Hakumei to Mikochi

Are you ready for episode 5 of tiny little lesbians? Only

I was actually looking forward to this show but it's garbage

Is it normal to have a crush on Mikochi? She somehow has a naturally seductive air. I find her mature, feminine personality extremely sexy.

Jam em up ur pee hole

>it's garbage
your taste is garbage

>"I'm so glad we managed to find this cave to rest in. Right, Hakumei?"


Valentine's card.

I love tiny things

So why does nobody watch this show? I just caught up and it's really comfy and cute.

Probably casuals who think they "have a full plate" this season. There can never be enough cute and comfy.
By the way, subs are out.

Always, I have my biscuits and my
>Green tea
Let's cuddle up in our woolen blankets and get

I'm just going to wait for MTBB-PAS. The HS subs (wherever they're from) are garbage. Even I was able to spot a translation error.


Animefags probably think there is a better SoL andall their time should go to that one, mangafags have disscussed this already

Hakumei is so kawaii

Tiny hugjobs

does she freeze if you press her chest button


Even her bed head is pretty



>pedo show #14 of the season


They're over 20, you know.

That's impossible, they're too erotic. I bet they can't even wrap their arms around the entirety of your erect dick.

Tiny Little Wives in the Woods


They'll be the chairman and vice-chairman one day.

This episode was so cool, my favorite so far.

This is the greatest anime of all time and you will get a very small 1mm benign cancer if you disagree.

hakumei is a cute boy that helped with a whetstone!


Hakumei noise at this scene is just too fucking cute holy shit

I like this.

Will I get a very small cute 9cm mikochi if I agree?

So, are they actually married?

What is this about, exactly? The wikipedia page is basically a stub.

Daily lives of inchlings in a fantasy world.

They're just very good friends, user-kun.

CGDCT but they're actually 9cm tall working adults.

Not him but they should goddammit they are made for each other to bud.

Ahh a great episode once again, going strong.
My wife Hakuyo is so cute, her cooking is delicious too

I want to watch tiny 9cm lesbian potato sex.

I look forward to the gang war episode.

i don't suggest it
the two characters pretty much barely escape death every other ep
the char with red hair was about to be crushed by a large rock this ep, and both chars nearly fell to their deaths(and got injured) in their own way shortly before that

A slice of tiny life. Very cute.
Just watch a few episodes of it.

Ew their lesbians? I mean I wasn't planning on watching this while it aired, but fuck that, dropped off my radar.

So SoL with some occupational hazards? I hope my heart can take it.

I mean, that already live together, bath naked together, eat together, do romantic dinners while camping... what's left to gain?

Basically. Also with fantasy elements.



The subs are consistently bad, don't bother.

Do you think when Hakumei is away Mikochi posts on image boards? Could she be in this thread right now?

She's too busy with her jars.

Yes, who do you think keeps posting this

Mikochi wouldn't post things like that about herself.

If we get the whole thing, this is going to be a fantastic adaptation

What is this, a picture for Hakumei?

Konju would be the one posting that.

But would Hakumei make posts talking about Mikochi like that?

I dont think this going to get doujins, unless is those guro with insects shit

Yes, but she's too busy working to do silly things on the internet.

its a very beautiful picture thank you, back to work!

>gang war episode.
tell me more

ᴺᵒ ˢʰᵉ ᶦˢᶰ'ᵗ⋅


I WISH I was Mikochi, if only for a day. I would dress myself up in sexy clothes and take pictures of myself/herself to fap to forever. I love Mikochi, but her choice of outfit is kind of boring. She needs to wear cute pink dresses, skirts, sexy black or purple stockings, etc.

I wonder who could be behind this tiny post

I don't think they even create those outfits in that setting.

>cute pink dresses, skirts, sexy black or purple stockings, etc.
She lives in a forest, come on now.

Just look at Konju.

What the fuck there's an anime?

Hakumei have you been drinking again


>it's a guild based dignity of work episode
>Hakumei reaffirms its values instead of falling into a trope

What trope did she avoid?

What rock have you been living under?

redressing perceived discrimination in getting initially rejected

This is a pretty good line

ive been living with mikochi for a while should i propose to her

What trope?

This isnt a harem, where the tomboy is forced by the rest of the cast to dress girly, seriously fuck that shit

Even so I still really want to see Hakumei in a tiny dress.

to an english speaker "maybe"
that's like common use in moon, they probably wouldn't take notice

Oh god.

scary tiny wife

*tiny pottery


Really good episode.

Delete this

Is that gnome guarding her virginity


Thank you

Granpotatoes are delicious but HakuMiko ones are even stubbier and cuter so that edit doesn't fit very well. I still appreciate that user's efforts in any case.

I kinda wanna touch their hats.

>1kg. at most


Tiny fist

More like 100g at most