Is skeleton an isekai trope now?

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sauce my dude .

Don't worry he's not a skeleton anymore.

Nozomanu fushi no boukensha

No it's an old trope now

To be fair this isnt iseaki since the mc wasnt transfered into another world. It is however still garbage because it reads like a novel transposed over a manga.

But it's not garbage. Not yet, anyway.

Dropped before I even picked it up.

That's no isekai boy, no isekai

>Looks interesting
>Ghoul in second chapter already
Fucking bullshit, I'll read it, but at this rate he's going to be humin in 3 chapters. I hope he stays a ghoul for the next 20 chapters at least.

whats the best class for an isekai

Based on the picture in mangaupdates at least it would seem he goes back to being a skeleton, albeit a higher tier one.

>becomes a ghoul in the second chapter
dropped unless one of his evolutions is something like pic related.

he became a ghoul

I've been reading isekai maou, shit's getting more and more risque and it's great. It also makes me sad because there's no guarantee that when I died I will be reborn as a powerful wizard ;_;

The idiot human newbie adventurer girl gives him a cursed skull mask and it gets stuck on his face.

this one?

No, this one.
The manga is halfway done with volume 3.

currently the LN is being translated, but ch 29-50+ are behind a patreon paywall. the paywall is not by the author but a translator charging up to 90+ USD for select chapters.

If the MC is gonna be solo, summoner or monster tamer. If they have a vanguard character with them, Spellsword or Chemist.

Someone else should pick up the novel, fuck that faggot.

It's shit like that that almost makes me want to alert the author, because that's absolute horseshit. It doesn't help that 90% of the type the group just MTLs everything with no editing/poor editing at that.

Please do, maybe they can even close his patreaon.

Every writer now want a "Overlord but better"

patreon . com/ cnine is where you can see all his listed prices.

I was wrong, some individual chapters are behind a 100$ usd paywall. making bank off these.

more like "enough like Overlord to leach readers without the effort"

I remember once seeing someone charge for translations they copied from the original translator that had them available for free.

The final boss.

Who the fuck would pay that? That groups quality is borderline garbage to begin with. But then again people praise the guy who translates sleepy vamp so I figure most of the people who do think what they pass off as english is "good".


Bro the book is nothing but a boring diary and exposition dump, we shit on Re:Monster for being nothing but a diary but so far from the last two chapters that what this is, the only thing it has going for it is its art

the female protag. talk about easy street. you could just perpetually chain the hero around and make him do all the stuff you want him to.

that's gay

gay like a fox

Isekai truck or Marche FUCKING GO BACK TO THE REAL WORLD Radiuju

no class
so you can copy every other class and be an onion kni- i mean true hero

So Re:Monster meets Overlord?

Urrrrh, fucking Re:Monster.

I'm pretty sure not even the author still keeps track on all the broken ass skill the main character has.

Extra boss

If money won't give me happiness, nothing will.

I want to betray this angel

Dina please, stops being too suspicious.

Looks like 62 people are paying him something. I had some trouble figuring out what they're paying for because of the terrible english though.

Who's Meguemin?

Makes me wanna setup my own patreon and snipe every series they do. Or better yet, do what the guy who sniped Sono Machi did and just make the original TL look so bad in comparison only the most ardent dickriders defended him.

Do it, I believe in you

Speaking of skeletons, I think skeleton knight is ending in vol 8.
I hope author writes about Canadian elves next.

New manga.

Isekai Death Game ni Tensou sarete Tsurai

Himi is an office worker who has a habit of saying "I want to die" whenever he feels stressed. One fateful moment his wish was granted and now finds himself in an arena along with a group of people. They were summoned by the Death God Mei to play the Death Game. Only the last one standing can go back.



True, tg love skeletons.

Are you sure it's a paywall? The more common setup I've seen is a bounty system, where every $X in donations has the translator release another chapter for everyone.

If the translator's doing a high quality job, I don't mind them getting a little something for their time. Fansubbers back in the VHS days didn't just charge the cost of blank tapes. Not everyone is a college student with all their living expenses paid for and tons of free time. And if someone tries that with machine translated garbage they'll find no takers.

The fuck is "Chinese Touch Me"

this nigga

What's the point?



Not its a paywall. There are at least 20+ chapters that are straight up unacceptable unless you subscribe to their patreon. The only reason they are even drip feeding the chapters to do put on their site is because the outrage when they tried to paywall the whole series.


>Anything but lawful good paladin
Pegans, all of you.

whats this

You can say it all you want but I've seen you post it twice with no context.

Well, then that's genuine bullshit. And looking at the quality of the public chapters, it's not anything worth paying that sort of money for. Really, really low quality.

So yeah, fuck'em.

Honestly, when I see a TL group with a patreon, I just assume its MTL garbage. Moreso if they paywall chapters as well. And I'm very rarely proven wrong. They all use the same song and dance to justify it too - blah blah pay me so I don't have to work so I can spend more time "translating". I can't think of a single GOOD group/TL that does this. And go figure, those are the ones who's shit gets picked up/they get hired when it gets released in the West.

Which apparently he can bite people past. Judging by the latest LN chapter.

Which makes no sense.


The chapters are goddamn illegible, who the fuck would pay for a translation they could get out of google for free?

fighting cleric not a faggy healer

Cleric sounds like it'd be the most broken class for an isekai.

Is there any good translated paladin Isekai?

May as well ask, any 'Reincarnated into a non-human' Isekai's I can check out?

Tanaka is a healer and he rapes everything.

>most broken class for an isekai.
i see your point this class can act as a healer and a tank
was there ever been a isekai manga where the MC picked Cleric for his class i want to see people getting MACEd

>it's porn

>raping anything

everything but actual women

JP = Chef
CN = Alchemist

dunno about KR ones

>isekai mc not using a sword (katana) and magic
haha, good one

Heroes in isekai have at least a dozen 10/10 girls who are desperate to suck his cock, so good luck with that.

the only one that matters

No. I assume it has something to do with the fact that using a mace lacks the fictional charm of using a sword with all its many possibilities. A mace is a cool weapon. But you just kinda club a motherfucker with it which probably doesn't appeal to that many people.

Anyone whose first choice is a Paladin is a fag

You forgot the * that comes with CN novels - if you don't have some form of special soul cultivation or cultivation hax you'll always get shit on no matter what you do.

Paladins are better than all of the annoying edgelord protagonists out there.

It'd be good for one those gory mangas caving in a goblins head in with mace is pretty brutal

There is only room for one of us to control the funds of the world, this goes for all worlds. Be a good goyim and leave.

even when weak, people usually don't fuck with alchemists (unless they're also alchemists)

they need their pills after all

CN alchemists always fucking baffle me. I swear I've read quite a few stories at this point which have alchemists and they all use herbs and essences of bullshit and other shit but it is never actually explained how they use the shit they get. What the fucking process of being an alchemist is. Even when the PROTAGONIST is a fucking alchemist.

Hell yeah, merchant guilds is where the money at.

I actually like having Hero as a unique class. It's along the lines of following prophecy anyway.

Mechanics-wise, you can just doubledown by being a unit that is focused around exploiting a single point to overturn a battle, that way the other classes are still important.

Except for all those petty revenge isekai where MC gets a shitty trash job and his classmate Chad Thundercock gets the Hero job only for the MC to become grossly overpowered after level grinding so he can come back and humiliate/kill the Chad and bang his girl.

>I see your point this class can act as a healer and a tank

Kumo WN got so boring after she becomes
a god and is trying to end the system/world
Does it get better?

Or kill/humiliate the chad and leave the girl in solitude like the THOT she is.

Not really, no. The author seems to have entirely missed the point of why people enjoyed Kumo so much.

not just ANYONE can be an alchemist, which is why it's so damn valuable.

in the starting realm just knowing the process automatically makes you an MVP in most kingdoms with people that can kill you easily bowing to you and your pill skills

Why are there never any muscle mages or mages that use magic to make themselves monster warriors. Something like arcane warrior from DAO.

Those ones generally have some bullshit that doesn't match his class though. Like the edgy motorcycle dinosaur killing one where he basically ditches his class entirely cause he eats some fucking monsters or some bullshit. Which is a shame because it was either that one or another edgefest one which actually set up a kind of interesting class for the protagonist to have before abandoning it.

Revenge isekai are the worst. They're just incredibly ugly and unpleasant to read.

>Like the edgy motorcycle dinosaur killing one where he basically ditches his class entirely cause he eats some fucking monsters or some bullshit.
Have we read the same thing? He still uses his skill from time to time to craft shit. Hell, the first great magic he gets is a souped up version of his transmutation stuff.

Strangely, nobody has copied spellblades from FF, and monks are firmly in the category of using Ki, not magic.

That said, almost all the power fantasy stuff make the "mage" protagonist spam buffs and beat people up physically.

Does this technically count since she's just reawakening in her own world?

usually they spam spells though too which is gay
magic is for roids not flinging fire like a gayboi