Keep that filthy thing in the trash.

>Indirect handholding
My cock is at full mast

I wouldn't want to stretch and ruin her gloves with my big manly hands. I'll have to decline.

it's not for your hand
it's for your nose to sniff

How's this thing named?


i still dont fully understand this.
Am i supposed to cum in the glove?

why is she so embarassed
why is she holding it that way
why does she think im not capable of putting a glove on myself

glove must be very sweaty on the inside

>Indirect handholding
on a god damn blue board too

I dont get this fetish

Do you really not get it?


Imagine how warm it would be

I get it now.


I'm confused again

It turns me on

Look i'll cum in the gloves if they really want me too, i just want to know why.

wait, so, if 's image is implying what i think it is implying, then what does imply?

>tfw glove fetishist
>tfw would just rather get a gloved handjob instead of ruining the glove


>stocking without the foot segment
Miss me with that shit, the foot area is literally the best part.

Well yeah, I'd have preferred if they'd drawn her in her normal outfit because those are the proper stockings. That costume is designed that way so she can slip them off her leg.

I see, so the gloves are a representation of how their vaginas look, eh?
I'll take third from right to left on bottom row, thank you very much.

>I see, so the gloves are a representation of how their vaginas look, eh?


i grew up with brown hair white hairband girl plus i like her reaction the most

>glove fetishist

Do they have to wear the gloves afterwards?
That's important.

After what?

After THAT.

What's THAT?

Yes. All day long.

Probably but not likely

The sacred technique.

Yes. I am pleased. I shall give my best to do THAT to them all.

A-am I supposed to put my dick in it?

You think that's an odd fetish?

Only look if you're dummy and can't figure it out.

It's supposed to look like the girls vagina

>tfw no penis

you think a glove fetish is fucking weird?
you should see big knee fetish

Thank you, darling girl.

The girls what?

Has anyone fed the ducks yet, doesn't seem like they have been eating anything good lately.

Read the thread

I'm sorry but this is the second time I've seen these threads and I still don't understand what the girls want me to do! I'm never going to understand it unless they spell it out for me!

go back to jaypee

The gloves are a representation of their sexual organs, being presented to you as an invitation for an exchange of sexual fluids. In layman's terms:


>not "make glove with it"


I think this girl took off both of her gloves hmm

Sorry, I don't have any experience with sexual relations with girls. Is it normal for girls to present their glove for you to stick your penis in? I've never heard of that before these threads. It seems like it would be kind of uncomfortable.

It feels just like a condom, to be honest. Don't ask me how I know that.

But what's the point if it doesn't make the girl pregnant?

You can always shove the glove up her uterus if it's so important for you.

sometimes when a girl is already pregnant additional ejaculations inside might result in birth defects or miscarriage. better safe than sorry.

I still don't get it.

what do you make of this one?

>look at all the fucks I give

she's flat as a barbie doll

book... vagina?

that glove is awfully stretched, I'd rather find someone more pure


I would take it, make her put it on my dick. My hand with her's, stroking it and staring into her nervous eyes until I ejaculate into the middle finger space.

Then open up her pussy, place the glove on top of it and insert my middle finger into the glove and inside her vagina.



No glove means she wants you to put a baby in her.


that's cute,faggots.

glovejobs are the best


Gloves, huh?

Just give me NuiNui

Who knows

That's not a glove

For what purpose?

did they pour boiling water in their tights? there's no reason they should be steaming like that.


it's sushi



She is wearing gloves.

Yeah but that's not a glo---ooooh I get it. Disregard that I suck cocks.

>suck cock without gloves
fix it pls

Protection is important.

Stop posting boatshit on Sup Forums

Where's the one that doesn't even use the gloves to get the message across?

only lewd fruits,no boats

Is this Japanese comedy? Post things which seem to insinuate lewdness but in reality are quite nonsensical? Or am I just an idiot for not knowing which sexual act squeezing an orange while being patted on the head references? What does opening a book like posted earlier refer to? Nothing makes sense anymore, the Japs are laughing at me.

Boatsluts are only acceptable when they're doing the only thing they're good for: being lewd

Why are implications so hot?


This is the best glove.

Eww, that's a boy.

Its best when they put the gloves back on after you cummed inside them.


Stealing and wearing Kitakami-san's gloves!

Vaginas don't look like gloves, do they?

Like this?
(from right to left)