doesn’t mean it may or may not be good

Oh Sup Forums, you never cease to make me laugh.


>intelligent anime: hipster trash I know about and you don't

Wrong OP this is a true intelligent anime.

This is almost as bad as the rick and morty fanbase. But sure, keep pretending your Chinese cartoons are deep and profound.


This guy gets it

Eva is leagues above the rest and Texhnolyze is literally unwatchable.

Also what's the cat shit?

To be honest, all of these are entry level DEEP anime save for Night on the Galactic Railroad. And he probably learned about the last one from some rec thread too.

Note what this user's doing: he's not calling those anime unintelligent or not deep. He's specifically referencing their popularity to virtue signal.

It's not their fault you're too stupid to understand them beyond a superficial level. Trust a Sup Forums crossboarder to be this retarded.

>Eva is leagues above the rest and Texhnolyze is literally unwatchable.
That's one way of admitting you're a complete dumbshit.

EVA is a postmodern mockery of zen philosophy. Only a retarded westerner or a swine of a Jap would consider it anything but an insult. Of course, that's why it's popular. It fits in the same trash can as Bleach and Naruto.

Chart creator here, the ones I've actually seen are Night on the Galactic Railroad, Shinsekai, Magnetic Rose, Boogiepop and Millennium Actress.

Just want to say you're retarded for unironically using the term "entry level DEEP anime".

>the ones I've actually seen
Wait, why the fuck you'd make a chart using anime you have no real knowledge of?

>Angel's Egg

Hurrr muh christiam symbolism

>haven't seen Utena and Princess Tutu
>thinks he can pretend to be sophisticated on Sup Forums
Get lost, retard

>muh christiam symbolism
It's much worse than that. It's faux Christian symbolism. Literally ravings of a mentally unstable guy, throwing things that seem profound onto the screen without meaning.


Yes, good job swallowing the bait.

That said it's still partially true. Those anime I'd seen are all better than Evangelion.
Likewise to you.

Lain and Boogiepop, intelligent?

>4:3 ratio
>*Heavily distorted distant traffic noises as ambiance*
>*extended silence*
>Washed out, water-colored, pre-digital kuso backgrounds
>"I wonder... If I... Should even exist..."
>Episode ends
>Japanese Radiohead Knock-off band used for the ED

>4:3 ratio
You sure didn't waste any time confirming your stupidity here.

>Adaptions of LNs written for 14-year-olds
>"Actual Intelligent Anime."

The only good anime ever is Magnetic Rose. I'm honestly surprised no one did a Hollywood version (yet).

You need a trip so that uncultured people could recognize your wonderful posts more easily.

>Japanese Radiohead Knock-off band used for the ED
Complaining about aspect ratio is silly, but you made me chuckle

There's no such thing as "intelligent" anime it's all just dumb cartoons

Squealer did nothing wrong!
>except lose

Actually, you're just too dumb to appreciate anything remotely complex.

>EVA is a postmodern mockery of zen philosophy.


what the fuck are you on about? it's 100% freudian psychoanalysis and none of your meme garbage

>it's 100% freudian psychoanalysis
Got your fedora on straight?

>Japanese Radiohead Knock-off band used for the ED
so does this mean Ergo Proxy is intelligent

do you have an argument to make or are you going to make comments about hats?

Utena and Evangelion are my two favorite animes.

I haven't watched it and I can guarantee it's about Herman Hesse.

What the fuck even constitutes as an 'intelligent anime'?

Yes, Anno made Eva with only western background and philosophy in mind. He didn't approach the subject with a loaded 150 years old Zen discourse that evolved, squaring against Heidegger and other 20th century writers, as Japs modernized it to fit the modern world. Without this context, you're not understanding Eva, nor do you know what you're on about. Evangelion as you perceive it is a big circlejerk of western fans over the western-like postmodern coda that capped an otherwise Japanese series.

Let me tell you a thing, kiddo - Freud, just like Christian symbolism in Eva, is a meme.

Anime you need to have a pretty high IQ to understand.

>What the fuck even constitutes as an 'intelligent anime'?

Anything that lets me to masturbate to lesbian bears while basking on surrealist metaphors.

Why argue with with a retard who thinks he's a lot smarter than he is?

Very pseudointellectual response. Where do you think the religious imagery comes from? The violent and sexual themes? Also, psychoanalysis developed by jung was influenced by eastern philosophy so there is some overlap.
Proven pseudointellectual

Evafags BTFO.

>He thinks he knows intelligent anime
Post one intelligent anime to prove yourself anons!

I've yet to understand why Lain is so high rated on MAL. It was interesting, but it was SO fucking boring, I've never seen such a slow paced show, even naruto was faster paced.


>cross explosions are DEEP
Really made me think

The genius of Evangelion is that it has tons of layers of possible meaning. And it's not easy to tell whether those layers are just nonsense because they all relate to the same archetypical psychological themes that Anno thought out while having therapy and reading Judeo-Christian mythology.

But most of the interpretations that people make are just nonsense.

Then you must not be an intelligent person.


You are an idiot.

Ecchi anime is the most intelligent and high calibre anime. And everyone knows this correct that's why it's so underrated now even among newcomers.


You don't have to be a Christian to read Christian mythology. Which Hideki Anno clearly did since he makes tons of specific references to Christninity, Judaism and Gnosticism.

What's the anime at the bottom left? The one under Lain?

My Revolutionary Chico no Pico.

Yes, because the staff thought they looked cool. You're an idiot for thinking there were layers of meaning.

Imagine being this much of a fanboy, to think every little detail in it is deep and meaningful. Eva fags are really contemptible.

>people don't know Kaworu was based on Ikuhara, the director of Utena

death of the author, dude
meaning is defined by what the public perceives in the work

Imagine sitting and writing your post, off yourself friend but first tell me what the anime in the bottom right corner is

Except that it is brainlet

Yes, you perceived a bunch of random religious symbols the animators thought looked cool as something deep and meaningful. In other words, you're retarded.

You must be trolling at this point. It's literally written on the picture.

You didn't read what I wrote, either that or your reading IQ must be extremely low.

Either way Eva makes rather specific references to Christian mythology in the dialogue itself. So clearly they incorporated those elements into the story itself. This is not up for debate, it's a plain fact.

and once again, this was done because the writers & animators thought they were cool. Just because you were stupid enough to misinterpret their intentions doesn't make the references meaningful in any way.

Alas, you're just going to keep digging yourself deeper and deeper. Such is the nature of desperate retards like you.

>because the places it's shoehorned in aren't completely nonsensical it obviously have deep meaning
Or maybe Anno isn't a complete retard and put it all in aestetically pleasing places.

Oh you mean that eva fanfiction?

"Death of the author" means that a work may be interpreted without regard to the author's intent. An author may consciously describe their own work in one way, but in reality they are just giving convenient answers to fools who couldn't think for themselves. Whether or not Anno and his team truly "understood" the Jungian, or Christian, or Eastern philosophical symbolism is irrelevant. They are there and intelligible to most audiences.

It's more retarded that someone would expect their cartoons to be psychoanalytic and philosophical. Really. You aren't doing this for the test of your own boundaries. You're doing it to suck yourself off in front of other nerds to some how feel superior.

There is a thing that's literally called Spear of Longinus that's used to pierce a god-like being that eventually resurrects and brings down the "salvation" of all of mankind.

If you cannot actually manage to spot such blatant mythological references you would have come to terms with being unable to make any literary interpretations, and being a brainlet, forever.

It was chosen because it fit with the themes of the show, not because they wanted you to infer Christian meaning.

It's like when you go out picking up chicks (I know you don't, but bear with me) and say "this is a conquest" You're not making a reference to the crusades, you're just dressing what you're actually doing in an exaggerated, mythological aestetic because it sounds cooler.

seems like someone just can't get their heads around people understanding and interpreting things differently, brainlet boy

Its look at depression and loneliness is half-baked though. Also the ending is pretty unsatisfying.

>thinks conquest only refers to the crusades

Confirmed for brain-dead.

>You're doing it to suck yourself off in front of other nerds to some how feel superior.
>It's more retarded that someone would expect their cartoons to be psychoanalytic and philosophical.
But not this

>They are there
Yes, because the staff thought they looked cool.

Nothing funnier than a delusional fanboy trying desperately to justify his misinterpretation.

>likes to compare his own romantic endeavors with Christian conquerors who raped and pillaged their way to the holy land

Freud would have a field day with you.

>thinks conquest only refers to the crusades
How did you infer that? Is that the best insult you could come up with?

By your logic, Glasslip could be interpreted as an allegory for Buddhism or something.
The guys who made Evangelion used christian references because they looked cool, and it resulted in idiots like yourself believing it to be some kind of deep, meaningful imagery. Sorry, but you're a moron, it's literally that simple.

It's literally just Anno looking at his own depression and loneliness. It's anything but half-baked.

I don't listen to jews. Crusaders did nothing wrong.

It wasn't an insult. It's literally what was written.

>It's like when you go out picking up chicks (I know you don't, but bear with me) and say "this is a conquest" You're not making a reference to the crusades

>Crusaders did nothing wrong.

You really are quite the idiot, aren't you?

Tits n ass, or man to man phallic imagery with stern tears. Sry no homo

I was talking about Lain.

You do realize that's a meme? Those were excommunicated, excrusaders.