It's Kururis birthday today! Let's have a scorching hot pingpong thread!

It's Kururis birthday today! Let's have a scorching hot pingpong thread!

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some Ace fanart from pixiv



and a little bit something on which I spent money to acquire

summer Kururi!


Kinema Citrus made some tweets with genga sheets of Kururi for her birthday, at least they didn't forget about the series


There isn't any more, the artist put this on his enty

I mean you can have the background if you want but I doubt that's what you were asking for

I wanted this Tanpopo all along.

Does it mean S2 someday?

Did she died?

>forever a meme thanks to crunchy's shitty translations

One can only hope

She does say Death a few times.

>one more month before ACE's defeat

You mean one more month until ACE's victory!


More ACE for our aces

Where the fuck are my BD rips

I'm here with the required musicpost.

If they sold BDs every time someone begged for rips we'd have season two already

Still the most memorable soundtrack in the series.

I want to buy the BD, they just won't let me.

I need to impregnate ACE.

Me too, but I'd fuck her in rhythm with

S8 when?

I can't believe Bear Namek already lasted 6 seasons.

Reminds me of

>no arrow

The thumbnail made me think that it was Mion's birthday today.
Coincidentally, that's tomorrow.

It's Kururi Big day? Happy Birthday Kururi!

You're gonna get some nurturing tacos for Shmions birthday?

Neat, how old is she?

>Hinamizawa ping pong spinoff never

Old enough

Don't lewd Death.

>you'll never get to enjoy ping pong or rape like Kumami

Looks like this thread is going to DIE.

thanks crunchyroll

C'mon don't be so STIFF.

I bought them. When they (finally) arrive, I'll start working on the rips.

If true, Thanks user you will be the BD ace

Based BD user

Will Asano ever be able to top the Tsubame arc? The next school will feel weak in comparison

Next arc will have dark backstory for Koyori against the school she transferred from.

Yes, after 3 months when ACE beats Kumami.

The scorp bullying must cease

Does anyone actually think ACE will win?

I do.

On what basis?

She's the ACE.

She's the ACE
of course she will win

It happened once, why would it change?

bear a shit

ACE just lost because she wanted to use the forehand smash for fun.
ACE is our ACE.

Kumami stole ACE's plotshield. It's over.

ACE can take it back.
ACE is the best.

ACE is the ACE!!!

ACE is the ACE, but Bear is the bearst.

Let's talk about Kururi instead.

Better MC than Koyori desu

Of corpse she is.

>Kinema Citrus
Choose one, its a shame because its one of the best studios out there but they don't do sequels for some reason.

Isn't Made in Abyss getting one?

Happy birthday best girl.


What if I want to talk about Kururi's wife instead.





These Kumami faces are good, because they make me forget that she got that dumb ponytail.






My wife ACE is so erotic.

Embrace death



Ponytail Kururi

Glasses Kururi's duck is creepy.

I bet it has a weapon inside.

I want to hold Kururi's manly hand.

She's just imitating the ACE but couldn't go all the way.

Bear is the worst (=bearst)
ACE is the ACE!

Reminder that ACEfags grudge with Bear is because she played their precious ACE seriously for like 5 minutes.


hbd kururi

Kururi is super cute.

That looks great, I'm impressed. Especially since Takkyuu fanart usually looks like pic related.

Will she come back in the next chapter to take pictures of ACE's victory?

Why would somebody ever create such an abomination?

ACE is best.

Hokuto is neato.

It's Japan best teacher's birthday too. Thanks for the squats, you glorious midget.

Well fuck me sideways, someone translated the thing I bought for you guys the other day.