Idol Time Pripara

Let's discuss currently airing anime Idle Time Pripara, and compare to inferior Aikatsu series.

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God I want to peel Reona's panties off after a hard session of idoling and lick the sweat off his ballsack.

My wife and I have such fun together.

Your show is living on borrowed time.

God I want to lick the sweat off Yumes slippery, shiny face.

Borrowed Idol Time.

>release a rival school plot line despite that not doing so well the first time around
>barely release any new music
>don't release any new toys
Gee, I wonder why sales dropped so badly?

How much Idol TIme does Pripara Idol Time have left?

What was the title of the last thread?

Aikatsu Friends


Haruka Ruka was originally planned to be a main character?

She should've been, fuck yummers.

*A* main character, meaning there would've actually been a main first year Dance Class student.

Thank fuck she wasn't

That is MAX lewd, user.

Probably because Elza is the worst thing to happen to this franchise. With her there, you had no hope of it being anywhere near as fun as DreAca


This is so cute and sweet.

They are fun.

Maria really looks like Mahiru here.


Seira is so insanely boring she almost killed Aikatsu by having so much screentime, while Sora and even more Maria are barely relevant. S2 was saved by its second part with Mizuki's return and S1 girls having more screentime to the detriment of DreAca. At least, Elza stands out from other characters by being charismatic.

They are fuckable, not fun.

Your low quality screenshot upsets me.

Yours is shitty too. Artefacts amke my eyes bleed.

Yume is so cute and adorable, i love her so much!


I hated stars until I saw Rola.
Now I love stars, no I mostly just love Rola

Stars hates Rola.

Yurika: >boys?!

I now hate Stars seeing what they've done to Rola.

Japanese fanon dictates that Yurika and Ako are the fujoshi of the girls.

Yes stars hates rola
They treated rei's loss to yume as her still growing and being a winner. They dragged rola through the dirt and even her friends didn't stick around. I bet yume would have walked away if rola didn't open the door.

The one time Rola won something, they also had the narrative acknowledge Yume as the true winner.


Which one was that, the taiyaki or Venus wave?

I guess it's my fault for not making a new thread before going to sleep.


Today ia my birthday, I wish i could spend some time wuth elza sama!

>spending time with worst idle

Happy birthday
She's just call you a loser and say you have no passion or something

>being this drunk already

I really hope she performs, but she looks like the kind of character that isn't meant to perform.

I love elza sama!

>you're suddenly on a date with Elza
>now you have to entertain her
Worse than death.

It's never too early to slosh

>you will now proceed to have sex with Asahi


Can I have sex with Rolo instead


Everything went better than expected.

that picture is their reactions to being told that

Though I think I would Asahi as well.

Rolas face being told she has to have sex with yume


They're disturbed by the insects.

Happy birthday! Have an Elza-sama from me.

The absolute state of Pripara threads

It's on us both.

At least Pripara isn't a part of dying franchise.

>he doesn't know

PriPara is dead, user.

>Pretty Series
>renewed every few years
>always fresh
>different themes


>Pretty Cure
Oh, makes sense.


How can other fast food franchises even compete?

Minna tomodachi
Minna fure


I want to Chiri-shan-shan inside her.

> only 1 of these characters is still alive

> Build
Never started it. Really should.

> Fugtto
Episode 1 wasn't total dogshit, Precure might just be saved.

> Cops vs Robbers





It's time. I'm ready to get sloshed and cry a lot.
Me on the left

I miss those meme chibis.


Bandai owns both Precure and Aikatsu, right? We need a crossover.


I hope so too because her singing voice is fun.


>BTFO time



Bandai doesn't own Toei things, just rights to make merch.


Bandai owns all of Aikatsu, but Bandai only owns half of Precure.

Why is Shin such a fuckboy?

Why did Ako leave her when she needed her the most?

Alec hogged all the manliness in KinPri.

Then how come Kamen Rider could crossover with Pacman?

Taking aventage of a mentally broken person is the best.

I want to hug her.


Toei and Bandai wrote and signed a lot of papers?


the chad rhythm vs virginkatsu