Digimon adventure tri trailer

There's an extended trailer for the last of the tri movies coming out in march ophanimon fags BTFO


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This garbage can't end soon enough.

Will we get Digimon four and we can pretend Digimon tri doesn't exist

I just wanted KingEtemon. Fuck Tri.


Such is life.


Oniichan ftw
Takeru btfo

ups in comes out in may, not in march. The 5th of May, to be exact.

Translation of the PV pls??

Incestous kissing when?

Not gonna lie trailer looks really good. It has that adventures 1 vibe. I hope they don't ruin it with meicomon and power of friendship and bad animation. I want to be hyped for the last movie, just hope the writing and animation is good in that last movie.

I hope soon

after robo taichi.

Pretty nice.

chaos(mon) vs ordine(mon) when?

This is the only choice left to humanity.
This isn't an evolution... What is it?
Your suffering shall soon come to an end.
There's digimon everywhere...
Yggdrasil, Homeostasis... Even if your plans goes well, the world won't be saved.
I wonder what would Taichi say?
Meicoomon is the one who suffer the most.
Let's fight together for Meicoomon and Firmon(Virmon?)'s sake.
Never give up. Create the future.
All lights are going into Meicoomon...
We will save the world in our own way!
Can't undestand the first digimon Agumon is talking about and I didn't watch any Digimon series after 02 so maybe I'm missing something or a new digimon will show up, I don't know.

Press F to pay respects.

Holdramon...I'm not even mad anymore. Just so disappointed. I just want this to end with an extended version of 02's ending so I can hate and ignore this forever.


>muh megaevolution without holy ring is holydramon
>with it the real mega is ophani

Their face when

Why? this way both yagami siblings have dragons

Let's fight together for Gatomon and Meicoomon's sake

Meicoomon a shit btw. I hope it never gets redeemed.

Holy shit. I can't believe I got テイルモン wrong.

you good fampai, I can barely moonrune so I appreciate the translation.

Taichi has dinosaur not dragon

the draymon destroyers are effective against itself, so war greymon is a dragon as well.


Haha nice
Ophanifags btfo forever

This kills the Adventure.

I hope it is an actual direct sequel to Adventure and completely ignores 02 and Tri.

Digimon needs to end already honestly

I'd rather have a frontier remake.

why does hackmon have a nice design but jesmon's design is awful?

As an Ophanimonfag this doesn't bother me at all as I like Holydramon too. I just like the theming and matching mons more.

Inner shipperfag is disappointed though.

So you mean do the entirety tri all over again? It's not like tri tried it's hardest to completely ignore 02.


What the fuck is this shit? You can't have ophanimon falldown mode and then say that her true form is not ophanimon. It would be like having shinegreymon ruin mode as the alt evolution but then when the true form is revealed it is some random ass shit like ultimatebrachimon instead of being a shinegreymon form

Did you bitch that you can't have Dukemon being the cannon evolution when Megidramon looks so different?

Funnily enough, Holydramon and Megidramon are both part of the 4 great dragons.

Difference being that megidramon isn't a mode change of dukemon like crimsom mode is. They could've made something like holydramon falldown mode or holydramon (virus) or even use megidramon as it looks similar enough to be an evil alternate form of holydramon or some shit like that instead of bringing a digimon who is well known as being the mode change of another digimon.

An argument can be made for Megidramon being a dark evolution, even though it is technically Guilmon's natural Ultimate form. And matrix/biomerging being a different evolution path because it fuses the tamer too. There's also ChaosDukemon, which is said to be Megidramon in knight form.

So is anyone going to acknowledge the split tail that Holydramon has and how it resembles Meicoomon's tail? No one? Okay.

If that means AIDS Cat perma sacrifices itself for Tailmon to go Holydramon, as an Ophanimonfag, I totally dig it.
Fuck AIDS Cat.

I don't think Toei is smart enough to give Meimei's cat Holydramon so Tailmon can have Ophanimon. Would be cool though.

Who do you hate more user-tachi, Meiko and aids cat are the 02 jobbers?

No you misunderstood me. I want Meicoomon to perma die so Tailmon goes Holydramon.

The Cat and Meimei. Tri was supposed to be about the original chosen not this anti-Mary sue bitch and her pussycat.

Probably just an updated design choice, like the alterations they made to wargreymon.

Meiko and cat are pretty much harmless, they are just plot devices. 02 shitters actively harms the quality of the show with their existence, which is terrible because they are the main characters and the focus is always on them

I haven't looked, but I just gotta know, as a pretty huge Digimon fan, I'm not the only one that thinks everything about Digimon Tri is really fucking awful and doesn't capture the adventure and fun of Digimon at all, right? I'm not the only one that hates Meiko and her stupid fucking awful Meicoomon or whatever, right?

Give me some confirmation bias, Sup Forums, am I crazy for not like Tri at all?

Oh well... okay then.

Of course not.

First 3 movies are fine but once we got to Sora's movie, it went to pieces.

Maybe but WarGreymon looks closer to VictoryGreymon now but Holydramon still looks the same but has a longer tail and it kind of splits off at the end. The only Tailmon to have a split tail is Tailmon X. No promotional art has it with the longer tail with the split in the middle for the V-pets.

not a difference, since the complaint would have been that the dark form should have been chaos dukemon as a mode change/variant.

Hey man, Digimon can have different evolutionary paths based on how they're raised or made to evolve.

Movie 3 is where I lost all hope for Tri being good but don't you date say the first 3 films were good because yhey were trash as well. Movie 1 gets a pass though as they were establishing the plot which I thought.

>fine = good
First 3 are tolerable at the most.

I could barely enjoy Loss or Symbiosis.

I didn't even like the first three, honestly. The idea was great, but something about it just did not feel like Digimon to me. I get they were going for a bit more mature of a thing, but I felt like the sacrifice of making it feel like a Digimon thing wasn't worth it.

hora hora

Missread that post. Disregard my response then.

It depends the setting. Only vpets and world games have raising shit as a determining factor in evolution. In every other case, they simply default into a "canon" evolutions and dark evolutions or evolve depending stat requirements and can freely choose between unlocked forms.

Holydramon!! Finally

I want to marry meiko

You already have 3 nerds, Mimi.

Stop being greedy.

make me

I hate what they did with Taichi the most. They ruined the character and when they didn't know what to do with him anymore they got rid of him altogether. I know he's not dead but I'm pretty sure he's not gonna show up again until the end. Tri was a mistake.

Miyako is dead she needed to replace a glasses girl with another one. Shane it had to be Meimei.

This is what should be done to blind nostalgia faggots:


Why is Masaru so based?

I love Savers so much.

Okay fess up, who did this?


>user wants to marry trash

Nice try puffdaddy_j.

Cackled like a hyena.

Fuck angelfags.



Mimi > all other girls.

This has been known since 1999, user.

Doesn't make it any less true though.

No more Mei pls

Reminder that Tri originally was going to be a full anime season but got canned by DBS.

Not a single 02 kid in sight. I bet they won’t show up till the credits.

and nothing of value was lost

Wolfs are gay

Would a Tamers sequel have any chance at being decent?

to be fair we've never seen how physically strong those rookie digimon really are so a human being able to punch them real good makes sense.

>Tri sucks
>DBS sucks
It ends up bad either way. The writers don't understand what worked with Adventure and pulled a bunch of the same issues 02 had in terms of not explaining shit or half-assed reasoning, juggling too many plot points while not being any to a conclusion, and having the heroes doing dumb shit when they specifically know what the problem they need to fight is and wait for it to come to them.

They're ruin it. It'd need to somehow encase that edgy early 2000s vibe again being Digimon's take on the matrix and blade runner. You see it one too many times where a series attempts to emulate the styles of the early 2000s/late 1999s and just comes off as cheesy or unoriginal.

Savers fucking sucked. Masaru was the only good thing about it.

Savers was immensely better than Frontier, 02, Xros Wars, Hunters, Appmon and certainly Tri as well.

I'd liked Yoshino. Wish Masaru and Tohma where a couple years older. Also cool how all the leads got the same tier final form thing.

I want the last shot of the movie to be Taichi and Hikari kissing.

If they bring Konaka back, yes, if not then it will be trash.