She was literally the villain of the story. Everything bad that happened was because of her...

She was literally the villain of the story. Everything bad that happened was because of her. Not only did she ruin the life of an ordinary school boy, she also crushed a young girls love life, got her mother divorced, conditioned her sister to be a necrophile and physically hurt someone by trying to end herself.

How the fuck are you supposed to feel bad for her if she's literally the reason there's bad shit happening?

Wow Sup Forums having heartless bastards on this board? Not surprised when people tried to make excuses for Ueno.

t. Ueno

Fuck you. She was no angel and a pretty shitty girl but she was still less bad than the retard.

well duh, thats why she tried to kill herself.

fuck off ueno

Fuck you Ueno.
Fuck you Kawaii.

>Your car can only be stolen if you buy one.
>Therefore, if someone steals your car it's your own fault.

She is not the villain, but Ueno was right in that her existence made the class' group dynamic awkward by making everyone adapt to her disability.

I'd prosecute her womb if you know what I mean.

Not really her fault. More like the fault of the loons who thought it was a good idea to put a handicapped girl in a normal class. Shouko was a victim too.


No bully the Ueno

The only villain was her mother.
>Shoko comes back home all beaten up
>lmao grow some balls, go take a bath and fuck yourself
>(yes, that totally will help her grow into a wonderful human being, i'm such a good mother)

Let's see you raise a retarded child.

The car thief is probably happier to get a new car than I am sad to lose it, so whatever.

I'm not an expert but if I see my child suffering, I would help her in every way possible, not tell her "man up", I mean, she was a kid on top of being retarded for god's sake.

The real retard is whoever put the deaf girl in Orchestra

The mom?

>go take a bath and fuck yourself

The mom was a cutie. I'd take her over the retard any day of the week.