Will crab ever advance the plot? Will best girl get the happy ending she deserves

Will crab ever advance the plot? Will best girl get the happy ending she deserves

We have cow titties right now so. Everything is great so far.

Why is this illust so damn ugly and weird

I guess so, but there has to be more to life than cow titties

it went to shit during the danger species arc

Pantyhose on a horse? For what reason?

that's not Miia

not pantyhouse, it's a bikini.
horse girl said once that even if there's nothing to cover in the lower front area, it would still look weird not covering it, at least from the humans' point of view.

I want to FUCK lilith-chan.

Thats not Miia on the Pic?



What happened with the series? the fanbase is pretty much dead now.

>Will best girl get the happy ending she deserves
I recommend the most recent Comic Unreal to Centorea enthusiasts.

Monster girls were just a fad, replaced by gyarus and then by thicc. Who knows what will be the next tredning thing - it seems that office ladies and cakes are getting popular lately.

He pulled the same shit the Tenchi Muyo creator did. He cares more about his shitty world than about the characters.

Mods nuked every thread even when there were new chapters getting dumped.

Ending is probably just gonna be a harem ending
But with that said Miia is best girl but Centorea is a solid 9/10

The reason they get nuked as of late, even when there's a new chapter, is that some autistic guy starts spamming the thread with rolls.

Pretty much entirely what said. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this thread got hit with an auto-sage. Mods (maybe a single mod?) do not seem to like MonMusu here on Sup Forums at all.

Harem ending is a sure thing. It's just a matter of who gets into the harem.

We better actually get those goats next chapter and not have it have just been an end of chapter gag.

>Rachne randomly offered job by mg lab president as head of a branch company.

What were her qualifications?

The fanbase attracted and/or turned ultra cancerous with every thread having fanfiction stories. Super weird. Anyway, people got tired and mods got tired too so instead of banning people only they just delete(d) the whole threads.

Her legs

I hope one of those cows joins the harem. But I heard rumors the manga might be ending soon so maybe that won't happen. I hope its not true and that we still have more chapters to look forward too.

I would prefer if it ended soon. It's been getting worse for a while now, so I'd rather it end now before it becomes complete garbage.

as long as Miia, Rachnera, and Centorea get to be with darling I'm happy.
The other girls who love him are meh except Suu who deserves to have a shonen spinoff