Oshiete! Galko-chan

Author sure likes this character.

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Is she giving a nursing hand job in the lower right┬┐


while wearing a nursery school kid uniform, yeah


Because he can actually draw more lewd scenes with her, Galko in the series proper wouldn't do something like that, Galko only poses like a slut in special illustrations.

Give her a couple years.

With a hat on.

When did this "manga" go full nipple mode
The early chapters had no nudity

Man I want to put out a cigarette on those tits

Those are some fat nipples.

When is Galko's JAV debut?

When did galko get this? Might pick it up again

Obviously it's just from the artist's twitter post.

Kenya seems like the kinda fag that would submit commissions to have his characters in NTR smut to be honest.

Fuck you, she will always be pure.

Nothing wrong with liking healthy girls!

He likes characters with huge phat tatas and UFO size areolas.
He's a great guy in my book.

titty bump

This. I love fat titties with big areolas

She's Galko and has nipples?
can i fap?

can i get a quick rundown on this manga?

There are slight bits of nipple in it. Just not of any of the name characters.

No Anno
You are too old for this

>every pair of breast the author has shown had huge areola
>Galko claims hers are ridiculously tiny
Was she lying? Tiny areola with inverted nipples would look pretty weird.

h-how did you know?

I masturbate to that hentai at least once a month.

what is the name of it

Gifted Bitch Education - BeNantoka


did kenya ever actually draw some hentai?

I know he did some lead illustrations for some shitty Amazon novel thing. It showed nipples but no genitals

she sure is

do you have a source or some lead where i might find it, good sir?



He did illustrations for a hentai LN. Only for the digital version though. The LN is called Hakushaku-ke Jochuu Den.

There is also this exhentai.org/g/632424/46098b42e2/

Nope, it's a special chapters. Those do get included in the volume releases.


Don't know how people think small areolas are okay even though they're an obvious indicator of silicone tits and that shit is double disgusting irl.





>fresh flesh pressed against glass

Some cute art for good measure.


would you mind posting the rest on ?

thanks but sorry, i can't into sadpanda. tried multiple tutorials who all said something different but none worked.

>areolae as big as her face
Suzuki is going to kill me one of these days.

Get on that shit nigga


Where can I even read this? Every place I have looked at have no updates past 2016.

I got two figurines yesterday, the nurse and the swimsuit ones. I love you Galko-Chan!

The author's biggest fetishes seem to be:
>huge tits and large areola
>lots of beauty marks
>fat girls
>walls covered with photographs
Seems like a pretty cool guy.

gib moar pls ;_;

I have to be 100% honest, even the lewd stuff is really cute.

I have to agree user, cool guy with cool tastes.

>Where can I even read this?
Your local bookstore.

Sorry, can't really post anymre since everything else is too much for a blue board.

I think I have found a new favorite.

Whew lad.

Is it sold in Canada?


post the rest on /h/ maybe? if you'd be so kind?
i am pathetic, i know...

Not pathetic, just a man thirsty for A+ material.


>can't get past the panda

You can also buy it on Amazon




When fuck is he going to do more porn

fucking fatty

>clown golem

Fucking lol


This is the one thing that always gets me. 10/10 women but they get paired with kids so often in his other works. I just don't dig shotacon. Everything else he does is maximum boner inducing stuff.

>Bottom left
Dude is an even bigger movie buff than I am. Feels weird to see a guy whose art could be described as "westaboo" at times.

>I just don't dig shotacon
shit taste

There's images of Galko in bikini that show her areolas are tiny.

But when will he draw more Galko Mom? We need a flashback arc about the sukeban queen.

I've been reading vol4 and how in the fuck is this smug sex goddess single? Did she marry a gay man? Is he dead and everyone else is gay?

Is this the legendary porn actress? Is she based on somebody? Who was Titsy Morgan based on again?

shes too smug

OP is just a random JAV actress that galko sis and charao sis befriend. She isn't based on anyone as far as I know.
Titsy Morgan is based on real life actress Chesty Morgan. Read her wiki page if you want to ruin your day. Not a happy story.

damn I love how the black nurse outfit contrasts with her pale skin, plus those wrinkles make her look like her curves are gonna burst from outside

There's hardly any bare cleavage so the one on the right with nearly bare breasts constrained in a tiny bikini (plus bigger scale size) makes it slightly favorable. The mouths look dumb on both imo but the nurse pursed lips looks just barely better. I love her cute nurse shoes. I'ms till not sure if I prefer pink over black though.

Also the bikini skirt hides her magnificent hips too much, you can really see how fucking side they are on the nurse.

Why is she looking at him like that?

>you will never marry Galko and get titjobs from her for years

Makes sense for the author, big girls look bigger next to little kids.

La creatura....

But user, titjobs don't even feel that good.

It'd feel good if it was Galko giving them and we were husband and wife.

She's thinking about all the things she'll do to him once he falls asleep.

Ok, I wasn't sure if that was her. Now that I look at more of the OP I remember she said she wore a kindergartner uniform for a shoot once, she's cute. I'll be sure to keep that in mind if I want to ruin my day soon.

>Daily Boob News
Where do I subscribe to this publication?

i think /ss/ appeals to people who subconsciously see themselves as children

Would you prefer this?

Is that galkos mom?

If that were true every user would be into /ss/.

......is that pussyjob?
That's something new...

Or, anyone with an older woman fetish

No, because those people would just look at average guy x old lady then