Animes to watch before I KMS

Aye Sup Forums my new years resolution is to kms this year, therefore I want to see some hidden gems that I might've missed, I have been watching anime since 1998 so if you name something ordinary I have probably watched it and no I don't have a MAL, but if you know of any Anime one must watch before Resting in Paprika please tell me.

Watch Patlabor it might chear you up

well I tried, back to the noose

all of One Piece until its conclusion

You won't be able to pull it off.

Infinite Ryvius

Mars of Destruction

You know you're not going to do it.

Watch Welcome to The NHK so you can finally end it all after realizing that there's no Misaki coming to save you OR save yourself.

Polar Bear Cafe
Robot Carnival

Misaki is a piece of shit though.

not only an ironic weeb but also an ironic suicider.

I long for death, my biggest fear would be not being able to die, I will kms probably with a Noose or shot in the head this year I don't expect anyone to believe I will do it, I don't take anyone who says they will seriously either, but at some point something inside you clicks and from there, there is no going back.

>announcing suicide
Look at this attention whore.

I know the exact same feel you're explaining I saw it a few years ago and I was like "yeah irl there is no Misaki 4 u"

>all these unironic suggestions
God this board just gets shittier every year. Also kill yourself already dumb attentionwhore.

Please do not post images of Sekibanki ever again, fagbro.

Recommendation/request threads belong on the appropriate board, Lurk for 2 years before posting.

just do it bro

Then why aren't you dead yet, faggot?
There is only way to win over your self-preservation instinct. You need severe depression, you have to suffer mentally and possibly physically to the point where you just want it to end at all costs, only at that moment you are actually able to kill yourself.
And what the fuck are you doing? Asking what anime to watch?
I hope you die from a heart attack while masturbating to traps and doing anal play, you attention whoring faggot.

stop bumping this attention whoring newfags shit thread

i'm not sure if many poster know what sage is these days

I gotta stuff to do before doing it, I need 3-4 months and then gone.

I thank the people who actually suggested stuff to me, Imma go check them out.
P.S I'm beyond the point where I gave a shit about what everyone else thinks, I'm gonna die anyway so why would I give a fuck?

Stop waiting and just do it, fucking retard.

Don't forget about Boku no Pico. It's an underrated gem.

>ddlc, normalfag's second vn after nekopara of course ;)
>Reccomend me anime pls
>Facebook filename
>People actually responding seriously
>Retards actually responding seriously

>mfw I have been reading VN's since 2006

You forgot the youtube filename.