New episode soon.

Also recap episode next week.

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I want to do terrorism with Kouka

>two recaps in a row
The fuck are they thinking? Is it because of Olympic?

No, ep 5 is the end of first arch and next week is recap episode for the first arch. They will do another recap episode in March after end of second arch

To be fair, source novel is not enough for 24 episodes.

How is it 2 recaps in a row?

>recap after 5 episodes

What the fuck? Why bother with the blatant filler and not just make it 23 episodes?



new slut


>not a filler episode about the robutts sexually analogue hacking their ownah

fucking recap


holy shit the loli robot eats corpses


There's another recap a week after so two weeks in total.

RIP Beatless.








rip qt politician robot

One is next week, other one is March 23.

Imouto's smile is protected

>kouka is a tool for people to win war

>green loli a tool for advancing evolutiion

What tool is lecia?

For sex

>[HorribleSubs] Beatless - 05 [720p].mkv

Did HTT die? I don't want to go back to HS

I love Kouka!!!


So I saw that nyantype's top 10 anime of the season list and Beatless came 2nd.

Yet, the show if flopping like a bitch. What's going on?

>Endo didn't die
That sure surprised me.

No point to buying BD/DVD of this show since no matter how much it sell, there won't be any sequel, because this show is getting full adaption.

I don't get it. Whats her aim?

but the OP is the only good part of this series



So they fucked like rabbits after this right?

Bro, OP and ED are the only thing that's saving this show.

Well... This episode was actually good, i guess? Better than previous for sure.

It keep getting improvement after episode 2.

How the fuck, does she getting more handsome, every episode.

Kouka best girl.
That green loli is shit.

>recap next week
We just hit half way, what the fuck?

This show is growing on me, also KoukaXKengo better be soon

Snowdrop eating hiE's with her vag was the highlight of the episode.

Pretty boring overall. I expected more from arc finale.

Why not just buy it cause you like it?

Actually this, what's her end goal? I don't mind spoilers.

Acquire a cute bitch boy and watch the world burn

>not robutts


she's a cute little robutt who brings evolution through conflict. if that homo wouldn't waifu her i'm sure she can go to africa and find Big Boss.


They really need to stop doing these entirely

>I will never come home to my own sentient computer wife
>I will never grab one of her artificial asscheeks only to notice she increased firm/fat ration to just the way i like it
>I will never throw her 300 pound perfectly engineered ass into bed and use her like the nuclear powered fuck toy she is
People born on the other side of WW3 will never know how lucky they are.

>Recaps already

I enjoy Kengo and Kouka more than the main pair.

Who is that semen demon?

Fucking dropped.

>Was gonna drop it 2 episodes ago
>Turns these last 2 episodes are actually good.
>Actually looking forward to the next episode

Best girl murder hookerbot

>I won't care whether you are soulless or not.
>implying asians have a soul

I consider picking up for her. Is it worth it?


She is the only good thing in Beatless.

>Developed by meme

Welcome to the Meme Frame

Meme Frame Incorporated.

Does this show ever get good? I watched the first episode but there was nothing compelling me to keep watching.

>Kouka is a tool to win against humans
>Snowdrop is a tool for progress in general
>Flash is a tool to expand humans
So Lacia is pretty much confirmed a tool to exterminate humans? She seems to be the one with the must firepower at least according to the opening.

She's a tool to procreate.

The episodes have been getting better each week, starting from a low point of looking like a shitty harem and LOOK AT LACIA SHE'S SO FASHIONABLE but then it was all like >DON'T SEXUALLY ANALOGUE HACK MAI WAIFU while beating a man's face in and best robutt's terrorism antics have been more fun. But them going onto two (2?) recaps in a row is absolutely ridiculous.

my thought process told me procreating is the role of the girl who wants to expand
or maybe for snowdrop in order to create a hybrid human machine. sounds pretty progressive

>two (2?) recaps in a row
No, the other one is on 23.03.

I'm not sure if I want to know what sex with Snowdrop is like.

pretty sure it involves a lot of chewing and being digested. it's a once in a lifetime experience

Kouka is gonna be okay right? she will get a happy ending RIGHT!?

The message I got was that Lacia was to protect humans. Which is much more in line with her behavior and the giant box she carries around (to shield people).


i agree with you, she protected humans so far. But the vast majority of time she's manipulating them. Maybe that's her order

become ownah

>Also recap episode next week.


pls give more budget

Who cares about budget.
Just give me porn already.
One goddamn set released and that's all.
Why did it have to air in the same season as Darling , everyone and their mother is making fanart of that.

I'm gonna anal log hack her so hard.

>USB 3.0

What the fuck? I thought this show was shit but now it just made a complete 180. I'm so confused.

So why do they load guard robots with startrooper aim programs? Who would buy this as defense option if a high schooler with week of training can destroy dozens of them?

>Endo has minimum screen time
>Best episode yet

Pretty sure Kouka handled the brunt of them after they actually took down quite a few of the insurgents.

What's harder?
>finding someone willing to fight and die for you in a world where you can buy your own qt robot waifu
>buying dozens of security robot with iffy aim

Late to the scene but wasn't this a manga that basically went unfinished and got cut short fucking ages ago?

>recap episode
What the fuck. For what purpose?

Why is Kouka trying to kill other robocuties? Why did MC encourage his "friend's" extremists views towards the robots when he was saving him despite having the entirely opposite belief? What are Lacia and her sisters even trying to accomplish?

Start a human vs robots war and help the robots win

Shit scheduling. Need time to finish the episodes. You know, the usual reason. Are you new?
Recaps are shit. But don't act like you don't know why they happen

Worst episode. I just want to see robots being cute and not this attempt at plot and politics.

I'd rather watch this now than Ramens. But that means I'll have to watch Ramens homosex for breakfast. Shiiet

>Lacia will never sit on your face

Why are there two recap episodes?
Is this a one cour or two cour show?

Having sexy armpits