24h to see zero two

What do you expect?

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Me getting an erection for 20 minutes

Friendly reminder to report all the Sup Forumsshitters, 3dpd posters, tumblr gifs, and stream screenshots that get post in these threads.

Darling gets seriously injured because of 02. 02 goes through some sort of mini crisis where she tries to sort out her feelings between her duties and Darling, eventually it leads to 02 abandoning Darling for his own good.

Oni giving hiro diabetes


>Hiro acting reserved during the parade while everyone in his squad waving, enjoying the attention
>Noticing Zero Two waving him on one of the balcony/seats along with Doc FranXX
>Smiling and waving back for the first time
>Ichigo noticing and seething inside

A love scene from "ZERO TWO" "HIRO"

If only Hiro had listened and none of this would've happened. Hiro needs to stop thinking with his dick and choose the only real choice for a partner

Another episode without it appearing. I don't get why everyone is talking about zero two.

waifu shit takes over the threads in between episodes

I expect Hiro to give her the name Oni.

But she is Goro's fuck piece. Goro best boi

Hiro is sick with fever but appears to recover quickly and is eating out of Oni's hand. Everyone wonders if he is really ok and if so what makes him different. While Mitsuru by contrast isn't recovering so well. The politics of their world will get fleshed out some more. I expect no action this episode.

I expect Ichigotards to get blown the fuck out for the 5th time in a row.

Breakfast with 002 being lewd annoying/inspiring miku and satan

Pilots have their big ceremony thing (002's had hers already so she's not there but Hiro doesn't look too upset)

Prologue Hiro date with 02 under the sakura after, 002 mega happy

Next morning hiro not feeling well

Ichigo blames 002 for it and gets really pissed at her

doc shows up and determines it's just from Hiro training too hard

Be humble, sit down.

1) She is goro's partner
2) Couldn't connect with him

more smiles

>yfw Ichigo agrees to watch how 02 and Hiro pilot firsthand, so she can learn from it.


002 being happy.

pure love

Not enough of pic related.

In a few episodes We will be sad when we find out no one could protect that smile.

take that back

>Sup Forumsshitters
what does ditf possibly have to do with videogames?


She just needs Hiro to be there for her and they'll do fine.

Dafuq is that?

02 nursing Hiro back to health.

Oni always makes Hiro confident while Ichigo makes him lose it. expecting to see oni cucking ichigo to oblivion.

>Girlfriend has a complex over being called a monster
>Give her the name Oni


Hiro said he's thinking of a name in episode 3. I really doubt he'd name her Oni after so long as if it was a very hard name to come up with.

I want cute scenes between these two, like cuddling and other shit.

Giving her the name "Oni" implies that she is cute and he accepts her as a monster.

I've spammed the first 10 seconds of the PV quite a lot already.

There will be some fore sure. They don't add the best scenes to the PV anyway

>grabing those cheeky horns and pounding the fuck out of her complex

>tfw there is a threadly reminder that you will never escape the inevitable end

How come nobody talks about the guy at 0:03 of PV. Looks pretty fancy.

>Prologue Hiro date with 02 under the sakura after, 002 mega happy
I feel it's kind of too soon for that.

Quit forcing your ship

>Prologue Hiro date with 02 under the sakura after, 002 mega happy
Too soon. She doesn't have her P13 uniform yet, pay attention to what she's wearing in that scene. No way we're getting both 02 as an official team member and that date in such an early episode.

have the cropped version user

Some great action.
The guy who made this and his best buddy is among the animation crew for it.

I did a thing

Almost had a seizure

Didnt notice the nipple tapes before

My pleasure.

This looks cool

That's a cute Strelizia.

I'd be a bit surprised if we get a lot of action this episode. Episode 6 is supposed to be a big deal and we've just had a climax in episode 4, so I expect 5 to be more tame and focused on the aftermath.

Got a blog?

A mecha that dont need convert female butts in steering wheels

That's a nice Strelizia, solid job. One thing I'd point out is that the pure black her underneath her left pauldron looks pretty strange, what with part of her arm just disappearing there.

Ichigofans cant accept the truth?
You waifu is shit

Thank you
Yes but it is mostly crappy fetish shit lol
I copied the official art, but I get it looks a little strange.

Weekly overdose of memes.
Beside the NTRshitposting getting overblown the corssboarders haven't been THAT bad this time around compared to the actual triggerniggers shilling for the show.

>Ichigo about to throw herself from a bridge.
What did the mean by this?

Really good animation brought down by a terrible script that is equal parts infuriating and cliche.

for real I dreamed about an episode of that series
but what happened in there, is very unlikely to be happen for real


beach. episode. fuck the pv, we are getting a beach episode

All I want is for Hiro and 02 to bang all night and day long, is that so much to ask?

well if you want
but be aware it's really, yeah, "strange" and I can't remember everything
>Hiro become uncounscious, Goro is picking him up, not with the Delphinium, but with the Argentea
>Goro is somehow alone, so he puts Hiro into the pistil position
>Hiro awakens, cause he is now Argentea
>timeskip, battle (or whatever else what happened) is over
>the pilots go shopping
>Hiro gets kidnapped (they look like US-soldiers by the way)
>Goro turns out that he was always working for USA (or whoever they are) the whole time, and he is Hiro's brother

sorry if it sounds confussing, can't remember everything

You seen Top Gun recently?

no, actually, never watched it, but I see what you mean
but I played Survarium recently, and the US-soldiers also looked like some easteuropean-soldiers

Fuck off, ichigo.

too bad you need water for a beach

I don't think it's going to have tons of action but it's definitely going to have some nice one.
And Ep 6 may be loaded with action but that's handled by Trigger. A-1 has had plenty of time to do whatever for this one.

I like seeing the robos get some love?

The problem is it's always Strelitzia which gets all the love. Maybe the Monster Hunter one from time to time but it's pretty rare.

More Daaarling~
More Ichigo getting BTFO
More Hiro gains
Some other couple is going to get fucked as a plot device


There's been some art of Argentea. Delphinium and Chlorophytum just get overshadowed by Strelizia.

You'll have to wait until Komiket for that one.

Cute Hiro and 02.

Everybody finds love in the end.

But unironically.

"Here comes the aeroplane! Eat up to grow big and strong for mummy. I'll give you some milk afterwards. That's a good boy, I love you!"

Relationship development is the best.

To be fair, Strelizia, Argentea and Genista have advantage of being main mech, being genki and being MH Gunlance expy respectively. Chlorophytum suffers from lack of screentime and Delphinium doesn't really have any standout traits outside of being piloted by Broro and Miss "One step away form School Bullet Giveaway"

let's see
>doggy-style piloting system
>sexual innuendos
>it's a used good
>had multiple partners before the MC
>MC wasn't his first pilot
>MC isnt's the first man to pilot his ass
>multiple male partners had already piloted his ass before the MC, including Mitsuru in episode 3
>It acts as a 'sexually experienced' (slutty) girl

Need I say more?

Here is a lot to be said here. Hiro was the alpha of their pack. He named them. He’s basically big daddy. He also trains obsessively.

Now basically He was the pinnacle of their social order, he’s broken a girl already.

Enter Oni, a veteran, and a legend on top of that. She’s on top of the order automatically, but also an outsider. Making her position shaky. Including her is up to her finding a place in the tribe. Of course being Tip top she only wants prime partners. Of course she chooses Hiro, jumpskipping all the established positions. Old and busted tip top tries to reclaim the top but simply can’t handle the Hiro, he’s too big, too practiced, too disciplined, and has his own way of doing things.
Enter cockibastid, thinks he’s hot shit, “she devoured my heart mind soul, my everythang”

This leads me to believe she,Oni. is an insatiable submissive. Which is a difficult position to be in, because she’s got big holes, and big appetites. anyone less than will be put in cockibastid’s position.

Which leads us to the shmile. Oni finally gets to ride tha beast again, having had partners in common with ichigo, and it being publically known that ichigo is the most submissive partner in the group, Oni is a little jealous of ichigo in that she has an array of suitable partners. As it happens Hiro is a bridge too far for Ichigo. The smile conveys a big, I win. You see women hate social obscurity. Oni has simultaneously won: biggest dick in the group, baddest bitch of the group, and is the new top girl of the social order, by virtue of conquest. Its saying this is how you submit to a mastersword like Hiro.
Ichigo, having been the prime subject of this upheaval now knows her limits and her place in the pecking order, so the order is now stable again and as mother hen Ichigo is happy, but as an individual she has confronted serious limitations that were easily surmounted by Oni. Thus respect and deference to the differences Oni possesses.

>Delphinium doesn't really have any standout traits

It's actually kind of weird. When they first introduced them, I thought it would end up as the most prominent one aside from the MC.
It's definitely aquatic-flavoured and I thought it would be specifically designed for that sort of environment.

They way things are going, I don't think we're seeing any undersea battles any time soon. Though they might just be teasing it in the first episode.

Well, they already kissed so it doesnt matter

How many episodes until she realizes she can do better?

Delphinium always looks like a lesser Strelizia to me.

They could still allude to it in the show. Some especially cheeky remarks from 02 with Hiro turning beat red.


For Hiro to act like a fag again and NOT GET IN THE DAMN ROBOT

He's the best pilot we've seen, though. And she knows it from watching him train. Piloting is essentially the most valued skill/profession in their world.

Are these threads just post-ironic lewdposting?

No, it's a full avantgarde hentai plot.

The misguiding PVs symbolising the twisted expectations of intercourse modern generation has to face.
The faithful reproduction of the flower meme being an apt metaphor for the routine everyone goes through before they have to start improvising with their partner.
Ichigo bullying is, I think, pretty obvious representation of everyone's deep fear of "failure"



- Hiro was much more smarter than the other children, taking initiative and handing out names to a bunch of orphans raised in some sterile lab environment.

- Hiro was a prodigy and it's always got the best results during trainings.

- Mitsuru smentioned that ''Even among the double-digits, he was a cut above'', and above double-digits comes one-digit like Zero Two

- Hiro spends most of his time working out and training hard in a training bot while other pilots spend this time talking shit about him.

-If one wing is flying at a faster rhythm than the other, that bird be crashing.

Right now, yes. Everyone is suffering from withdrawal and even shitposting is running on fumes. Needs new episode to kickstart it again.

Is this an EVA reference?

>devil trips

I just assumed it's going to be Honey. That sounds kind of like Oni and references her eating habits.

>That sounds kind of like Oni

If you read it in English, maybe? It sounds absolutely nothing like it in Japanese.