I didn't watch it because I can't understand mahjong :)

>I didn't watch it because I can't understand mahjong :)

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watching that won't make you understand mahjong, akagi, or common sense for that matter

>Nobody understands mahjong not even the chinese.


>I riichi on a hell wait because it works for Hisa.

>akagi thread
>not making a kaiji, the vastly superior anime by a wide margin thread

sorry about that brain damage user, hope they find a cure someday.

Also I forgot how fucking hideous this anime was, OP was shitty too.

>not making a Kaiji
We would if we could, user

>Kaiji better than Akagi

What do you mean by this

>he doesn't leave his fate in hands of lady luck

playing normally gets boring fast

This If only, and it only we could have the same staff.

Sasuga 9kyuu



isn't he trying for sankantsu?

He went for the Haitei on the 2s he knew Urabe had when he folded

Houtei dora 4, dealer mangan.

kaiji and one outs fucking sucked. kaiji was great precisely because the MC is just some stupid kid with the occasional quality keikaku and not some mary desu ass magic fuckboy.

Hou tei from Urabe.

Anime secondary: the post.

Isn't the entire point of Kaiji to show how Kaiji slowly goes from a newb with potential to a master gambler?

That was a smart post.

Kaiji is shit

>tfw still can't touch the magical sand in the depths of hell.

Its about how some neet fucked up and got addicted to gambling thusly kept fucking up, getting more and more wise but also consumed by gambling in the process
[spoilers]love him though

I think Akagi turned me gay

I'm not gay but I really want to touch him.

>I didn't watch it because I can't understand rakugo :)

I wish I knew why they didn't really do it ASAP, but instead dropped some One Poker chapters. Kaijifags can find raws if they're dying to know what happens Hopefully it'll be out soon, and and be good.

Rakugo doesn't really require understanding the way mahjong does. but I do think they complement the stories in a similar way.
Which reminds me, I was glad to find out here that I'm not the only one who Rakugo reminded of Ten at various bits.
It's really good.

What did you deal in?

Kus wojakposter

Hell waits are the best when your winning tile isn't in the dead wall.

>>I didn't watch it because I can't understand mahjong

>after learning
nah man. Just during the last thread I understood why they added that one suit avoidance thing to the kid Akagi match. It's newb as fuck as it is and since the fucker is 13 that was a real arrogant way to win against that old master, pull out that newfag garbage and still win.

Nice enterfagging, but please don't start things like this here.

The mahjong is easy to understand, but Akagi being a madman still fucks with my brain.

Riichi on a hell wait worked well for Akagi too

That's not a hell wait, that's a fucking dead wait.

There's a whole manga about kid who loved shitty waits. Last scanlated chapters are about him dropping out of his college, parents disowning him and him living in a park.


>Last scanlated chapters are about him dropping out of his college, parents disowning him and him living in a park.
shit that's way too accurate
fuck mahjong

>I didn't read it because I can't understand go :)

The way I saw it, the "ignore one suit" thing (tse-ii-men) was a double-layered trap by Akagi, in that if both Akagi and Ichikawa ignore one suit (that is, not using that suit in their hands and discarding every tile of that suit), it becomes safe to discard tiles from that suit, as they can't complete the opponent's hand. To Ichikawa, Akagi wanted him to think this way, which made Ichikawa discard a tile *not* from that suit, and *that* was Akagi's aim. It could also be said that this intimidation tactic (of giving an impression that he -- Akagi -- figured him completely) worked against Yagi, but not against Ichikawa, who (unlike Yagi) knew how such a tactic could be countered -- by completing more conventional, tile-efficient hands. Plus, one of Ichikawa's defining characteristics was his solid defense, which Akagi spent a lot of time trying to find a way to beat.
The "ignore two suits" was, imo, another of Akagi's approaches to lower Ichikawa's points, before having to forcefully cut both his and Ichikawa's points to 1/10th because fuck trying to take 90k points from Ichikawa, just taking his final 10k required so much effort already.

>I didn't ron this because I'm going for a tsumo :)

>18 posters
Come play already, you shitposters.

damn, fkmt really always goes all out when planning matches, thanks for the interpretation.
maybe somebody Does know what akagi is doing

>I didn't read it because it was cancel

I didn't watch it because the artstyle is shit.

Another crazy moment is the last round of the second hanchan of Washizu mahjong, when Washizu has 2 of the wind dora tiles and Akagi has one in his hand that prevents him from winning, so he manipulates Washizu by not discarding the wind tile when he could and read his hand (using furiten rules and counting hans) to wait on the same tile as him and headbump his win.


Can't handle noses in your moeshit?

>>I didn't watch it because I can't understand 4th dimensional principles :^)

>I didn't watch it because I can't understand economics :)

>left guy keeps calling your discards
d-damage boost!

ggwp, in retrospect I should've been less greedy and dealt the two safe chuns

strong damatens tonight


>>I didn't watch it because I can't understand how to fight or defend myself :)

i hope to get familiar enough with mahjong to appreciate moments like these better. gotta read more manga and play more

Tell me how Akagi ended RIGHT NOW

Akagi and Osamu go to the hotsprings together

>not Kakegurui, the ultimate gambling anime

Didn't Akagi tell Osamu to fuck off? Is Osamu even in Ten?

their explenation was too elaborate for the simple topics discussed in the show. if already, those who do understand economics would avoid it because making the obvios complicated hurts your iq.

i can understand violance

i CAN understand mahjong, if i ever took the time to learn it. for now i don't, so i'm missing out on whats happening. is also why i didn't watch saki.

>anime at all

>Want to click the spoilers
>Don't want to because I've held out on reading the last 4 chapters in anticipation for the last one.

Damnit, FKMTkrazy get it done already.

You just have to remember the yaku by playing a bit. The batshit insane things Akagi does are usually more based on psychology than mahjong.

And of course, the furiten rule, that makes you unable to ron someone if you've discarded a tile that would have been your winning tile (say you're waiting on 25, if you've discarded a 2 then you can't ron, whether someone discarded a 2 or a 5). You can use this rule in tactics like suji: if someone is using a two sided wait (which is pretty likely, waiting on a single tile is dangerous), and discarded, say, a 5 pin, then you can discard the 2 and 8 pin, because if he has 34 or 67, 5 would have been his winning tile, making him furiten. So either he doesn't have 34 or 67 or he's in furiten, making this tile safe. Same applies for 147 and 369. Of course it only works if he's using a two sided wait, if the guy has a closed wait using 7-9 then you'll be ronned.


Osamu doesn't appear in Ten, and Akagi told him (more than once) that if Osamu sticks wth him, he can suffer retaliation from yakuza; Akagi also told him (in the Nakai arc) to invest the money he gained, it could mean that Akagi either doesn't think that Osamu can win his own gambles (perhaps he's not ready to handle big matches, seeing how Akagi's money drew his attention), or that (like said before) even if he wins, he'll risk his life.

>still trying to learn mahjong
>this happens
Have I finally found the magic sands of hell?

Nah, you need a dealer yakuman to even come closer to that.

This is true, every religion in asia has their own variety of Mahjong.

>want to play mahjong with friends
>they'll call me a weeb and disregard it if I ever suggest it

I don't see Hindus playing tile games.

Nice Kan.

>+16k pts
>Kamicha only had 15k
>points jump from 25k to 41k

hahah, thank you! i know how to play. im just not very clever, so sometimes i miss obvious things if they're not pointed out. i think im not terrible at jonggs, but im not Good either. but i wanna improve of course

>want to play 麻雀 with friends
>the group I played with has been torn apart by people moving places
>the people I engage with nowadays aren't particularly interested

If you ever find a group, make sure that you can stay in touch online.

I'm Jewish, and I tried watching Akagi the other day. It's fucking nothing at all like mahjong, the Japs must be retarded

My friends got bored after I tried to explain the rules. At least one of my brothers learned it. 2 player mahjong isn't as based tho

Tell me more about your mahjong. I can't imagine mahjong without riichi and doras

It's not the Chinese "Mahjong", that you may know, it's "Riichi Mahjong", which is essentially Japan-only.


not that guy, but the mahjong i know doesn't have points. you just win or lose
dora is a wildcard, it can take place of any tile
if you finish the game by discarding dora you win 2 points

>it doesn't have points
>but if you do this you get points
Make up your mind man.

Why not just play the Ten vs Harada 2p mahjong?

2 points, basically you've won twice. No complicated yaku bullshit

riichi mahjong is definitely one of the most convoluted. i don't know a lot about other kinds, but i know they're not as complex. for instance, in chinese mahjong, your hand is actually worth more if you open it/ call on a tile. don't know if it's as easy to call as it is in riichi though.
i once held a book about mahjongs, but none of them seemed as interesting as riichi, and none of the tiles were as pretty as riichi so.

You don't know mahjong. It's as easy as that.

>pretty tiles
Chinese tiles are just bigger. So it's harder to cheat

riichi mahjong take actual skill and strategy unlike shitty pure luck chinese one.

Is it normal to want to eat mahjong tiles?



these are travel sized chinese ones. look at how 1sou bird's tail is closed. also honestly on the picture you posted as well the design on the modern japanese 1pin design is better.
not a big deal honestly but it's something i noticed.
i have chinese tiles at home but play riichi, cause i couldn't find japanese ones to buy where i live.

that's a lot of poor untranslated penchan for one thread

I hate 4 player mahjong so much. It's too slow.

You have to get that ADHD treated.