spoilers are out:
Someone else will have to dump since my net is super shit

I haven't kept up but they're working for the ReLife company now?

yeah the last chapter we learned MC-kun wanted to work there. and this chapter we learned that hishiron also made that choice so much for the shenanigans that would have been possible if she decided on teaching

Having them working for ReLIFE overall seems like the worst choice instead of being teachers.

Meaningful silent staring intensifies.

So it seems like they while missing memories still share physical attraction, at this rate theyll both think its love at first sight or some other cliche bullshit. Get to playing cupid already Yoake and Onoya.

Cakeshiro is pretty hot.

How is best girl doing?

Learning the way to Uni with her boytoy 1 and 2. Everyday.

Getting lost and bumping into old men. Only a matter of time until train molestation

Why? They can't be memory wiped then.

>OL An
Muh dick.






Is it going for some bullshit Your Name ending?


You can hear the ara ara.

>But that's my seat

Is this the last chapter?

Nope, 222 will be the last one, release on March 9.

Someone fill me in who is the winning girl in here?

Kaizaki's hand

Hope she gets a real serialization after this.

Well at least I wont have to bother finishing it now.

Meh, shit ending.