Dragon Ball Super

Okay to make sure that these threads don't turn shit we need to make a few rules.

>First of all no manga Vs anime at this point it's beating a dead horse with how shit the manga is.
>Second no Waifufags in these threads it's stupid how we literally don't know anything about them and Waifufags have already shown up fucking shit up. Besides 18 is the superior option anyway
>Third no Torkansufags or whatever they are called.
>Jobhan fags should also fuck off and stop thinking there boy will do anything other than job.
>Are gtfags allowed? Is it the superior show? NO, HELL NO! Even the worst of super, is still better then the best of gt.
>Furries out!!!
>what about vados and 18 lewd posting? Completely fine and requested!
>Buucucks and Cellfriends should stop shitposting about there irrelevant boys not being in the tournament. If people actually wanted them then they would already be a part of it.
>Copy pasta fags get out!!
>NOBODY LIKES CAULIFLA AND HER AUTISTIC SISTER beacuse they ruined Dragon Ball Super fanbase with public masturbators and femdom fags
>no jobgeta vs lizardcuck
>Don't call all sides cucks and feel superior!
>Finally stop giving these retarded tripfags (You)s
If we all do that then the threads will improve.

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Fuck your rules.

Even the worst of GT is better than Super.
At least Goten and Trunks knew how to grow up, HA HA

What form is this? Ultimate jobber?

>CHOSEN successor of Toriyama
>actually follows THE OUTLINE
>Toriyama literally checks the manga and does adjustments here and there in designs, dialogue, characterization for example; NOTHING gets into the final manga version without his approval
>doesn't even bother crediting TOEI in their work because TOEI is nothing to them
>vastly superior characterization, just look at Goku or Jiren or Kale as an example
>powerlevels are more consistent, no autismal SSRage Trunks or Zamasu being uber strong despite weak fusion components
>no asspull powerups like SSBKK or SSRage or MUH BACKTINGLING
>even Kale is shown to be powerful in base rather than relying entirely on some unexplained meme Broly transformation
>deep lore and subtle connections between various plotlines rather than goldfish-memory shit TOEI does, the Zamasu-Babarian analogy couldn't even be comprehended by their simplistic brains

There is no recovery for TOEIpablos anymore.
The sword of friendship finisher from the Trunks arc apparently wasn't enough evidence of literal Fairy Tail tier writing they have going on, so they doubled up on the homages and had Goku literally become Erza and have his impossible achievements since episode 111 when he was limping around pile on and on "Because he is Goku"
Goku even has healing powers according to the anime """canon""". Always had them to begin with since the BoG arc but of course it isn't ever heard of again, and in the Roshi episode Goku heals him with SSB anyway. But who cares about that when you have infinite stamina given how wasting stamina on stamina draining forms is what is making Goku restore the stamina he lost fighting Jiren? Goku might as well be a Dr. Gero android right now.

>m-muh he skipped over RoF
Friendly reminder that the MOVIE versions of BoG and RoF are canon, not the poorly animated spicshit anime version that you love so much, TOEIbeaners. Since Toyo is actually canon, he will obviously not repeat the story a second time.


Goten and trunks did fuck all in gt, they might as well stayed shotas.

goten and trunks look young in super because goku was that small at his age or is the db manga and anime bad gtcuck

But without the dank memes, we'd be forced to recognize how shit DBS is. "Hey guys, I sure love that everyone is going to job for Goku now."


did bulma's va dying lead to super getting canned or was it just low sales or ratings

>TFS episode 60 never ever

okay toyocuck
ssb Goku is stronger than beerus based on your logic and headcanon

Ribrianne did nothing wrong

Nobody fucking knows, its ratings are falling but still pretty good. It could be that it's just simply ending. There isn't much more to write now that Goku and Vegeta are Beerus tier. There's no potential villain to write anymore.

Who cares anyway.

>Hiatus, please be understanding

Dbs has pretty good ratings and merchandise sales are off the charts

I'm pretty grateful that power levels aren't a thing anymore. Shit got ridiculous after they went to Namek.

I guess you missed the part where Universe 6 revival was spoiled.

there's a whole Demon world to explore

Man, remember how fun and well animated this was?

Why couldnt super be like this

SSG Goku did fuck-all against Beerus you retard. He could asspull himself SSBKK and would still not reach Beerus level. This is not even counting UI Beerus.

If movies are canon ssg Goku is equal to beerus at 70% power
>no wait that doesn't count that part isn't canon

Goku vs Frieza power creep was insane.

Before that, PLs increased incremently and consistently. Vegeta's zenkai boost made him go from 60kk to 2million. Goku's zenkai made him go from 90kk to 3million, the strength of Final Frieza at relaxed state.

*continues giving them patreon money and writing supportive comments on twitter*

We get it, you autistic faggots like GT and are butthurt at the fact it's non canon and shit. Now fuck off and go back to youtube .

Reminder that the 6-10-15 scale is still a thing in the manga.

early Z on Toonami was the fuckin hypest shit, i miss regular power ups and unique auras for everyone, before super saiyan bullshit



Reminder that broly is beautiful.

>Beerus blocked nearly all hits while beating the shit out of Goku
>took a Kamehameha to the face and literally received NO (zero) (0) damage
>effortlessly (without straining himself or yelling) shot a ki blast with one finger that completely depleted Goku's stamina
>n-n-no h-he w-was equal to 70% Beerus i-i swear!!

Probably just a hiatus before the next major arc, weekly schedule for a show like that without actual source material to takes ideas from must have been a pain in the ass to work on, hence all the dropped plot points and characterization being all over the place. Death of major's character seiyuu must have shaken the production too considering they either have to cut Bulma completely from following arcs or find a suitable replacement. Those things take time.

>unique auras for everyone?
Are you retarded? The fuck were you watching?

Reminder that Toeishills will literally argue anything as long as it's against Toyo's superior manga. They don't care about truth, they don't even necessarily believe what they're saying, they will just say it to make it look like Toyo is "unpopular", and then do a 180° on their fake opinions when it becomes convenient.

>Gohan is my favorite character
>tfw TFS cucked me out of his shining moment

Not him, but are you?

Goku's Kaioken was distinctly red and Vegeta's power ups were distinctly blue.

Piccolo's was purple/white.

Leave Jiren to me

Fuck off retard.

>Buu saga finished in 2071



Remember Caulifriends, it's your civic duty to dump all your lewds

>Gohan's shining moment
Yeah sure him exploding into SSJ2 was nice, but my favorite moment was him fucking up Frieza as a kid.

Can current Kuririn beat Nameku Frieza?? has any human reached SSJ power??


>lewding caulifla
Shame on you.

By the end of DBZ, the super humans (Yamcha, Krillin, Tien) are about nearly as strong as first form Frieza.

They could wreck the Ginyu Force and pose a good challenge for Frieza, until he transforms then it's GG.

Called facts bitch.


They hardly did anything and they don’t even hang out anymore very sad

>Orange Bricks


>kids this young are growing up watching Dragon Ball, just like us
I'd be delighted if Star Wars cancer wasn't a thing

I want to breed with her.

>goten is oblivious and nice as a kid and trunks is the chad asshole
>goten is the chad asshole as a teen and trunks is the oblivious and nice one as a teen.

Nice headcanon

I miss Piccolo getting new techniques and transitioning from villain to hero.

I was hoping that Piccolo was going to get developed again in Super when the Universe 6 Namekians were the last men standing from their universe, because he could have offered to fuse with them.


vegeta's seeing ssj goku for the first time

he sounds proud actually

Join the club

Only Monaka and Mr. Satan are powerful enough to beat Jiren

the tarble special was pretty fun indeed

>Piccolo fuses with the U6 Namekians
>gains the full power of U6 Namek
>in-tournament fusion precedent set by Kefla
>only universe with developed characters would be saved to cheer for U7
>U11 discouraged by the heroism of one universe fighting for two, opening them to defeat
>the obvious finale of Goku wishing all the defeated universes back with the Super Dragon Balls might become less obvious to viewers

would you join the ginyu force ?

>Blue kawaii vegeta exists to make vegeta equal to kaioken blue goku
>Blue vegeta defeated GoD Toppo
>Kefla as a SS1 is comparable to the spirit bomb
>The spirit bomb was goku's trump card and gave jiren more trouble than KKX20
SS2 Kefla > > spirit bomb > Goku Blue kaioken = Kawaii vegeta > GoD Toppo

I want to throat fuck pigtail-Videl.

We all know the Potara Earrings are superior to the Fusion Dance, but just by how much?

To do that we have to simply compare the canon fusions to their component characters.
Some estimates would put Goku/Vegeta at about 8 times stronger than Goten/Trunks (according to the powerlevel chart by Kazenshuu forums). Now we can compare this to how many times stronger Vegito is than Gotenks. First off, we have to compare them in the same states. We know SS Gotenks never did jackshit except get his ass kicked, but we do know SS3's power well. It's about an 8x multiplier from regular SS according to guidebooks. That's perfect because it's the same amount we estimated the gap between Goku/Vegeta and their sons to be. Thus, comparing SS3 Gotenks with SS Vegito, we offset the difference of the component characters and are left with only the power difference gained through fusion. In other words, Potara's are as superior to the Dance as SS Vegito is to SS3 Gotenks. That is to say: An absolutely insane amount. Vegito vs Buuhan was one of, if not the most one-sided fight in the history of DBZ, and Buuhan is the strongest form of Buu to ever exist. It's literally Vegito >>>> Buuhan > Buutenks >> Ultimate Gohan > SS3 Gotenks >= Buu. Now you can understand the gap in power between potara earrings and fusion dance.

And that is why Gogeta is a fucking KEK that will never be canon.

Reminder that
Lord Frieza: 1, Shitppo: 0.

You know what he'd do to you right?

Super Vegito > SSJ Gogeta

SSJ4 Gogeta > Super Vegito

Watch and masturbate, like he did when she was getting ryona'd by Spopovich?

videl would kick your fatass


Reminder that Vegito can go SS3.

>On his way to become lizard Yamcha after getting btfo'd by three different people everytime he is about to do something

Welcome Back U6


who are these gooks/chinks and why should i care?

When you are 80 years old, wrapped in a blanket and comfy in your rocking chair by an open fire, surrounded by your great-grandchildren you can tell the spellbound youngsters about the time you saw Gohan transform into Super Saiyan 2 for the first time, and then save the universe from Cell. The fire crackles as the children gasp in awe. Snow begins to fall outside the window and your tale comes to end, but the youngsters are thirsty for more. Tell us about the time he was even stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku Grandpapa! one child begs. No, no! The time he fought evenly with Super Saiyan Blue Goku! implores another. The oldest boy pipes up Be quiet you two. Grandad tells those ones all the time. Go on, tell us the one you promised us last time - the tournament of power...Grandad...G-Grandad?. The rocking chair creaks to a halt. A serene expression on your face and the final fight between Gohan and Dyspo flash before your eyes in your final moments as the children embraces you. The full nelson that potentially saved U7 from erasure at the cost of his own elimination. They know what is happening. They are scared, but calm. The last thing you hear as you slide into the black warmth of death is the youngest boy - old beyond his years, a Gohan fanatic. Don't be sad. He lived a hell of a life. In the age of Gohan

Daisuke Kishio voices other characters in addition to Cabba.

>no caulifla/kale voice actresses

they wont even get lines before the show ends

If you think U6 coming back is a "spoiler" then I don't know what to say, it was never in doubt whether the universes get revived.

That being said the guy could have just been invited to the fucking party, it's celebrating the end of DBS you autists

I think the man with the black and white short is Kazuhiro Yamaji aka Hit.

Even if you wanted to go there, base Vegito is stronger than ss4 from what some promotional materials lead on to say. Meaning super vegito or blue just ends the whole Gogeta conversation.

>Strongest un-fused character
>Has the best girl
>Is the smartest
>doesn't even brag about it like Vegeta would, stays humble

Feels good to be #1. Gohan has the best personality, followed closely by Future Trunks.

>That being said the guy could have just been invited to the fucking party, it's celebrating the end of DBS you autists
This. People here look too much into things.


I like Kai, the frame jitter makes me feel like I'm stroking out.

Why didn't Zamasu take Jiren's body

base vegito isn't stronger than ss4 goku
ss1 vegito is stronger than ss4 goku but weaker than ss4 goegeta

literally ms paint edits

this is why nobody likes kai (except for subfags/mangafags).


when these old folk start dying out its gonna be devastating for Dragon Ball.

>>no caulifla/kale voice actresses
Who do you think is taking the picture?

>all hags

wheres muh cute young seiyuu girls


already confirmed to be kuririn voice actress

Literally no one cares.

99% watch DBZ in English, the superior manly voices with actual atmosphere and music.


>Toyo turns bland jerk Jiren into a superhero
>Toyo turns meme Toppo into efficent and strong GoD candidate
>Toyo turns punk mary sue Caulifla into a robin hood from slums
>Toyo turns useless dyke Kale into a talented silent girl
>Toyo turns nu male Cabba into a strongwilled soldier
Will Toyo save Maji-Kayo, Saonel, Pilina, Kafla and Ganos?

>save Maji-Kayo,
literally nothing wrong with him

Yamagushi(Vados seiyuu) was also at the party, but didnt take part of that picture.

Literal no damage kek

When Sean dies they'll replace him

When Nozawa dies they may just not do a show again

Dub tard