Toji no Miko

>no thread for AOTS

Fucking seriously??

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Fitting for the most boring show of the season.

shut up loser

I disagree.

The story is intruguing. The pace is fast, as it reveals new facts each episode while raising new questions. The characters have multiple faces to them.

>those leggings

>shitpost inciting OP
For what reason?

We need to get at least some attention.

>no thread for AOTS
But there's a thread up for Marchen Madchen.

>People still watch the worst show of the season aka discount touken ranbu for male otaku

New ep when?

Thanks OP, I look forward to reading dozens of posts from people not watching the show explaining why the show is bad.

In 9 hours

>implying people care about TnM threads

I care.

She's gonna die

>9 hours until Yomi suffering

Well. There is like 5 of us.

Too bad that even having multiple faces still means that they have no personality or character beyond what is required by the forced plot.

I don't think so.

Whatever you say, bro.

They are still better characters than Violet "What is love" Evergarden or 0 "Waifu bait" 2


>forced plot

I'm waiting for the game. Also the game character with all their quirk is a bit intriguing.
They're like the "reject" of the cast.
>Mihono had blunt Katana
>Kofuki is dual dagger
>Kiyoka is two handed knife
>Miruya is dirty gaijin
No idea about chie.

We had tons already. A break wouldn't hurt.

Chie is the actual childhood friend, which means if Mihono drops her she can't recover the way Mai is doing right now

Kanami is a dumb autist

>forced plot
You should go back to your shows with "plots" then.

There is not enough Yume

She is an obasan


>gaijin was holding back
Proper 1v1 when? Hiyori is a Kanamibabby.

Sayaka is my cute girlfriend!

this look on her face was perfect
>welp, guess I'm gay now

Just let the thread dies.



That supply drop could have come in handy right about now.

>Mai taking advantage of an innocent child

Sayaka needs this. Notice how Kanami's tanoshii doki doki autism had no effect but Mai's warm onee-chan aura worked.

>Notice how Kanami's tanoshii doki doki autism had no effect
Give it time. Mai's already telling her to fight Kanami again too.

I want Mia to show Sayaka the purest form of love.


And Yuri

Sayaka is a dumb autist


I just noticed that this show has two Rei-like characters, the one with the GOTTA GO FAST power and the one with the cute animal mascot.

Is Sayaka bullying Kanami?

>that aradama juice
oh boy I can't wait for COMPLETE GLOBAL SATURATION

>linkin park starts playing

Sayaka starts with dropping the title of the next episode. Kanami says you can't do the preview that fast, and Sayaka asks if that wasn't their mission. Then she leaves and Kanami cries.


Lots of stuff will be HAPPENING next episode.

Ellen going undercover?

>when she is sleeping she trains against Chester's ghost


But this isn't a slow start thread

Go to bed, Mai.

Isn't that like nearly every episode? I am actually worried they wouldn't be able to keep this up.

Can't sleep, must bake cookies.

But they keep surprising us every episode by being able to keep it up.

I never expected this to become a show I look forward to the most this season.
I hope 24 episodes won't be detrimental and fall apart after they forgo PLOT for the "fight cgi monsters every episode" shit

The pv is showing Kanami on ground and the background looks gray. Did she enter kakuriyo again or something?

You sure told him.

I like the crying.

3 hours till next episode!!

Kanami's fat legs

Hiyori's pantyhose legs

I want to taste them.

squeezing Hiyori's head

I want to stab them.

I want her to join the harem so much

>I want her to end the harem so much

Proof that kanami doesn't actually care about hiyori and only uses her as a tool. Her "do you trust me more now" act is a fake.

It's on.


gangrape ensues

Why are ellen and that other girl nobody remembers the name of having a contest in being most smug in the vehicle?


Well, I'm out.
Need to wait for Horrible


welp everyone is a demon



yukari is sauron

Is she an aradama too?



Pretty much everyone in royal guard


muh oni poewr






Is she ambidextrous?


Jesus Christ, what the fuck Yomi.

Another one added to Kanami's harem.



Fuck people like you who make threads like this. Don't even watch this show but all you're doing by going "WTF WHY AREN'T PEOPLE WATCHING THIS AOTS?!" is making people far less likely to watch the show.