ITT: shows that are unfairly forgotten

Here we discuss shows that have been forgotten, or shows that no one (whether in Japan, in the West, or elsewhere) talks about anymore.

Let's start with perhaps the most unfair example in recent years. Why does no one (whether in Japan or outside Japan) care about the show anymore, or even remembers that it exists?

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This one deserved a S3...

Medabots deserves far more love. It wasn't as try-hardish as Digimon these days, had just the right amount of badass action and humor.

This show

Is a wild card in how you are going to feel towards it (it can be mediocre, just ok, one of the best animus of the decade or complete fucking garbage).

Just by that alone, the curiosity to see what your opinion will end up being one would think people would give it a shot.

Also score is god tier:

>has threads almost every single day
Kill yourself.

The episodes range from generic grbage to one of the best harems (if not the best) Animus period.

The fucking ending was perfect and fitting, no need for a S3 desu.

>Kill yourself.
But it hurts!

It didn't even have a new year's thread this year.

Baka to Test was a great school comedy. It did get a LOT of shit though so I wouldn't say it was short served.

There are still regular threads here.

This one. I thought the manga and Seo are popular; why doesn't anyone care about the series anymore?

Hey, at least Senbongi's career caught fire.

Black Jack

OP here. How come Aokana has been forgotten when it had OPOTS, and it was the last anime some singer sang for before retirement?

Style over substance.

Animegataris threads remembered it because they were waiting for the show to catch fire.

I want more Arisa.

I found this show above average, in comparison to the VN adaptations that I previously watched during that time.

In Japan, sure. Here Seo is infamous

Main reason why those shows are kinda forgotten is simply that there's no new additional manga or anime content being made for it.
And no fans actively pushing or posting about the old stuff. That which is being mentioned is still alive in people's memories.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that what is remembered on Sup Forums is really relevant at all in Japan. That which isn't talked about on Sup Forums might still be quite remembered in Japan.

You don't for example see too many discussions about Show By Rock!! here for example, but the franchise by itself is doing quite well in Japan, and it's one of the properties being actively advertised by the Sanrio corporation. Cyan even got her own big glass emoting panel at the Sanrio Expo where she reacts to you teasing and touching her. Touch her boobs, and she turns into her cute little myumon form and tries to skedaddle away, embarrassed.

Mein bro.

It had cute girls, and the show had some nice chibi animation, but I found the air jousting rules to be kinda meh.
Would have been better if it were some kind of team sports, instead of duelist running.



>Is a wild card in how you are going to feel towards it (it can be mediocre, just ok, one of the best animus of the decade or complete fucking garbage).
Just like any other anime ever?

It was just a quirky commercial for the hackadoll app.

No nigga u don't understand

There is usually a concensus in regular anime where most of the opinions are 7 or 8 out of ten or something like that.

But if you go to the archives and scroll trough the flip fleeps threads the opinions are all over the place

Proof of that is the gorillion theories on the weird reception
>is Cuz yuri is niche
>is Cuz the blueballing no kissing
>is Cuz the writters change
>is Cuz later QUALITY

Ups meant to

Best yuri show ever.

Flip Floppers is 10/10 character design, 10/10 visual direction, 9/10 concept, and 6/10 in writing. I love it but the story has serious flaws. Everything after introducing her mother just went full retard and the ending was not satisfying.

Papika is a miracle of the universe. From an artistic standpoint it's one of the most important anime of the decade. But disliking it is valid because the fucktarded writing. Also needed more uxckill or however it is spelled. tfw no beefcake rabbit bf.

I still remember, b/c #1 is best girl~!

When animu got cheaper to produce more and more of it began to get flooded out which led to a situation where things tend to fade away after a season unless they reached a critical mass of popularity. The market is honestly pretty hard to break into these days, I mean even big names of yesteryear are flopping--look at how nobody gives a shit about Jum Maeda's KEY adaptations anymore when clonnaids and canon were like THE sad girls in snow from which the MOST POPULAR ANIME OF THE SEASON t. netflix VEG is descended.

space dandy

Because there hasn't been other Key adaptations lately, apart from Planetarian. And It was bad.