Is Evangelion ever going to be bested?

Is Evangelion ever going to be bested?

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Madoka bested it

yes, in this season, by Darling in the Franxx, and no, I haven't watched more than 2 episodes of the garbage that eva is and I know I don't have to because it's shit


You think if Madoka had a different style to it , it would be held at the same level as Eva more often ?

What do you mean? It as literally the Evangelion of the generation.



Halo Legends is better than Evangelion

>Sgt Ghost>Shinji Ikari

Marine 4: I don't believe it.
Marine 3: Oh my God. It's the prototype suit. But who the hell's driving it?
Ghost (COM): Ghost to Hades Corps. Fall back immediately. Ignore the Covenant. I'll hold them off. Nobody's dying here.

ONI Commander (COM): Can you hear me, Sergeant?! What do you think you're doing?! Your orders are to destroy the suit and all related data! You are disobeying direct orders!
Ghost: No sir, I am following my orders.
ONI Commander (COM): Explain yourself!
Ghost: I have destroyed all the data, and I am using the time left on this suit to safely evac my people.
ONI Commander (COM): Wait, Sergeant! Ghost! Listen to me!

"I lost my entire platoon that day. Every one of my men. And that's when it happened. That's when I truly became a ghost. Just a shadow. Surrounded by death

I made up my mind that day. The night I let my platoon die. I looked up at those moons and something died inside me. A conscience is something that gets in the way. That's all a soul is. An obstacle. Something to overcome. I can't atone for failing to protect them."

Eva soyboys pls

Madoka lacks deepness and symbolism, is just urobuchi grimdark hack writing

Didn't Madoka do a Eoe by making Homura the Devil?

I don't even watched it
We are in the 10s, granpa

It hasn't yet.

Madoka is eva for people too stupid to understand eva, and you dont even have to be particularly smart to get eva in the first place

Only ironic weebs say this.

Eva isn't deep, Made in Abyss is.

Neither are more symbolic than Mudazumo (a.k.a. the Koizumi manga/anime). Not only there are symbols on the mahjong tiles, there's also symbolic hyperboles too.

Doesn't matter, its cringy as fuck saying that as a form of criticism why a certain anime can't be good.

It already was

>Made in Abyss
I see what you did there.

No, jesus, you can't be evangelion


The next Madoka movie will make or break its status as an all-time classic series. They're definitely at a crossroads, and they could fuck it up or make it brilliant.

Is that why its taking so long to make?

>Chilling in her tube
>Getting dicked by Gendo
>Slapping bakas

She's got a decent social life.

K-On!! bested it

Last movie already did that.
But the next movie will more then likely bomb even harder because they don't have another toku series to rip off.

made in abyss is a series for pedophiles and piss fetishists

So it was specifically made for Sup Forums posters?

Death Note is deeper than Eva

Naruto is deeper than Eva

pretty much. if the series didn't have such blatant fetish shit I would consider it a good manga.

I mean, that was cool, but totally corny.

Why so many people hate Evangelion?Or is just a meme o they really are stupids.


I don't hate it, but its fanbase is really annoying.

Yeah, it makes sense, the stupid waifu war was one of the reason why I did not want to see it for a long time.

If you ever lurked Eva threads, alot of it is arguing which damaged goods would make the best wife for 500 posts per thread. Then they come into other threads to shove their Asuka vs Rei shit in it, their excuse is always "Sup Forums was created by an Asukafag! Deal with it!"

Not being able to connect with something that everyone praises makes them feel inferior and insecure, so they form hate circle jerks with others to make themselves feel better. Same reason all popular and acclaimed things have dedicated hatedoms. Evangelion is just the most conistently popular and acclaimed thing within anime fandom.