I miss Manime.

what is this image even implying? why did main characters become 15 years younger?

Eren actually looks OK in comparison to the rest. The guy from Kakegurui isn't the protagonist.

The kakegurui guy is not even a protaginist you dumb fuck, atleast watch something before judging it.
kakegurui is trash, though.


>anime protagonists over the course of 50 years
>anime protagonists over the course of 10 years


Hey idiot, the characters on the right are a pretty accurate reflection of modern anime as a whole.

In contract, 70s-90s anime had a much greater variety of MC types, and a much higher portion of alphas. That's why it's not cherry-picking.

Good joke, OP, but to sell it you need the same character on both sides, like Guts, Goku or Lupin,

Uh, no? Are you retarded?

The Soycalypse happened

Damn right.

>watch bland anime
>expect anything but blandness

Why does that guy have grenades around his dick satan?

>anime protagonists over the course of 10 years
well that's when the change really started to take effect. You could argue it was early 00's which is sort of true but by 2008, it was all over.

I'd a modern anime.
Also to answer your question, the nips accepted reality.

How else can he bang chicks?

don't you have somewhere else to be, frogposter?

Eren is also arguably a response/parody to modern anime protagonists.


He still looks like a bitch though.

At least touman has a different haircut than his colleagues.

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Evidently those kinds of protagonists make the most profits, even though I'm pretty sure there were shows similar to those on the right in the same time periods as the left. The bad ones just get filtered out by time, as it will be in 15 years when seasonal stuff from the present day is forgotten and only the best shows really remembered by the majority.

Too bad it's not much better. Just looks like a spiky mess and not even in a cool exaggerated kind of way.

i disrespect modern protagonists

Wdym user? I love having the same fucking black haired one dimensional character be the mc in every goddamned show, it's great!

cherry picking: the thread. Why don't you fill the second panel with some actual cool protagonists like:

Edward Elric
Light Yagami
Okabe Rintaro
Space Dandy

Well he IS a bitch.

I was just stating a fact about the picture. I am not wrong.

It's not cherry picking you stupid idiot, refer to Just to help your tiny brain understand: nobody is denying there are good MCs from the last 20 years.

I think the biggest faggot is OP wasting his life making this thread every day.

>Good characters
>underagefag doesn't know Devilman existed before the year 2000
At least try, user.

OP here. This is my first time making this thread
>wasting his life
Where do you think you are.

1972 must make him a good representation of a good modern character.

That reminds me, one of the original japanese time loop MCs got a modern makeover recently.

Cherrypicking my ass.

oh no


I fucking hate when skinny twink characters with no chest wear shirts with long neck holes and shit. It's hideous.

The trend reflects the change in taste across all the board. Everyone including Sup Forums prefer cute MCs

>including Sup Forums
>daily "why is this MC such a doormat?" threads

How many times are you going to repostthis and promptly getting called out for cherrypicking every time?

Cute MC =/= doormat.
Doormats happen to be cute. But not every cute MC is a doormat

No need to remind that Westerners don't actually watch any anime and are only able to perceive it through memes.