Houshin Engi

Shisei were turned into even bigger jobbers.


I don't understand the purpose of the scene before the OP in this episode. It's completely irrelevant for this episode compared to the ones in the previous episodes.

They are always jobbers though.

That's why I said even bigger.

As for that scene I thought so too but I suppose what they were going for was to highlight the war that's officially begun.

>Someone is dead on next episode
>They still haven't introduced Hatsu
Hopefully next episode won't be rushed again. Also, I wonder why Outenkun in the preview.

Reminder there is no episode on the 23rd.

Hatsu is obviously going to be introduced next episode.

Also the Outenkun's probably from a flashforward cold open.

Tfw almost nothing to talk for this aside the changes in the anime since most people have already read the manga. I'm still wondering if this will end on Sennin War arc or they are going to do a full adaptation since the scene before the OP on previous episode is happening after Sennin War arc in the manga.

You know, it seemed like they skipped the princes but I wouldn't be surprised if they just put everything about them in one episode later and them leaving Choka is a flashback.

How else is Taikoubou going to lose his arm?

I think they're going all the way. Pic related.

It's a shame. There aren't even newfags watching it to keep the threads going. It's kind of strange, I know the first episode was bad but it feels almost as if no one actually knows this show is airing.

I really want to love this anime adaptation, but it seems like this anime is trying so hard to make me hate it instead. The only scenes I've enjoyed so far are mainly scenes with Dakki, and since the latest episode doesn't have her, I decided to drop this series instead.

Tons of wasted potential for something that could have been a great remake like FMA Brotherhood or Hunter x Hunter (2011).

I really loved the old anime, and also started reading the manga after watching it like 15 years ago or something. I feel nothing but disappointment now.

I'm new to this series, I've just been missing the threads.

>OP by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
Even if I wasn't enjoying this I wouldn't drop it.

What's wrong with it?

If you loved the mess that is the first anime I don't see why you can't sit through all of this one too.

I'm a bit different in that because I love this series I don't want to be overly pessimistic even if the adaptation isn't perfect. Honestly the only thing that really bothers me are the flashforwards. They're time wasters and serve no purpose, not to mention spoil later events.

I had hoped the anime would attract new viewers and discussion, but alas.

It got me into it, is the old anime worth watching?

A lot of material is being cut and rearranged, this wouldn't really be an issue if they managed to pace the restructured narrative well but that doesn't seem to be the case, I've seen quite a few new viewers just feel confused.

Not particularly, it kind of misses the point of some characters and goes full anime original. It's been a long time but I think in the old anime they played Taikoubou off like an actual idiot rather than just a lazy but clever guy. And Dakki is just some puppet or some shit.

I think I'm following along well, it's really not confusing.

Well I'm glad, I actually don't think the anime is hard to follow either, but all the people I kept seeing say it made no sense made me question if it was only because I was a mangafag. Maybe they're just not reading the subs.

They might be below average intelligence. Flashbacks aren't hard to follow, although I'm a little sketchy on the time frames of a few small details. The double suicide was in the show's time, right? Not a flashback or anything?

Maybe I just got spoiled or something. I liked the first anime because I didn't know anything about it first hand and it introduced me to reading the manga. I kinda expected the remake to be something I would love even more than the first anime, since both FMA and HxH remakes fucking delivered. Instead, I got something of lesser value.

It was a flashback. Chuuou told Bunchuu Hiko left the Yin at the end of episode 2. So by then he was gone, the anime jumped back to explain why he left. But the suicide did happen within the "present" time of the show, like it wasn't an event that happened before the anime.

Then yes, I'm following the show fine. Maybe I should read the manga too though, seeing as everyone here loves it.


I never saw the original but this anime is looking garbage, is it really that different?

This anime is great.

No one can adapts 204 manga chapters to 23+1 episodes properly despite some stuff are skippable, Blame the producers instead of the animation staff.

The manga is amazing. The first anime is only okay, but it might as well be a masterpiece next to this one.

The manga is unironically one of the best shounen there is. It was popular in the 90s and sold well.

I don't think the reboot is bad but it doesn't represent the quality of the manga. The first anime is "paced" better but it's really not any better in general.

Not surprising since the threads keep dying before they hit 30 posts.