Blacks value strength and personal hobbies so they like Goku

>Blacks value strength and personal hobbies so they like Goku
>Mexicans value su familia so they like Gohan
>Whites value superiority over others so they like Vegeta

Is this accurate?

Men like Goku
Women like Vegeta
Faggots like Trunks
No one likes Gohan


More accurate.

Blacks value Goku because he's a deadbeat dad who abandons his kids.

and in the end only retards like Dragon Ball

Whites value Vegeta because he has an inferiority complex and jobs to everyone.

No. Blacks like Vegeta more.

>Blacks value being terrible fathers and beating up people for fun so they like Goku
>mehicans value being handed everything on a silver plate and condoned for fucking up so they like Gohan
>whites value repenting on past mistakes and caring for your family so they like Vegeta

I thought blacks liked Piccolo

but whites literally beat everyone so bad they felt bad about it

Vegeta was GOAT before Frieza transformed for the first time though, Goku and child Gohan combined couldn't kill him.

>most blacks I talk to like Vegeta the most

And as a merchant, I prefer perfection.

Like Vegeta (against Goku and friends). Vegeta utterly destroyed Goku, but came out of it with this incorrect belief he lost. He then corners Goku into the rematch Goku promised to win only to fool him into dropping his guard (and taking him out again).

>jews like Spots "Bugman" McGee
Wouldn't Frieza make more sense with his space slum lord antics?

that's pretty fucking accurate, good job user

Everyone likes Krillin

I don't know about races since I am lucky to live in a white ethno-state and have barely seen a black guy, let alone talked with one but from my experience among white people:

Lazy soyboys almost always prefer Goku because deep down they know they are inferior, weak betas and they live vicariously through mary-sue character who is the most powerful without much effort and always comes on top. They want to be just like him, always on top without any effort, doing major asspulls against their childhood bullies.

Down to earth guys who constantly work on improving themselves mostly prefer Vegeta because they understand that even if you work the hardest, there will always be someone superior to you out there (like Goku). Vegeta is personalization of a regular, every day man. In reality, you will never be the best and you will always chase after someone, no matter how much you practice. And that will piss you off.

Of course, there are people who prefer other characters as well, but those are minority so I don't have any pattern on them. Most are either Gokufags or Vegetafags

>retards eat shit, so they watch super
Quite accurate.

I'm black and I value good characters so none of them.

>childhood is liking Buu
>adolescence is idolizing Frieza
>adulthood is realizing Cell made the most sense

I like Gohan you dick I'm also a black woman. Bet you confused now, huh

So native americans value Mirai Trunks?

>Perfect people value perfection so they like Cell

i like kid goku the most
what am i?

the noseless chestnut is shit like your assertion and taste

*Blocks your path*

double dubs of truth

at least it isn't canon just like gt, xeno, heroes and all that other bullshit
this guy gets it

Wyd bb

*opts not to genocide these mexicans among asians while getting bored after Tet Offensive slaughter of their forces*



of course the black woman is going to like the kid character with the father never around

>men like goku
>kissless manchild
>jobless hillbilly
>raped by his wife twice

But Goku is a raddish farmer


I like Piccolo

>on Sup Forums
sure you are user
heres a (You) so you dont feel bad about your shitty bait not fooling anyone

not in canon and even in super he stopped that after his wife was unable to keep making him do it

black people like piccolo because they self-insert as gohan and he's the father figure

I don't understand Dragon Ball and only watched Z onwards: the post. Which is sad, because it's not even close to complex. The reason Goku has always been stronger than Vegeta is that he started out as a pitifully weak low class warrior (by Saiyan standards) and trained his entire life to be stronger. He fights not with no intent to kill, and not just to defend his friends and family. Above all, he fights to better himself.

Vegeta on the other hand, started out stronger than most adult saiyans. He used his power for dominance and killed without a second though. He trained so he could be the strongest and dominate those weaker than him. He fights to prove his strength and to kill those who oppose him. Only near the end of Z does Vegeta realize why Goku surpassed him, and even himself proclaims that Kakarot is #1. That's where their rivalry ended and friendship began in the original manga.

This coming from someone who'a favorite characters are Gohan, Vegetto, Goku and Vegeta.