Classroom of the Elite

What will happened to Honami?

Can Sudou win Suzunes Hearth?

Will Kushida be expelled?

Will Kei "issekai" Kiyo?

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What are you onto about?

Honami is best Girl.


Arisu, Horikita, and Ichinose are the top 3 girls.

She will be defeated like Ryuuen.

After the latest Ichinose SS, I was disappointed, I hope she regained the lost hyper.

Why were you disappointed?

Kei is Alpha Waifu.

She believes that Horikita is responsible for the victories acquired by Class D, and that Kushida is one of the people who support Horikita in these victories.

It sounds pretty reasonable though. Ichinose is not omniscient, she doesn't know everything. 50% is VERY good. He made sure to cover all his tracks thoroughly so no one could figure out he's the one pulling class D's strings and leading them to victory. It makes sense Ichinose would have no idea about that. Even Ryuuen only knew about X because he directly attacked class D with the intention of drawing him out, and he got rekt as a result too. Of course Ichinose doesn't know about 50% and his keikakus. She'll find out in surprise when he attacks her though.

True. But you know, if that weren't so, I'd be disappointed in 50% and his efforts to lay low. If it just took noticing he's not utilizing all his potential to realize he's the leader of D class that too would be a stretch.
Anyway, so it turns out Ryuuen was the only one who figured out it couldn't have been Horikita, not counting Sakayanagi who also only put all the pieces together after the relay race. But this was partly because Kushida gave him info on Horikita -- this is something neither Ichinose nor Sakayanagi got. Kushida made contact with Ryuuen at the latest around the beginning of vol 4, and it's in vol 4 that Ryuuen first mentions that it wasn't Horikita who came up with the island plan. So I think a lot of that is because of Kushida.

For me too, some of Ichinose hype was killed. But I am also hyped to know that she doesn't yet know Kiyo's abilities, so she has yet to learn of them. I'm looking forward to that now. And it makes more sense that she hasn't revealed him to anyone or attacked him or focused on him more if she didn't know. But now we know she might do that once she knows.

Told you guys Arisu and Honami are about the same

Kei will win. She will cock block all other Girls.

A reminder that Horikitafags tried so hard in previous threads to push harem ending or at least content with Kushida. Whilst other fags are already moving onto new arcs. Does anime impacted them this much? Shouldn't had self inserted this early.

I mean that raises Ryeun's ability as the leader, since he realized that Horikita was a cover.

It was embarrassing and funny at the same time. I'm not going to generalize Horikitafags as a mess though, it's just a bunch of them like Emilia. I just took a quick read on the thread and the multiquoting is definitely him. So it's just Emilia, again

It could be stalemate, but both will sustained damage.

It's kinda telling that the bout between the two classes will create openings for 50% and Kei to device their plans regarding the rise of the class, StuCo, expulsion, school's policy, Kushida, and whatnot. Just from a simple tap, they could do anything with it

Still something is wrong with her after reading the latest SS of hers.

It was delicious. BTFO every single time. I was there watching them getting raped

I know this is just a prediction and a fair bit of it could play out differently but here's a forecast of what might happen based on what we know will happen so far and the abilities of each player in this game of classes.
>Arisu and Ichinose's battle against each other will end in a draw. Both classes A and B will suffer heavy damage and will be crippled for a while.
>Class C under Ryuuen will attack A under 50%'s instructions and will deal some damage to A as well. But I doubt Arisu will go down completely here. C will probably be forced to back off once A retaliates.
>This chaos between the 1st years will likely consume a lot of Nagumo's time and attention. This leaves the StuCo wide open for an unexpected attack by two partners plus their spies in the StuCo. Nagumo will go down from this attack.
>In the aftermath, from the ashes of the old StuCo maybe Ichinose will be able to take power as the new StuCo president. But this doesn't matter, both her and Arisu's classes have taken damage, C is now under 50%'s control which means the path is open for D to start rising up to the top.

It's pretty impressive how 50% orchestrated a scenario where no matter what happens, he and his class will come out on top. A and B duke it out, C takes potshots at A, StuCo goes down from internal discord plus external factors like the class battles taking up its attention. It's like killing three birds with one stone that's not even thrown by 50% but by one of his pawns.

>harem end
Link or it didn't happen.

50% doesn't even like her and if they took the bits of him telling Horikita about relevant info was because she's the leader of her class and she needs to know not because he wanted to be more closer to her. It's not even mentally challenging to deduce it literally

Checked the last three threads and see that there weren't any pushing harem end or Kushida contending. Keifags are lying and implying to shit on "evil" Horikitafags as usual.

Keifags have always lied to make Horikitabros seem like the big bad wolves of these threads. It's a favourite tactic of theirs. Whenever something bad happens, it's always the Horikitabros's fault somehow. This is why Keifags are the cancer of these threads. I don't even dislike Kei but her fans are probably the worse part of the fanbase.

>mixes half truth with falseflagging
Where's your first post, faker?

Sakayanagi's level should be higher than Ichinose. I hope that when it is time for her to shine, she won't disappoint me as a natural born genius.

It's true. Whenever Horikitabros post images of their girl, they always get called out as shitposters but when Keifags dump images of their girl it's somehow considered a "contribution" to the fanbase. This is hypocrisy. Horikitabros have just as much right to pots and debate their girl as Keifags do yet we're not allowed to do that for some reason because it's considered shitposting. Nay I say. No longer do we need to fear the Keifags. Post more QTKitas.

What secret thread did this took place in? Because I'm pretty sure I didn't miss a thread, not recently, anyways.

>avoids the question
Figures. You're obviously a Keifag.

>This chaos between the 1st years will likely consume a lot of Nagumo's time and attention.
This chaos will likely happened in the special exam of the third semester. The chaos in the first year will gain Nagumo's attention, but will not find any threat in the first year because of the pandemonium.

>Class C under Ryuuen will attack A under 50%'s instructions and will deal some damage to A as well. But I doubt Arisu will go down completely here. C will probably be forced to back off once A retaliates.
Why attack A class when you can attack B class? Am I missing something here?

Please don't say that, fellow Horibro. We are Horikitabros, brothers-in-arms. Lumping me in with Keifags is the worst thing you could do to me, fellow Horibro.

50% asked Ryuen to attack class A that was the deal between them.

Your disingenuous that's laced with sarcasm and falseflagging is insulting.

Calm down, Horikitabro. Have a cute SuzuSuzu and her husbando Ayapon.

It never happened. They're just making it up to feel good about themselves.

Did Ryuuen agree on it? That'd be great though because I always wanted 50% and Ryuuen to work together. It should be awkward, especially if Kei is with him at that time.

As a Keifag I'm good with Horikitafags discussing about their girl and posting images of her, you guys have every right to do that too, I'm also okay with her fans shipping her with Ayanokoji as long as it's done for fun and because you guys genuinely enjoy the shipp and not as if it was a fact that Ayanokita will happen.

Just ignore the falseflagging really. It looks like posted by the samefag to me as well. I ain't claiming them as Keifags or even Youkosobros

Don't know the details but he agreed on it. The chapter in question is the next one to be translated btw


Kuushikita will happen. Everybody is pushing for that.

That's probably the hottest pairing of all. It might be the only Kushida pairing I like more than KushidaXexpelled

Kinugasa will probably go in one of those four routes:

route 1 - Susou x Horikita

route 2 - Horikita x Kushida

route 3 - Horikita x Ryuuen

route 4- Horikita ending up alone.


>route 3 - Horikita x Ryuuen
That one's hot and they have great chemistry but I don't want Ryuuen to be redeemed. I want him to stay an asshole and 50%'s bro. And I don't think Horikita would except him the way he is.
Also can someone post that edit with Ryuukita sitting together on the bench?

I like asshole Ryuuen too, but it's undeniable that they would make a great couple, and that edit of them sitting on the bench together was fire.

I can be satisfied with route 2 or 4 if 3 is not possible.


look they're even reading together. beat that, sudokita

look they're even kissing each other. beat that, ryuukita

look they're even partaking in consensual cuckolding with another girl. beat that, sudokita

What will happened to Honami?
>Exposed for the evil witch she is
Can Sudou win Suzunes Hearth?
Will Kushida be expelled?
Will Kei "issekai" Kiyo?

>What will happened to Honami?
>Can Sudou win Suzunes Hearth?
>Will Kushida be expelled?
>Will Kei "issekai" Kiyo?
Can you repeat the question?


Thanks user, I will wait until then.

Best Girls Parade?

Winning girl in the middle, and yes

Issekai = When Kiyo have Sex with Kei, she will blow him to Valhalla.

>Issekai = When Kiyo have Sex with Kei, she will blow him to Valhalla.
Isekai is Kei driving a truck and running over 50%

It'll really be a world full of new discoveries for him. While I'm sure he knows a shitload about the mechanism of fertilization and diseases and whatnot, I bet he's far from knowledgable even on the simple techniques people actually use, like even oral sex. That would be one of those "unnecessary" things that the White Room shaved off. She'll be more knowledgeable than him on since she hasn't been living so shelteredly, but it'll be an experience full of discory for both

whorikita a shit

Honami is Best Girl.

What tunes do you think 50% listens to?

Mozart, Bach

>social skills
>common sense
You know, whoever made the White Room curriculum sounds kinda retarded. I have no idea how they thought freaking social skills are unnecessary for the future Premier of Japan, for example. Or something somebody could learn on his own (I can kinda get sex and common sense being learnable in a couple of years).

Mad scientists aren't exactly known to be the sanest of people. If Kiyotaka's dad, who looks to be a researcher of some kind judging from the Chairman calling him Ayanokouji-sensei, is indeed the mad scientist type he might not care for logic at all. He might just want to make a product HE thinks is a masterpiece. If he sees social skills and sex as unnecessary then they are unnecessary in his room, all logic be damned. This is part of why Kiyotaka is so broken. A non-retarded person would never make something like the white room in the first place. The fact that it's there already tells you the people behind it aren't exactly sane and logical. It's an abusive, insane project which got shelved for a year before Kiyopapa somehow got it back up and running.

I too would like to know more about why social skills were deemed unnecessary there. But my guesses so far are that 1) it takes quite a bit of time to develop them, over years, and it's been decided to shelve that for the benefit of other things or 2) the environment is incompatible with learning this -- there are no friendships, lovers or anything similar to regular human relationships there. From something Kiyo said about how he's seen many people break in front of him I'm sure there were many contests among people and many opportunities to out-keikaku each other, and there were likely many opportunities for human interactions, but all of them with some goal outside actually connecting with one another.
Also, I'd say that for a genius like Kiyo if he were to stay in the WR for several more years as I suppose it was planned, he would have gotten over the somewhat socially anxious "phase" of his and have less problems from that side. Then, he could very quickly learn how to emulate social interactions in a desirable way -- of this I am sure. This ~anxiety and the fact that he doesn't have a position to strive for is what is stopping Kiyo from doing the same right now.

Classic Heavy Metal.

Kei's moans recorded during their hot, steamy and passionate sex.

Kei's pleasured Voice while they had Sex.

Looped Tauwa with Ayana's voice

and mou

Manowar - Pleasure Slave

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She now is free to please

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Before her surrender she had no life
Now she's a slave, not a wife
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She's taken off her disguise

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Pre 7.5 Ayanokoji

50% transcends humanity after listening to this looped. He surpasses his father's imagination and goes beyond plus ultra. Kei's sexual moans would power him up enough to dominate half of the known universe.

The eye gazing game between Kei and Kiyotaka during sex is going to be very hot, trust me on this one. They won't talk, just moan and accompanied with heavy breathing. They'll cum times and times again and collapse, sleeping right next to each other while holding hands

Now I understand why the nips put her below Ryuen. She will clearly never be on the level of someone like Koenji

Ichinose and Arisu are disappointing

> Sakayanagi who also only put all the pieces together after the relay race

There is an asymmetry of information here precisely because Sakayanagi knows about the White Room.

So I don't think Ichinose as someone more incopetent than Sakayanagi. But in Ryuen's case, it's her problem not to have any openings to deal with someone like Kushida. Her style of to do things limits her contact with these people.

Not disappointing. You're comparing them to monsters like Kiyotaka and Kouenji. They will never reach those levels, it's impossible. But compared to average students like Ike, Yamauchi, Sudo, Horikita, Hirata or Kushida both those girls are still geniuses. Arisu and Ichinose are both extremely talented. They only seem disappointing because you're comparing them to monsters they have no chance against. If Arisu and Ichinose fight each other, I assume it'll be an equally pitched battle. They're about the same level. Kiyotaka, Kouenji, Ryuuen, Nagumo and Manabu are slightly above these two, is all.

You mean Nagumo, Manabu and Ryuuen are slightly above them, Kiyotaka and Kouenji are probably leagues above Ichinose and Arisu.

Sorry, this. Hell, I'll just post the Nips power ranking of the students which is probably what you meant to say and is more correct than what I had just said.


>1st place and 2nd place: Kiyotaka (The Ultimate Masterpiece) or Kouenji (The mysterious genius even Kiyotaka cannot control)
>3rd place and 4th place: Horikita Brother (Former StuCo President) or Nagumo (StuCo President)
>5th place: Ryuuen (Compared to the other 1st year leaders Kiyotaka thinks highly of him)
>6th place: Sakayanagi (She conquered A Class)
>7th place: Ichinose (Sometimes she sees through Kiyotaka's schemes)
>8th place: Hiyori (After Ryuuen retired, she'll be leading C Class and her specs are pretty good)
>9th place: Horikita (She's pretty smart and good at fighting too but has a weakness)
>10th place is....Katsuragi or Kanzaki or Hirata or Kushida.....either one of those

Yeah. Kiyotaka and Kouenji are monsters no one can touch. The rest are a tier below them but Nagumo, Ryuuen and Manabu are still a level or two above Ichinose and Arisu.

Looking forward to the conversation between Ryuuen and Manabu. It's a sign Kiyo intends to use Ryuuen against Nagumo as well.

I absolutely agree with their ranking, the nips pretty much nailed it.

I'm definitely looking forward to that too.

After Ichinose SS, this ranking is quite consistent.

Only Kushida should not be here. She has a bad judgment.

We should make one for Sup Forums

The Kouenji hype is real huh. Both Sup Forums and 5ch convinced that he's the joker of the series

If he is not, this will be the greatest plot twist in the series

I mean, he pretty much is already. He knows who X is, he casually flicked off Arisu and Ryuuen like flies from his personal space. The school realized his stats were insanely high except for cooperation because he's too alpha to cooperate with a bunch of losers. He's already the joker of this series. He's the only one probably who can fight 50% for real and stand a chance. Hell, I think Kiyotaka at 100% and Kouenji at 100% might be perfectly equal to each other. All other students pale in comparison. Arisu is too proud, and even Ichinose cannot see through 50%'s schemes because she still thinks Horikita is leading D and Kushida/Hirata are supporting her. Both girls are inferior to Kiyopon/Kouenji by leagues.

Sup Forums's would be:
Put Ichinose in front of Arisu or on the same tier
Why is Hiyori even there we know nothing about her
Horikita and Katsuragi same tier
Hirata after them
Fuck Kanzaki the same as Hiyori
And remove Kushida from the list entirely
>1st place and 2nd place: Kiyotaka (The Ultimate Masterpiece) or Kouenji (The mysterious genius even Kiyotaka cannot control)
>3rd place and 4th place: Horikita Brother (Former StuCo President) or Nagumo (StuCo President)
>5th place: Ryuuen (Compared to the other 1st year leaders Kiyotaka thinks highly of him)
>6th place and 7th place: Sakayanagi (She conquered A Class) or Ichinose (Sometimes she sees through Kiyotaka's schemes)
>8th place and 9th place: Horikita (She's pretty smart and good at fighting too but has a weakness) and Katsuragi
>10th place is Hirata and Ibuki

Without to mention that he is the heir of the Koenji Organization. In terms of future position within society, it's the maximum of the private area. It's able to influence the economy of the whole country. Even in this point, he is the only one able to compare himself to Ayanokouji, who can become future prime minister

Ayanokouji and Koenji will have a healthy rivalry. With the help of Koenji, Ayanokouji will have resources to face his father

Kinugasa is a hax if he did that

I think it's a path without back. Koenji has already enough feats to be considered the Joker of this series. The only question is whether Kinugasa will actually use it directly as a rival to Ayanokouji or not

a friend who'll turn into a foe later maybe

He also stops Sudo's punch like nothing. We keep on forgetting that Sudo is actually really strong. On top of being the fastest swimmer in his class (not including 50% who most prob hold it back)