Is Popuko beautiful?

Is Popuko beautiful?

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not really

Well, it depends on Character Voice.

ugly shit

I love her


I only watch the male half



I like pop team epic :)

she's perfect


Popuko is the cutest!

now that's what I call "a faggot"
not because you only watch the male half, but because you only watch a half

every time the opening plays, I cum

Not cute either.

thanks user

Say that to my face you Fucker!

Cute popuko is cute!


Ugliest girl of the season

Pipimi best girl.



I want Popuko to wear bikiniiiii!!!!!!!!!

Unironically terrible manga/anime

Where's the porn?
Fuck you

i'd hit it

I'm surprised there's no stuff like this on youtube outside of asdfmovie.


I want to make sweet love with Popuko

can someone post that "unchallenged" picture. where they're talking down to someone saying "unchallenged" and something else.


Don't forget to kill yourself user.





>Popuko will never solely protectyou out of love
I want to eat sweet potatoes with her. It's not fair

I'd pop it


She’s garbage just like the show

Ugly shit.

Guys watched the episode today, holy shit.

>mfw it's just Yuu Kobayashi doing as many voices as she can in 12 minutes

I'm sure some people want this to happen.
I want them to say "Happy 15th anniversary!" out of the blue and never say what it is.

Better than the horseface

Why are you spoonfeeding? The unsophisticated ones are you.

S-sorry, user-senpai!

Honestly this was the worst "joke" on the show yet.

Is this like umaru where they are normal sized girls then turn into potatoes? Or is everyone around them.potatoes too?

Is she at least butifel Melike tier?

she'a a spicy girl

No, they were born potatoes and stay potatoes

This show is basically an extended youtube poop, what are you talking about


am i the only one who hates that mouth shape

hmmmmm? :^3

Some people do instantly think of testicles when seeing "3"

not him, if he did he would like :3




judging by the longer sketches, their just potatoes and no one else is

missing out on some good pipimi voices

Don't open this.

do it demo

oh shit


I want to SQUEEZE the popuko.





I want Pipimi to be the biggest mistake of my youth.

can someone post the romanji dialog ? lost my sides with the female version

now this pic brings me back

the male and female voices stuff is kinda idiot, why repeat everything again? Just make some skits female and others male.



>Honking Chen was 10 years ago
Time flies.

Its a gag that fandom obviously had numerous ideas of who should voice them so they just went with having everyone voice them

Worst girldrop.
Even the lesbian midget is better.

Worst girldrop is the black haired bicchu from devil volcano

Oh sankyu~

Almost absolute perfection
almost because perfection is only Pipimi

What is with her voice this ep?



Hasn't anyone ever realized that, the way she's drawn, Pipimi looks hella fat?

Yes, some have.

Where it all started.

But it should've been different voices for different skits, not different voices for the same stuff.


Voice acting matters. Ep5 is a strong example. Both pairs are good at improvisation especially Sugita, and they make each parts stand out on their own.

the art is shit

I need it!

>not losing your shit every time Pipimi starts going "WOLOLOLOLO"
Every single time.

Popuko is sexy.

Get the bluray, then