Fuck you I liked it thread

What are horrible shows that you enjoy?


Pop Team Epic

Chinkless ova when?


killing bites

Does Baka and test count? I thought it was hilarious but it seems like most people think it’s generic garbage

Rail Wars

It was truly terrible. And I loved every second of it.

I unironically loved when they were on that little car in the storm that kept almost derailing at every curve

>tfw Rail Wars is forever kill
>game is kill too
What good character design wasted on a subpar show. I actually miss it from time to time.

I remember Sup Forums loving it at the time.
It's a beautiful show to look at too.

>girl with little to no development or chemistry building with the MC wins

Don't bully me.


>FSN 2006 + UBW movie
FUCK YOU, these shit were cash. Yeah they were campy, but UBW anime is shit beyond the action shots and animation. Music was great, directing was better, pacing was better

>gambling girls
>being shit
jfc /a being /a



I remember watching some dumb anime about the son of a god wanting to be normal so he loses his powers and blah blah blah. I doubt it was particularly good but I liked it. Don't even remember what it was called, that was in the phase where I just watched random shows.

It wasn't awful just mediocre which is in a few ways far worse. But fuck you I liked it, and some of the designs are Amazing.

Hajimete no Gal was good. The only ones who hated it are NTR sensitive fags with no self esteem.
The threads were really good until ep.8.

this is anime, so, all of them

You're a man of great taste

I think this series could work with a reboot.

Gate was far too entertaining for being as garbage as it was.
Vatican Miracle Examiners
Gakuen Handsome

Manga gets into territory that could never be animated. Shigure was naked for the entire final arc. It was amazing.

Hinako a cute

The manga's great, the anime was fucking horrible.


I like trains and rail war's girls.
The anime is a disgrace.

The first 20 episodes anyway

I really wish this series was more popular.

holy I 'member this... watched while going through random ecchi shows years back


Elfen Lied

Pan de Peace and Kanokon are my two biggest offenders. I'll also add Chuu Bra to the list since general opinion seems highly negative about it, even though I think it's genuinely good.

Nobody ever talks about it

I didn't keep up with the threads too often after episode 3 and ended up marathoning it near the end of the season. The threads were exactly right in that it was a show that sucked so bad it was good. I laughed at every asspull.

Till episode 8 it was pretty good though, I can't believe it actually made me laugh a couple of times.

It was shit long before the NTR.

What is sex with Yame-chan like?

Mahouka is a beautiful, epic-scale show and one of the few anime that doesn't rush through its scenes like a hummingbird.



Unironically my AOTS


I do own the manga, but it was seriously pretty bad.


I watched it and it wasn't the worst thing ever but if suffered from being generic and forgettable

that was aots material

God I fucking hate Himeji

I enjoyed the Centaur show towards the end.

it was a trainwreck and predictable, but I still wanted to see how much worse it got

I liked the VN but her show was garbage. Still, I enjoyed it

The ending was pathetic but the rest was pretty enjoyable.



not a fan of the evangelion is shit meme

The meltdown after the NTR was incredibly fun. The threads were basically dead until ep8 and after it we reached post limit daily.

DEEN was enjoyable in a b-movie kinda way, whilst 2014ubw was just "top 10 anime fights" and butchered most of the characters (mostly rin)


Threads are comfy AF

This is that show about a can turning into a girl, isn't it?

This. Don't know why but I just enjoyed it.

I don't read the LN but I could only get to the 1st half of the first season.

I dropped it and I don't regret it.

Friends of mine, who often fucked with me for liking ''gay chinese cartoons'', liked SAO.
Which is why I fucking hate it.

Good. You'd probably hate it more if you went through the Alfheim arc.

I know this show is bad.but there are 2 episode if i remember correctly that good.also this show have nice ED song too

Heroman will always have a very special place in my heart
>When the school bully/quarterback becomes a bug monster and wears a trenchcoat to act like a hardboiled detective after the main cast goes to tentacle rape island
What the FUCK

im here to save you

All Isekai stuff.

Yes, i love this shit

Yes, generic. Yes, too much nakama power.
I still enjoyed all 277 episodes.

Yeah, I’m in the same boat, user. And it’s still incredibly fappable.

Only Pedros don't like Super

I'm in between level 1 and 2 on the image. I like certain parts, but in general it's not my cup of tea. I can see why people like it.

Some prime manime right here

I actually just started watching it. Finished the Galina Island arc last night. This shit is fucking awesome. The emotion behind Gray and Leone's fight is pure kino. Erza is best girl so far but got damn I'm actually having fun. What am in for going forward because I am on board, train leaving the station.

Better than Naruto and Bleach.


Comic Party.

No need to hate me, I already hate myself.

its fun and enjoyable, but the people who think its actually good are dumb

It was Sup Forums's most hated show that season but I will never apologize for enjoying this.

Season 2 when?

Akikan had a surprisingly large following while it aired on Sup Forums. Besides the famous "yell from akikan" trolling meme it also brought a ton of reaction faces.

>Completed the 2015 5-Battle-Harem challenge. I liked them all, including ISUCA.
>Enjoyed Nichijou and Lucky Star (not while airing but after Haruhi is kill).
>Lances n' Masques was pretty good IMO


Violet Evergarden

the only people who like haremshit are underage


I also fucking enjoyed Shuffle!

But I remember not liking the arc where the sister goes batshit insane

And here I thought I had nothing to contribute to this thread. The plot is so shit, animation also shit, it's basically garbage shounen #631242 with nothing going for it besides the tits. Nevertheless, the grills were good enough to make me watch it.

> The plot is so shit, animation also shit, it's basically garbage shounen #631242 with nothing going for it besides the tits.
If you're posting without violating the global rules, you're too old to watch shounen anyway. It's not surprising you don't like it.


it was truly spectacular.

my heart melt when i watched this one
mirai is so cute and there are so many top tier cakes too

There's too many to list, but for few I really liked Ano Natsu de Matteru and despite Sup Forums judging from the threads dislikes it immensely I don't think there was even much "objectively" wrong with it. Another I liked was Another and probably on the top place of most bad but absolutely likeable series I have Mirai Nikki. You literally cannot admit to have enjoyed these on Sup Forums without getting shit on.

Ditto. I hate the characters, but do really enjoy looking at them.

The problem wasn't that she met up with a guy from elementary school or whatever. It was ridiculous that nobody in the show acknowledged that the MC did have a reason to be suspicious. There was just no reason for everybody to brow beat him, instead of displaying basic empathy for the MC and clarifying the situation and averting stupid drama they all just get pissed at him and ignore him. What the fuck where the writers thinking?

i liked the tamagoro version