When will Sup Forums admit that Goro Akechi is a good boi who dindu nuffin?

When will Sup Forums admit that Goro Akechi is a good boi who dindu nuffin?

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>only interesting character

Feels bad user, feels bad.

He was a terrible villain that literally telegraphed he was hiding shit and being shady as fuck, he really didn't need a sob story and a pointless sacrifice to justify and redeem him from his crimes. Almost guaranteed that he's alive and will appear in the next P5 spinoff.

>insufferable cat faggot comes back to life
>best boy stays dead

Your lies and negativity aren't welcome here, user.

Oh goy the ol boy done nothing wrong

All the adults were in the wrong. Fuck them.

fucking shitty adults, I hate them

(Persona 5 is honestly terrible.)

Man, the game really loved to repeat and hammer the idea that adults are shitty, corrupt, or simply incompetent to the point of being enablers of bad things. And because we can't have a teenager being a horrible being by himself, pancakes boy had to be the byproduct of the actions of a shitty adult rather than being a dick on his own.

didnt he kill haru's dad?

Reminder that Persona 5 was mediocre.

He murdered hundreds of innocent people

yeah but the gameplay, aesthetic and music made it fun

The Combat got repetitive fast. At least outside of boss battles.

We didn't actually see his death so I'm 100% expecting him to come back at some point.

I would rather have a Raidou Kuzunoha anime. That shit's comfy as fuck and the setting bleeds style and old school coolness.

>revealed after his death that he was the complete opposite of the protagonist
>meaning he was also a wild card who could utilize multiple Persona's.
>only reveals one other Persona during your fight against him and only uses Loki during said fight

I found it engaging, because I would always play to knock them down so I could get money or recruit them

also mothman a cute

I remember that roughly around midgame, random encounters become all about spamming swift strike with MC and ryuji to one turn kill anything that's not resistant to physical. Shit's overpowered as fuck.

The only villains in P5 who made me feel anything were Kamoshida and the guy who came after him.

Kamoshida is the first video game villain in a very, very long time to give me the emotion of "YOU'RE GOING DOWN, MOTHERFUCKER". And he was only the first boss.

Persona 5 Crimson
magically comes back alive in the remake
this will happen

yeah I had the same sort of experience even on harder difficulties
I guess I didnt feel it was that bad doing the palace in one go and fighting different kinds of enemies as you progress

Hard mode was fun up until I advanced Mishima's link for boosted XP. If you've playing on normal, it must totally ruin the game.

I don't really have high hopes for the anime but I hope it at least adds some new scenes of the main cast actually hanging out as friends and gives Joker a personality like they did with Yu in 4's anime. Also more of that sweet sweet soundtrack.

>save your friends' lives
>they beat you up because you didn't die
Phantom Thieves are assholes.

Hey, no hating on Sojibro.