My Hero Academia

Which one is the real mastermind?

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It´s definitely Gentle, La Brava might help especially with the videos themself, but she seems very much like his sidekick.

I drew a Sombrero Tokoyami today to release some stress.

Do you like him, anons?

>That heart patterned smoke
Yeah, I got the green hornet vibe out of this, among other things

>that faggot with his stupid misspelled italian name will bust all for one n' company out of the prison

>*il* bravo is for males, and also means mercenary. Hori why you trigger my spaghetti

Nice, should go well with Sombrero Shouji.

Both of these are equally beautiful creations

...The greatest performance of this era: Breaking Tartarus. Yeah, purely on how much impact it would have it works.


What the FUCK bros we were supposed to be the most popular modern shonen??

Vigilante 23 Raw is out
KD is not messing around

BNH is now struggling to break the 500k before dropping from the top 50



The play:
>breaking tartarus
>freeing stain and the evilest of the villians
>proceed to beat them up leaving them unconscious/dead on the scene

How will it work:
>gets beaten up to shit
>realizes he is dumb
>"the show must go on..."
>dies tryharding.


Since when do villians get sidekicks?

I'm glad someone's beating the smug grin on her perma-smug face

I like his mustache

Implying AFO wouldn´t appreciate a good stageplay breakout and get out with him and Gentle ends up joining the league. ( We need him and Compress teaming up SOMEHOW.)

Jirou's going to defeat Gentle with the power of thrash metal

>The virgin bnh

Since he’s like showman-assistant duo, yeah

Grapefag’s latest victim

It´s not the most uncommon thing ever.

>I want to be known and leave my mark!
>VA is the up and coming villain group which hijacked Stain’s popular ideal and Sensei’s big name
Seems like a match made in heaven desu senpai

The better series

I feel like Twice, Compress and Gentle are too similar to be on the same team and shouldn't be

english when?

Exactly, and him with his Tartarus stageplay busting out AFO and probably Kurogiri will definitely give him some bonus points from Shiggy.

La Brava does all the work probably out of her love for Gentle. Gentle seems too foolish to notice what the hell is going on.

Is there really nothing of value in 3D, Sup Forums?

They would make for one hell of a trio though. The contrarian, the magician and the showman.

Tell us about your quirk, Sup Forums

I wonder if Gentle uses La Brava as pillow at nights.


They'd make the LOV feel like more of a magic show or a traveling circus group than an organization of villains

My quirk allows me a burst of mental strength to drive away suicidal thoughts and intentions when they start to overwhelm me, but the side effect is whenever I use it I get a splitting headache and exhaustion and have to pop painkillers and lie in bed for a few hours with the lights off.


Switching the eyesight of two people within my field of vision.

You are implying there they aren´t are a collection of crazy to begin with.

I'm like 80% certain Gentle is monoma's dad

Compress and Gentle are indeed too similar, they literally follow the same archetype of magician-like villain. I think they even both carry around a cane.

I'm implying they're at least all their own type of crazy
Let's see
>360-Degree Neck Rotation
Well fuck

I fucking hate Viz so much. Instead of leaving the soundeffect alone they changed it to “touched” because they assumed the readers are too stupid to understand Iida’s body language.
Rereading the old chapters it seemed like whenever Iida gets emotional his engines turn on and that’s why he is always shaking and has his hyper autistic gestures.
Fuck Viz and anyone who works for them.


if I consume another person's blood, I will get paralyzed for some amount of time depending on the blood type

I'm like 81% certain Gentle is Present Mic's brother. They have same eyes and staches

I can ride my bike with no handlebars

[Spoiler] BRAVI! Dove te ne andavi, siamo i Bravi, ma siamo i cattivi, fatti pure il segno della croce tanto
sei da solo qui, leggi bene questa nota che si trova nella busta, a proposito di un certo matrimonio che non s'ha da far, tra Mondello e Tramaglin, è un intrigo di Rodrigo, prova a immaginare se ti sposi quante cose ti può far, pensaci tu a parlar con Gesù!

When has a villian henchmen ever become a major villian?

>Present Mic's
>not Aoyama's

>I fucking hate Viz so much
As you should.
Whose genius idea was it to erase the nips sound effects and paste over them


One has a radio show, the other is making videos.

I'm surprised people aren't freaking the fuck out about how the villain has King Crimson abilities to edit time and events.

Have BNHA threads turned a corner?


He can't be related to Aoyama. The boy has goodness in his DNA

Nah famalam it’s present mic’s.
>Mic is audio
>Gentle is video
>Mic has a radioshow
>Gentle has a vlog channel/stream
>both look too similar
>hugge faggy popped collars
>similar moustaches

Because he doesn´t at all...

We're not freaking out because he's not a serious villain. He's obviously a comedic character not meant to be taken seriously, so his chances of actually meaningfully affecting the story in a serious way are low. Odds are he'll just be a funny dude in the story to provide comedy.
Plus, I highly doubt his power has anything to do with actually editing things, or any kind of distortion of time or space. It's probably something else.

I drew Uramie whenever anyone says anything bad about Tokoyami. Do you guys wanna see it?

Fuck me sideways. What the actual fuck?

He doesn't. The FBI were just watching a Youtube video of the crime and he tells her to cut the video right before he starts using his quirk.

>Le meme

He didn’t edit time you braindamaged monkey. His assitant turned off the stream and turned it back on after the heroes were defeated.
Read the actual chapter before typing bullshit.

The only actual hint is steam coming from him before/after the stream interruption and the warped building.

Wow, Hq! is still going strong even without the anime boost.

>La Brava's name in Japanese sounds like "rubber"
>the video cuts before we can see him use his quirk
>when it comes back, the 7-11 is bouncing around like jello
She's the one with the powerful quirk, but they edit the Youtube videos to make it look like he's the one doing it all single-handedly.


Short women usually have great asses, don't disappoint me hori
Gentle is his uncle, calling it now

>He's obviously a comedic character not meant to be taken seriously
No, tells her to CUT in a way that you refer to someone's quirk.

There's clearly a timestop or time edit power happening, because hori now has to top the last OP villain's OP quirk.

That’s exactly what seems to be happening.

This is the One True Theory.
Gentle distorts "video" instead of audio, in other words he's capable of mass hallucinations and distortions of space, can make people see visions and just KO them, so on. The camera gets turned off either to protect the equipment or because the footage would make no sense or because it'd look weird if it does effect the camera (like a mirage).

>Name: Raburaba
>So fucking vague it could be La Brava, Love Rubber, Love Robber
But good point on making the building look like jello

Either that or his quirk is also voice related, but the soundwaves warp his surrounding instead of pure force like Mics got.

>He's never heard anyone say "cut the stream" before
Not sure if completely braindead or pulling my leg

Also I forgot to mention but Mic acts like a Burger while Gentle acts like a Britbong.
The similarities are too much for it to not make sense.

Well, I mean. That guy seems more into being the centre of the focus than anything else.
Would he accept to enter the VA group? His name would end up between the others.

Unless they hire him to be "the distraction".

Very happy (You)

In the raws he tells the assistant literally to edit the filming. Cease your shitposting

I never get this, I've never seen a burger act like Mic, a frog act like Aoyama, or a bong act like Gentle, is it just old memes?

Make your bets user. How long until this villian turns into OH 2.0?

>hori is watching these threads
>sees all the O MY shit posting after wishing energy
>introduces a villain whose quirk has the properties of both rubber and gum

Will Sup Forums lose its fucking mind if hori literally has a deliberate "o, rubber nen" reference to cap off a joke villain's fake out death?

It’s what obsessive westaboos too. Like how some cringy weaboos irl act like japanese anime stereotypes. Or Britbongs in Butger shows are obsessed with tea and soeak cockny. It’s oart of the sterotype that people like so they try to mimic that shit.

Them just using him one time for the breakout also is a good option i suppose. Maybe one of them gets curious due to his stuff on the internet?

What do you think of my quirk, All for All?: my quirk allows me to give every single quirk in the world to every single person in the world

...For all thats holy, NO.

> Character has some power related to elasticity.
> This retard actually thinks that would mean anything.

Just post it

Mine is One for One: I have one quirk and that is the power to have one quirk.

I'm bad at facial expressions from drawing Kamen Riders all the time

I hope so
Sup Forumsutismo tears make me happy

Perfect bait to destroy all for one/10

yeah but it's not a livestream, it's a prerecorded filming, and you record everything then edit it later before you upload it, you don't need to talk about cutting in the video itself, unless someone has a time editing power.

I bet you that Hori is pissed Vento Aureo hasn't been announced yet, and has always had a "this is how you'd do King Crimson right" and this is what we're gonna get.

Believe it!
You wouldn't literally live stream a crime.

Fuck off

What would a All for All Quirk do?

Thats exactly what he does though. The police in the chapter literally tries to locate him as he is streaming.


And mine is One for Love: I have an anime girlfriend which only I can see.

Onichan memes aside, who will be her real caretaker?