Does Lelouch being alive ruin the ending of Code Geass?

Does Lelouch being alive ruin the ending of Code Geass?

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It was already implied he was anyway

i always supported the theory of him being alive, it was too solid, so it's the same to me, even if CC was talking alone instead of talking to him.

No, it's perfectly in-line with the insanity of the rest of the series.

Lelouch finds a way

Yes and no. It does break the parallel trajectories between Lelouch and Suzaku: they start out as opposites, slowly change views until they become more similar to what the other represented in the beginning, and then end up having to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. It also doesn't really break them unless R3 stops building further parallels on top of the ending. So it only really ruins the ending if it's bad.



First: It was implied that he revived.

Second: If CG was about anything, it was Lelouch risking absolutely everything. Sometime he loses, but sometimes he escapes disaster against all odds. Might as well happen at the end, too.

Why would it? He made a contract with CC and promised to keep it. Obviously she wouldn't have agreed with a plan where he died.

Yes, I think so. The reason the ending was so great was that it left it up to interpretation. Can you imagine how many thousands of threads we've had over the years discussing whether he died or not? This sequel shits on all that by making it canon.

No, but having conflits after R2 ruins the ending because it will means that Zero Requiem was a failure.

you really thought nothing bad would ever happen again?

Who woulda thunk that that retarded plan would've fallen apart due to mankind inherent issue

No. It was so well done either outcome was a good ending.


It ruins the ending for the character's illusion of peace. If they find out he is alive the world will shit bricks and start rioting.

But his reveal would very likely mean zero requiem failed which I predict will be the plot.
>or go full retard and the geass comes froms aliens
>aliens invade the planet

We've debated for ten years already, isn't it enough? Did those threads even generate any substantial discussion? Circlejerking is all I remember.


Yes, that ending was perfect and they should have left it alone.

The fact in and of itself, no. It only makes sense for his character. Even if Zero Requiem creates peace for a time, at most, it will be a few decades. Eventually, conflict will arise again, and the world may need Zero to lead another Rebellion, or, on the other hand, it might need another Emperor Lelouch to unite against. Either way, he can fill the role perfectly, and carry that burden as atonement.

That being said, R3 could still turn out to be an absolute shitfest.

>The Dark Knight Rises
He was only the symbol of all that was evil in the world. The symbol died, easy as that.

>and the geass comes froms aliens
But it does.

But Suzaku fucked Nunnally too?

Yes it does, he was dead and is revived through the power of money,it's always bad news.

>Does Lelouch being alive ruin the ending of Code Geass?
No, since it was an open ending to begin with.

Yes, it literally ruins the entire theme of Lelouch being a Messianic figure. It cheapens the sacrifice he makes because it's not actually a sacrifice. On top of that it shits on his character development. At the start he is a despondent teen who uses other people and organizations for selfish ulterior motives, and by the end becomes willing to sacrifice himself for the betterment of others. Him living makes feel as if he just wanted to cash out of the governing business before it got too hard.

No, it completes it, because he achieved CODE GEASS.


Well, there's this guy who still believes Lelouch was deader than his grandmother so I guess you still can get your "discussion". Although someone probably needs to be a literal autist to do that.

The theme was not a sacrifice but a payment, an act of taking responsibility. He did that by becoming an evil emperor and died as a symbol of hatred and forever remembered as one. No more blaming others to cover his own mishap like the incident with Euphie, no more abandoning his duty for personal matters like he did during Black Rebellion. That's his development. There's no need for him to actually die.
>cash out of the governing business before it got too hard
There's no option to govern in peace. Him continuing his role as an evil Emperor won't bring peace because people will continue to oppose his regime, while him becoming a nice Emperor won't do because he needs to be so evil so people forget about Euphemia.

Nah, Lelouch created the good ending where people unite and there is real peace. But now he will need to return becouse that peace didnt last forever and somebody got butthurt and started a new war.

Lelouch gave them the peacefull world but people still fucked up in the end so his sacrafice was a bit in vain at the end.

Maybe the season will to give Nanally and Karen a sense of happy end.

i love it. fuck storied with opening endings.

No, Lelouch was never a tragic hero looking for redemption that was Suzaku's role.
Lelouch was a tragic hero looking for vengeance and the only place he ought to die was right after dealing with mom and dad's shenanigans, it makes no sense for him to die as a way to fix the empire and shit.
Especially if you consider that without the Geass and because of the power vacuum left behind Lelouch's death only brings even more war and chaos to the world.
That scene was his exit from the stage to live his life in peace after having his revenge, it makes sense for him to be alive.


>He did that by becoming an evil emperor and died as a symbol of hatred and forever remembered as one.

>Takes on all the evils of the world
>Dies to save the world from itself and bring peace and unity.

It's a Messianic story with a slight twist in that he purposefully Stokes the hatred of the world instead of merely expecting it.

>No more abandoning his duty for personal matters

Literally, the entire black rebellion was just a front for Lelouch to have his personal vendetta against the crown. Everything is for his personal gain at the start. His character development is far stronger if he dies at the end because it shows that he has totally changed. He is now willing to sacrifice himself for the benefit of others. If he lives it means he still gains something and still acts with some sense of self benefit.

>No option to govern in peace
Literally my point. If he lives he gets out of the gargantuan task of fixing his world. It feels like a cop out. He wins everything and loses nothing. His sacrifice has no meaning because it isn't a sacrifice. If anything it's a benefit. It ruins the impact of the end.

The ambiguity is what made it interesting.

The bigger issue with him being alive is that it's unnecessary. His story was finished, and had reached a satisfying closed end. Dragging him back to the screen devalues that, because it no longer is an ending.

Everyone knew that the Zero Requiem was silly, and that simple friction would eventually cause conflict to begin again.

But they could have at least pretended it worked, with the threat of a nuclear apocalypse preventing wars between major nations as it did in out world. Pax Mensula, so to speak.

>If he lives it means he still gains something and still acts with some sense of self benefit.
I don't know user I just don't see why Lelouch shouldn't have left with anything unless it's your personal taste? Lelouch's actions, while selfish, are not totally unjustified. The greater and more fitting sacrifice for him would be him killing Nunnally since he plunged the world into chaos for her. Lelouch never strikes me as someone who cares a great deal of his own life so him dying wouldn't be much of a sacrifice.

I wish Code MENT would come back.

I'm not aware of him ever being dead.

Still talking about this? It does NOT.

That's bs, there's no indication at all that Geass or Codes come from extraterrestrials. The only hint I can think of for this is how people, when experiencing Geass powers (like Lelouch gaining his power) often have visions of other planets or outer space (though apparently that is just the non-physical "World of C", so says the wiki).

I'm glad I didn't fucking miss something super fucking important. I rewatched the fucking thing 4 times

Nina Einstein was so goddamn fuckable. I find it extremely hard to believe that I'm the only person who thought she was the hottest girl in the show. I don't even mid her fits of madness, I'd still have a threesome with her and that table.

Also, one thing I loved about Code Geass was the memorability of the secondary and tertiary characters. That Nina, Ougi, Rakshata, Milly, Rivalz, and nearly every other character actually contributes and has something of a memorable personality is something I wish I'd see more (especially in 2+ cour anime).

T-that's not a Bingo grid. Not enough cases.


I thought he redeemed himself by making the most selfless act possible and gave his life for others. Now they're going to tell me he is alive? Fuck off.