Grancrest Senki

It's that time of the week again.

When will Theo give Siluca the D?

When does this guy betray everyone, including Villar?

He's thinking about it for sure.

Base King Kashue.

I'm with this guy, he seems like he gets shit done.

So this guy is just a ruthless and more bloodthirsty version of King Kashue from Lodoss right? Not that I'm complaining since I loved that fucker.

Do you think she would be willing to roleplay, since she's technically contracted to him as a mage "servant"?

Old hag coming through.


I honestly couldn't care less about this fag. Why is he getting so much screentime?

His mum didn't love him.

These two did it better.

so he turned fag.

I'm not sure it'd even be roleplay at that point, she folds like putty whenever Theo is near.

my wife Siluca looks gorgeous

He merely avoids relationships.

More like he has a mother complex. It's why he wanted Siluca, she apparently reminds him of his mother.




I like that he's just a slightly above average swordsman. He doesn't have some bullshit hidden skill that automatically turns him into top tier knight.

Margaret is fucking beautiful

where da meido wolf twins at?

What happened to Neclords castle, I thought he claimed that place as a base

Background characters

There were seen near the end of the episode when everyone was moving out.


I hate him because he was in a position to marry Margaret, but chose not to

>rush through the story at a breakneck pace, absolutely butchering characterization
>suddenly spend half of the episode on an old hag's crush and Lord Flamboyant's mommy issues
While I know that I shouldn't complain about slowing down, I really think that this time could've been allocated somewhere else.

I want to marry and impregnate Margaret

I already miss her

Probably never. He seems the type that sticks to his code regardless of the consequence.


>dat dance



It was great

Now that the director's absurdly overfast pacing seems like it's starting to slow down, maybe it'll have a chance to actually get decent.

Why did Margeret have to leave? Did the fag feel anything for her or is it a one sided thing?

Why do I always read "Grancrest" as "Grandcest"?

they had to have been actually fucking right? She seems like she'd rape him in his sleep after that worse than what's about to happen to
this poor boy

Ah, he is Mother Fucker.

that's actually impressive.


I'm pretty sure he invited her to stay for the night "this time too" in the manga and she declined. The guy is a manwhore.

This just brings us back to the main question: when are they going to fug?

He only contracts female mages up until their 25th birthday. In the case of Margaret, he would have been criticised for keeping her any longer than that.

what's with the rush in this adaptation?

Their moments are so great, I find myself enjoying them much more than any OTP this season, despite the show being generic fantasy with butchered pace especially when you read the manga.

That kid is so lucky

Mind of steel right here.

>slow down
I didn't even get to see Margaret and Siluca talk and find out her motivation. Arab and Theo fighting with no explanation and not to mention why Siluca didn't want to travel by sea besides conquering more land.

Kinda lost the interest in watching this show after Theo abdicated. How long will he play a squire to this wannabe Embryo? Will he finally get a fief of his own again next episode? LNfags please spoonfeed


I love old hags!
Only Aishela is better girl.

Best taste, user


That didn't look like dancing

What the fuck is this setting. They sold me a medieval setting, but every noble wears early modern courtier clothes that would be appropriate in Louis XIV's Versailles. Lord DateRape here dances a tango with Redhead BigTits who is clearly wearing a night dress from our time. Also, velvet and marble everywhere instead of wood and stone.

Magic. I ain't got to explain shit.

This is the part where he gets shot with a revolver right?

its like you don't know that the current era of "fantasy" only has medieval setting for the poor, the rich and nobles get the timewarp to the 17th century

Oh I know, I just wanted to bitch about it. In any case, should we settle for inconsistent fantasy settings? Others get it. If you ignore some of the wardrobe Sansa and Daenerys use, GoT is fairly consistent in its medievalness.

pic unrelated

W-wew lad

I love him though. He gets shit done

>he refused to keep her
that's going beyond being gay

Guns BETTER than sword

Though I am not familiar with the original material, I have to agree with you. It does seem like they have crammed a whole lot in the earlier episodes and made a pit stop for a whole lot of whothefuckcares.

Japanese fantasy is full of anachronisms. That's why all the names sound like someone just randomly picked English, German, French and sometimes Spanish and Italian words out of a hat and scrambled them together. Look at Code Geass and explain to me how Lelouch, Rivalz and Schneizel are names from the same country. They're not, they just sound European.

If it's really a special occasion why is he wearing the exact same thing he wears every day?

please respond

That's just wrathion from WoW

Not a LNfag, but just to keep with the pace this thing has set on the earlier episodes, he literally gets another fief on the episode after that.

Margaret or Siluca?

Siluca is waifu material.

Margaret is officially a christmas cake.

>Margaret is officially a christmas cake.
That was her 25th birthday though. And I wouldn't even mind, just look at her

Margaret because I like 'em mature.
Siluca's character design is top tier but I don't like her belly. Killing Bites has spoiled me with its killer abs.

Siluca no competition. Margaret is old and busted.

Villar is a fag. Should just marry the redhead.

>but my mummy beat me so i am scared to get too close

He doesn't deserve her

Scared bitches is my fetish

>ITT: characters women wouldn't understand

Nobody understands homosexuals. They are mentally ill. And a Lord with no heir is stupid. Unless he plans to pass his crest to Theo for some reason.

I don't think he CAN marry her, unless the subs were shitty. They mentioned she's apparently some sort of priestess, and if she stayed with him beyond the boundaries of her mage contract it would be very bad politically and that he would get at the very least yelled at.

Well one of the LN covers has him fighting Theo. Must be a pretty big plot event.

Yeah, but user, if you had to choose is the question. You can't just fuck both of them anyway.


Siluca best girl.
Margaret just whore cumbucket

Because his maids dress him up in the best shit everyday.

muslim shit in my anime REEEEEEEE
fucking dirty uzbek

Sup Forums can you please take your autism somewhare else?

> Sup Forums
Retard much?

Is Parn gay for king Cashew in this as well?

Wow, they expended more screentime on a dance than they expended in the rise of an entire empire.

Also, what the fuck happened with Dracula's Castle and the cursed woords? Wasn't Theo supposed to be there ruling those lands?

Its kind of hard follow this series when there is more progress offscreen than on screen.

Besides the obvious issues (pacing, lack of on-screen information and world building, bland side-characters) this is a pretty comfy show. Both MCs have their actual shortcomings and don't just steamroll through everything with asspulls or nakama power bullshit. He is a decent swordsman and just a nice guy overall. Doesn't aim too high, but isn't a wuss either. She is a strong mage, does well at strategic thinking, and has her own ambitions. A bit over-confident and cocky, which has blown up in her face some time already, but nevertheless loyal and caring.

I'm guessing he got called back to attend this meeting/war. His territory is suppose to be the edge of hell so I don't what happening.

I agree, I like pragmatic expeditive characters

He has to go to the meeting of lords. Plus birthday party, looks like all sorts of nobles were attending. And he's technically a noble of the court, even if only a low-ranking one.

I think it's Arab you retard.

> Deaths caused by The Chaos: 10
> Deaths caused by feuding lords struggling for the right to fight against The Chaos
> Dozens of nobles
> Tens of thousands of peasants
> Broken castles
> Burnt crops
> and more
Two states are literally being subjugated just because they're in the way of a meeting. What the fuck? This whole Big Bad Chaos thing is FAKE NEWS