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Sup Forums, which anime studios and mangakas do you trust to not fuck up?


WITT studio is fucking next level with their adaptations.

Name the last bad anime KyoAni made


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Violet evergarden

magus bride is sleep inducing boring trash



>Highschool of the dead

Anime: Bones and Madhouse, but even they fucked up.
Manga: Oshimi Shuzo



Silver Link.

HOTD is GOAT. One of, if not the last good harem anime.

P.A. Works.
Phantom world but that had really nice cinematography and interesting shots.

>Name the last good anime KyoAni made


Not counting VEG (which is outside of their comfort zone), Hibike s2


Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

Production O.G
WIT Studio

They're so patrician that Netflix made a business deal with them personally. Praise them.

The trinity that will destroy anime.

No thank you




>Name the last bad anime KyoAni made
Violet Evergarden.




To be honest, I don't trust any studio, but currently, I tend to lower my guard a little with Shaft. Trainwrecks like MCA can happen, but at the worst the show turns out to be a fun, yet dangerous wild ride.
Let the hate begin.


Based Nettofurikusu-dono.


What a wonderful non bait thread am i right?

Studio Rikka has never failed me. Too bad they make an anime every 100 years.


Their work on Gintama is nothing less than award-winning

user stop with your obvious bait.

Definitely this. Good or bad, SHAFT shows are always interesting to watch at least.


I thought diomedea was one of these studios that never makes money, good to see they are successful.


>Name the last bad anime KyoAni made
All of them?

It's difficult to disappoint me, so I will say a studio which I don't trust and this is Toei, and that because of Kado, of course.

Two things:
1. That thing is 4 years old.
2. Nearly all shows make money, the only need several years. Re-airing, extra boxes, steaming in other countries ...

That's not even close to the worst Madhouse anime.

>Madhouse and DEEN that low.
Holy fuck, I'd consider old Madhouse one of the best studios, Before that marvel shit they were pumping out.


Phantom World and Amagi, no clue which was more recent