G4 incapacitates you for 10 minutes of course he would save it until the very end

Except for that time when he didn't, or that other time when he didn't, both against the same opponent.

But he used the things that incapacitates him for 10 minutes at the very beginning.

Is next week on break ?

>gets beat up for 3 days
>barely lands a punch
>enemy did more damage to himself than he hurt him
>literally a punching bag for Katakuri
>"heh time to finish this"


>Perdona-me, Rayleigh, pero teré que hacer-lo...
>Esto es el fin, Dente de Perro!
>mfw it actually happened

blanco modo fuking when

I will forever praise Oda if Katakuri wins against Luffy.

>when absolutely anyone with some reading comprehension can infer that G4 has many forms
>when people have been discussing, ever since the reveal of G4, about it having more than just boundman
>when tankman being revealed confirms that indeed G4 has forms aside boundman

Bonus points if he comes out the mirror carrying him like a little bitch.

Big stomach wound on Luffy should prevent any use of Gear 4 unless Luffy wants a ton of blood to come gushing out.

>Unzips pants.

Is this fucking arc over yet

Oda is a hack. Oda forgot that one of Luffy's eyes is supposed to be swollen shut yet in this page, both of Luffy's eyes went back to normal.

extra bonus if he falls after coming out of the mirror while carrying him, finally touching the floor with his back in front of everyone to see

OPfag in denial

that is a fair point, saying G4 having many forms is an asspull isn't

Inexcusable. At this point, this is worse than Dragon Ball.

OPfags, everyone.

There is no scenario where a Luffy win would be satisfatory. Kata only has some bruses while Luffy was completely raped. Just using Gear 4th now should've given him a heart attack.

nah, it's a pretty basic concept that you just fail to understand.

maybe you'd prefer being spoonfed and have luffy present to usopp "I have g4 now, and so far I've come up with 6 different forms! bounce man, snake man, tank man, bubble man, gorilla man, and zipline man!" -- but most other readers wouldn't enjoy the whole thing being spoiled like that.

There is one thing I still don't get about that Reyleigh flashback. What you Katakuri's personality have to do with Luffy's strategy?

>What you Katakuri's

>What will


What is so asspullish about the flashbacks is that Luffy never saw advanced armament before despite Rayleigh teaching him so Luffy was confused why his hands and arms were hurting from coming in contact with Katakuri's superior haki.

This flashback bullshit is the most lazy writing ever.

That his intent is no longer fully malicious

He could've ended the fight eons ago but at this point he's training Luffy


No, but we'll cut away from the fight for a few chapters, then go on break as soon as we're ready to cut back to it.

So what does snakeman looks like?

Because he was being overwhelmed, and his goal was to beat that guy and then get back to his friends.

It was after he started getting a bit more strategic (setting plans through the mirrors, tactical retreat) that he held off.

He finally shifts all his inflated mass into his dick.

With all the sexual tension going on and "MUTUAL RESPECT" that the fight with Katakuri has brought about, it's the perfect time for Luffy to use his Haki enhanced (One Eyed) Snake Man form.

You know the fight is shit when the mangaka has repeatedly pro long it just so the mc can win

Luffy does multiple rounds that last half the arc during most of his really important fights.

He pretty much missed the entirety of Enies Lobby fighting Lucci and was left for dead by Crocodile twice.


Why is this stupid rabbit so sexy
Does Oda want Japanese children to be degenerate furfags? I thought Japan was supposed to be redpilled

>Long armed tribe
>Long legged tribe
Long torso Luffy completes the set, for the ultimate docking

Out of everything you can to complain about, you choose to complain that the eyes of the rubber guy with extreme flexibility and surreal healing factor arent swollen anymore?

I like the joke, but i think its going to be something about his torso and abs.
Like, channel all his haki in the torso so he can always dodge any shit super quick.
Pic related.

Ah right, last time he did it against Katakuri when he was forced to run away out of the mirror world after doing it. Fucking idiot.

I still think it's going to be a draw or a loss.
Pudding and Sanji will make it into the Mirror World and end the fight.

There will be a touching moment between the disfigured brother and sister.


>Oda is writing his readers into the story now
What a hack



He's gonna Sandersonia'd the fuck out of Katakuri.

>An all new form, likely the best version of G4 for the scenario and after sizing up the enemy, being effective will be "unsatisfactory"

hackfags, everyone

go back to fairy tail

He trained him in it's use, they didn't have serious fights. Rayleigh never went all out against him, and Katakuri *gasp* might be stronger or have stronger haki than Rayleigh. What use would slamming haki against each other be for training Luffy? it wouldn't make his stronger.

If Luffy wins this fight, I'm dropping One Piece.

He fought Lucci for longer than this with multiple location changes. He's not fighting BM anymore so this is the pinnacle fight for this arc.

good, get out, you don't deserve the best manga running

>this is the pinnacle fight for this arc.
oh god you're probably right

>best manga running
Objectively wrong.

And nothing of value was lost


thinking of doing the same thing. The whole infinite stamina thing has gone too far. Luffy is literally about to outlast an opponent who pummeled him to the ground for the last 13 hours while barely landing a hit

Are you okay?

>Snekman Luffy's best form
LUNA fans BTFO! LuBoa OTP!

so gear 4 is an asspull just because oda's imagination and discretion at the timeskip allows him to give everyone a powerup they learned for two years like when zoro reveals he is hawk eyes like mihawk under his closed eye.


Nothing. Luffy is just saying «what if he’s a good guy». Which is the case. Katakuri will win but let Luffy escape.


>O MY-

where did this originate from?

Its not exactly his best form. They're all at the same strength but with different opponents he requires different gear fourths user.

>Snake man is a gear4 version of pic related
>Luffy unhinges his jaw and swallows Katakuri whole

Possible, but Tankman already wraps haki around the waist area. It would be a little redundant.

I'm thinking it's gotta be more extreme. If he just became longer he wouldn't be snakeman, he would be longman or something.

I think he will, for whatever reason, wrap his legs together too, and look like a Naga.

Why are we still reading this garbage?

>Luffy looks at katakuris hands
>Katakuri's log pose twitches

Luffy : that needles twitching! lets go that way love
Katakuri : YAMEROO

>tfw people on Sup Forums just call everything an asspull since they've forgotten how to actually criticize something with their peanut-sized brains
>tfw a weekly 18 page comic meant for teenagers is literally too deep for grown adults to understand


Some shitty manga nobody reads.

>tfw you can't even argue to defend your own inteligence and the only thing that comes to your mind is calling someone a fedora

>Wahh I never learned how to read wtf Oda!!!
You're not qualified to talk about writing.

By that logic gear second should never work if Luffy is bleeding

Bleeding doesn't mean that a vein or artery was cut. Go retake biology class, Luffyfag.



indeed nice see user

So glad I saved this waaay back in 2004 or so

The more Luffy gets to know his opponent, the closer he gets to them in power.
Oda expanding the definition of colors haki to explain why luffy is catching up to katakuri


>Boundman is Shadow Luffy
>Tankman is Gomu Gomu no Shell

it's gonna be a powered up form of his Gomu Gomu no Tako he used early in the Enel fight, isn't it?

Is this another "Sup Forums mislables an asspull" episode? I love these. Tell me more about next week's chapter and how completely incongruent it is with everything leading up to it.

I, too, am a contrarian.

You have no idea what you're talking about and making it really obvious.

"Asspull" is like "irony". Nobody actually knows what it is so they call everything ironic just to be safe.

Knowing your opponent is massively important to forming a strategy.

I would say it is. Whats your candidate?


nice one user

tfw people are actually getting upset over luffy not being a jobber


Entirely incorrect, gross misunderstanding of what's actually happening. They're mad because Katakuri is about to job HARD. Luffy has been performing, but he's not about to get much stronger. He used Gear 4th earlier this fight. He's doing the same shit as before. Katakuri just hasn't ended this yet.

Getting his ass kicked for what, 11 hours?pull some bs moves to win? So stupid

Did he learn the snake man to impress the snake sisters of Kuja tribe?

Just asking but is there a doujin where usopp has sex with his nose?

Hunter x Hunter
Boku no Hero Academia
Nanatsu no Taizai
Dr Stronk

Gomu Gomu no Penetration

running away if enemy is too strong and not chivalrous to fight another day, or standing off dueling to the death with the eqivalent of CHAD

Luffy eats the cake and big meme starves to death. Assassination successful??

same for me, if we can take a beating like this he can just win against anyone