Akame Ga Kill! 51


hmm i like tomboyish girls.

alchemy girl's got a very deep thingy.


fuck it, im just uploading the good stuff

fuck that pink nigga

im actually worried for lubbock? raba? how was it?

The threads around the point this chapter came out were pretty great

oh nooo

shura seems to actually be a reasonable guj

(in retrospective he could have easily been the next vegeta and join forces with wave, run, kurome and budo for a lawful side inside the empire but yeah)

oh no :D

is tatsumi licking esdeath tits?

How was what? Getting his ball crushed?
I guess it wasn't a lot of fun

he was giving up, wasnt he?



come on lubbock, tatsumi fell for the tsundere bait, just give it up and tell shura boy everything.

Don't use emoticons on Sup Forums. Also, fucking kill yourself, why are you dumping Akame ga Kill? It has ended long time ago, if you want to read some threads go check the archives.

>Caring about this series after gay pompadour man died

I'll admit that it could be entertaining with how much pointless edgy crap the author piled on, but come on.

>anyway, AGK was the K-On! of my days and he ruined it.

>a chapter once every three weeks or a month
But it was always a montly manga?

Anyway, searching for any sort of popular AgK image through one of the archives might turn up some of the old threads

most of the best moments came after pompadour guy died, though

esdeath a cute! a cute!

>guess it wasn't a lot of fun

Of course not

The first few hours you will feel extreme pain, if left untreated, the scrotum will swell and you won’t feel anything from it anymore, touching it feels line you’re just holding a water balloon.

not sure why my post was deleted but by he I mean the storywritter, because the art was always decent.

>But it was always a montly manga?
was it? i recall coming by once a week (at least when the serie was very popular), probably it was a monthly manga on the start and early half but by the end when a lot of people dropped it, it got released once a month and I think one chapter was delayed to two or three months.

yeah the unnecessary edginess made me dislike some characters i was trying to understand. a very clear case is seryuu and the rich girl from the start, the killing of them without being that edgy could have made clear tatsumi of what kind of grey morale akame has and its terrorist group had.

Fuck off.


I have no problems with Mine but if I had to choose between her and Esdeath, I would pick esdeath without a second thought.

This Thread: Akame ga Rbage eaters in a nutshell.

>he isn't currently reading the sequel

isn't the prequel the good one and the sequel not so much? they're both in my backlog

Prequel is great. Only a few chapters have been published of the sequel so it's hard to judge.

The extra chapters should have been entirely about Suzuka.