Going to MAL once

>going to MAL once
>never again

jesus christ

Rot in hell, pedophile.

go back there retard

TL:DR. I guess it's some shit and is that why people here hate MAL? Because of stupid reviews and stuff?

this is the top upvoted review on the page for the show

t. closet fag

Sup Forums may be shit but other sites are just


Letting anime get popular in the west was the worst thing to happen to anime.
Now we have to listen retards put their shitty opinions forward. Well at least komeiji is over there and not here.

did you know that loli porn (outside of Sup Forums but whoe the fuck uses Sup Forums) is banned here too

Shhh, don't let the newfags know, it's an easy way to weed them out

Get your 3DPD roast out of here, fucktard.

Why is this a surprise? I'm surprised it wasn't already banned.

Were you trying to say how it's similar to reddit, but also pointed out how it's not similar. What point were you trying to make?

The criticism is valid though.


>Sup Forums may be shit but at least Sup Forums doesn't ban loli porn like reddit
how can't you understand my point?

>"it's creepy" counts as criticism now

Does MAL still have a bias against slice of life anime or has that faded?

No, you should go back and stay there, retard.

MAL has some good reviews right below that fucker. You just cherrypicked an especially bad popular review.

whats mal anyway?

whats the big deal
it looks just like imdb but for anime

Stop typing like an idiot.

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Really? I only use it to keep my anime in check.I never really checked how much people use it for writing shit.